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The second semiannual report of ACNielsen, a global marketing research firm, with a marketing company in Australia, has showed that there are twenty eight fast food markets studied across the Asian countries. Fast food is being consumed more far away than it is in the original market. Customers in Asia markets had a higher percentage of people than Americans who eat at fast food restaurant (Life Choices 4). With the development of economy, the new living style that standard all over the world, fast food industry becomes a new part of Asian.

The Western fast food organization such as Yum! Brands and McDonalds were first appeared potential in Hong Kong, Philippines and China in 1970s; but they were not successful. However, with the new arriving of opportunities for economy, there is a booming increasing of fast food industry in Asia. Marketing policies have become flexible, original lifestyle is being changed, the new standards of living are contributed to the increasing of the fast food industry in Asia countries although fast food also bring the negative sign effects on people’s health.

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Fast food is the symbol of Western life style where people can see only in movies many years ago. For many Asian people, it was new, interested, luxurious and delicious to those who had traditional living with home kitchen and home meals. That was the reason fast food industry was welcomed in those regions. People were so excited to try the real Western food. As Vincent Choo, a manager of a fast food restaurant in China said “When the first KFC store was opened in Shanghai in 1989, I saw people lining outside in the cold winter weather just to taste Western fast food” (Fong).

French fries were considered as a fancy food that only served in the large restaurants, now it is sold to everyone at an inexpensive price. The convenient of fast food to bring everybody at every level of social can enjoy it. With so many fast food restaurants, all types of people can enjoy Western meals at affordable price and the revenue of those kinds of restaurants are still in profitable. The successful of fast food industry in Asian countries includes the contribution of the marketing and advertising’s policies.

New markets are developing countries with new generation of young adult and children, so the advertisements all most concentrate on young people’s promotions. Young today always have more influence of living styles from Western or American culture, and enjoy fast food is a part of new culture. The flexible in changing of new taste and the additional of original foods in each particular region, such as KFC add fried fish at Japan market; fast food restaurants are more familiar to every Asian people.

The increasing of fast food business in Asia brought back to the owners millions of dollar each year. Fast food in Asian markets is so popular is not only of the business itself, it is the curios of new flow customers. Customers come to Western fast food because of the curiosity. In the People’s Daily Online states that, “Western fast food restaurants tend to attract more kids and young people, who have created a bog potential market for the food. Most of these people are fond of trendy and new food, putting emphasis on different tastes” (Western).

Teenagers are always attracted to Western cultures especially American and want to copy every single things that they can. In 2005, the first KFC store was opened in Hanoi, Vietnam, adolescent flocked to the restaurant. Young Asian customers come to fast food restaurants are not because of the hungry but also the curiosity want to know how is the real American lifestyles, and they imagine that they are in a part of that life. Not only young customers, fast food also receive the supported from many adult customers. The popularity of fast food is the reason of a changing in the new lifestyle in Asia.

Fast food companies knew the beneficial of potential Asia markets where were grown with customers who were enthusiastic to practice the new living style. The increasing of the living standards, many families can afford fast food in their budget list. According to FAS, agency of the US Department of Agriculture, addressed that “Chinese families visit fast food restaurants to please their children. In fact, when it comes to eating out, children are basically the decision markers” (Cee and Theiler). With the increasing of business and working hours, fast food is a new choice of busy parents.

Parents try to please their children but they don’t know that they expose the children’ health because of eating habits. The rate of people come to fast food restaurant are increasing without the notice warning of unhealthy effects. Although the warning that it is unhealthy food, fast food restaurants will not be less popular in Asia. The first rank of fast food world consumption is Hong Kong, Malaysia and Philippines are followed. Consumers know very well about the unhealthy of high fat, calories and salt in fast food, but they don’t pay that much concern.

For many people who are always busy, choosing fast food is a best solution more than how important healthy it is. Fast food is growing up more popular in Asian countries as than Western region. Fast food has become a part of a person life regardless that is he or how successful he has become. The new economic opportunities are opened in many Asian countries. Fast food industries have overcome to the new culture. The smart choice of marketing policies in fast food industries is as well as to change the living style of the East customers. Fast food markets bring the distance between Western and East is closer.