Nike is taking provider of athletic wear. athletic places and athleticss equipment in the universe.

Its chief headquartered is in the Portland metropolitan country of Oregon. which is near Beaverton of USA. In 2007. it had collect about $ 16 billion USD gross and likewise in 2008.

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it employed about 30. 000 employed in the worldwide. Furthermore. in 1962. Nike Company was founded by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight and was originated as Blue Ribbon athleticss but subsequently on. in 1978. it was renamed as ‘NIKE’ .

And which means ‘Greek goddess of victory’ . Some of its merchandises on its trade name name are Nike Golf. Nike+ . Nike skateboarding ; Air Jordan.

Nike Pro. Team starting motor and some of its subordinates merchandises are Cole Haan. Umbro.

Hurley International and converse.From 1995 to 2008 Bauer Hockey was owned by Nike and subsequently on it was renamed as Nike Bauer. Nike selling policy wholly based upon its trade name image.

which is satisfactory and has developed as great transnational endeavors from long clip. likewise its logo and slogan “Just Do It” is rather alone and different than others and it have been used as its advertisement from long ago. Furthermore. $ 100 million USD was invested worldwide in community – based athleticss enterprises and likewise they were supposed to put $ 315 million USD for improvement of backward immature participant and to make opportunity for them to play and to do their hereafter bright in game.NIKE IN NEPAL:Nike was introduced in Nepal in 1998 and it’s headquarter is in Durbarmarg. Kathmandu.

And for its better publicity and advertizement it was tied up with Nepal football coaching academy i. e. All Nepal Football Association ( ANFA ) in 2000. Similarly. it once more became official patron of ANFA and it became ANFA’s kit patron by supplying NRs.

18crores ( About 1. 2 million ? ) . SEGMENTATION. TARGETING and Placement OF NIKE:
For long period of clip it has been it market and therefore it is utilizing its good S.

t.p. policy to advance and sell its merchandise in market and due to its strong S.t.p. policy it is in figure one provider of athletic wear and equipment.

* MARKET Cleavage:Nepal’s NIKE selling cleavage is segmented into many groups such as clients of different income degrees. different age groups. genders and many more. Some its market cleavage types are reference below: * Economic cleavage:Nepal’s NIKE have segmented their market as consumer gaining more than NRS. 15000 and every bit high. medium and low income degrees that how they can run into or keep their life style with NIKE’s merchandise.

* Demographiccleavage:
Nepal’s NIKE Company has section their market demographically into different age group. gender. and different societal category sections and so on. Following are some of its selling cleavage as per demographic: * Age: 15 to 35 old ages* Income degree: Above NRS. 15000* Gender: Male and Female* Social category: Upper category. in-between category. lower category* Geographic cleavage:Nepal’s NIKE market geographically has been segmented as per denseness i.

e. urban and semi- urban metropoliss ; its market can be segmented as north. South. E. West. Thus.

chiefly sportswomans are its chief consumers than other people it is so because of its value which comes with its merchandise. Similarly. it is even aiming young person who are embraced by hip-hop civilization. * Targeting schemes:

NIKE uses so many policies to aim their consumer. One of them is sponsorship of their merchandise by famous person jocks. professional athletic. It is one of the successful schemes of this Company due to which they were able to make to excessively many sports. For case.

some of the famous persons are basketball participant such as Jermaine O’ Neal. Lebron James 2 and Triathlete Lance Armstrong and football participant such as Roberto Carlos. Ronaldo. Ronaldinho and golf star like Tiger forests and lawn tennis participant such as Nadal. Feeder.

In Nepal NIKE is aiming immature people ; they are even doing more attending towards the others popular games. For its aiming it tied up with ANFA and even signed Anil Gurung as trade name embassador for its publicity. The Company is aiming market as per consumer’s category. living manner. gender and location. Some of the merchandises that are targeted by the Company for its clients are as follows:I.

Athletestwo. Gym regularthree. Brand and image searcherfour. Sports partisansFurthermore. NIKE has targeted many age group. gender.

societal category and so on. And its targeting schemes are rather different than its rivals i. e. Reebok.

Puma. Fila and Adidas. so it is able to be successful in its concern. Largely.

NIKE mark to the consumers who cares more about the value and quality of the merchandise instead than the its monetary value due to this factor NIKE is able to do big figure of net income border than others ( rivals ) athletic wear and equipment bring forthing Company like Adidas. Puma. Reebok.

etc. Next. of import point to observe is that NIKE uses the perpendicular integrating pricing scheme or policy and in which they take ownership of the participants at channel degree and they besides involve in diverse channel degree operation in order to command the cost and pricing map of their merchandises.

* Placement:NIKE is taking merchandise in global in sportswear and athleticss equipment and it covers about the 40 per cent portion of the United State athletic wear market which means that it leads the planetary market even though.

Adidas and Reebok leads in the European market. Therefore. we can state that NIKE is the prima athleticss merchandise in the universe.

The trade name image of NIKE is positioned as the high-end or high quality merchandise which cost expensive but provides value for the money and good service. quality and designs than other merchandises. Due to this factor. in the head of the consumer it is positioned as the best merchandise in sportswear likewise. due to it.

they able to do satisfaction to their consumer and is able to accomplish the high volume of the net income than its rivals. Similarly. in Nepal excessively NIKE is treated as best merchandise than others merchandises. In Nepal.

it has non success as in the other states but it is making better than other rivals. Harmonizing to the last twelvemonth informations of the retail merchant public assistance organisation. NIKE was the best than others. it was able to cover the 55 per cent of the market and remainder of other per cent was covered by the merchandises like Adidas. Puma.

Reebok. Bata. Fila. etc. And they were the lone one Company to do more net income and were able to fulfill the consumers’ desire and wants. They have histories the 55 per cent of portion of the NRS. 349crore branded sportswear market. * Branded sportswear market of Nepal:

from the above given pie chart we can advert that NIKE is the best merchandise for the Nepali people and it is able to fulfill the Nepali consumer and they are success in their selling cleavage. aiming. positioning schemes in Nepal. And they have positioned their trade name image as the high- terminal merchandise in the head of the Nepali consumers.* Perceptual map of Branded athletic wear in Nepal:High quality*Adidas *Nike *Reebok

Low priceHigh monetary value*Fila *Puma
*BataLow quality* Promotional and communicating schemes:For the publicity of the merchandise NIKE Company has contracted so many Numberss of famous person jocks and professional well known athleticss work forces due to which they are able to pull the attractive force of the consumer or people towards their merchandises. Some of the famous person who were contracted by the NIKE are basketball participants like Jermaine o’ Neal.

Lebron James 2. Triathlete Lance Armstrong and football stars such as Ronaldinho. Roberto Carlos. Ronaldo and golf star like Tiger wood. lawn tennis participants such as Nadal. Feeder.

and so on. These things have helped the Company to pull the consumer towards their merchandises ; likewise. it has made good publicity of NIKE merchandises and every bit good as good NIKE merchandises awareness towards the consumer. Beside this Company has invested immense sum of money on its advertizement on the mass media and the company is besides known as the company who invest to a great extent on its advertizements and trade name image publicity. Furthermore. there are other more schemes excessively which are used by the Company and they are pricing schemes and distribution schemes.

* Decision:NIKE has place as the leader and continues to be in leader in the athletic wear and equipment market but it should be ever cognizant of its rival and their force per unit area which will let NIKE to kip at the top. Furthermore.

presently Reebok and Adidas have combine as one merchandise so it is great challenge for NIKE to explicate the new selling policy or schemes to stay in top to go on the taking and to keep its place. And some of the suggestion or recommendations are suggested for the NIKE Company to keep its place and to undertake with new jobs and with its rivals and they are mention below: Developing new merchandise to increase the market portion. making competent pricing schemes or policy to calculate with the other rivals. Making more consciousness to the consumer through new and attractive advertizement and promotional activities.

Furthermore. analyzing the old informations and seek to cover the jobs and larn from old informations.
And concentrate on the selling schemes.

aiming schemes to be in top the market. Some the other suggestions are: increasing the societal duties to beef up the image of the company and concentrating in new distribution channels chiefly in the international markets with different pricing scheme and new market cleavage. Similarly. Nepal NIKE should more concentrate on the consumer pick and their wants and desire.

They should concentrate on pricing schemes in Nepal and on other factors like marketing cleavage. schemes so that they can make better concern in Nepal excessively. Last. Nepal NIKE Company is non puting more in its publicity and advertizement. So. they need to put on the publicity to be success in their concern in Nepal.

At last. from the all above references sentences we can reason that. NIKE is positioned as the top or taking Company in the athletic wear and equipment market and it is making far better than other merchandises like Adidas. Reebok and puma etc. And even in Nepal it is making better than other merchandises and furthermore it is besides known as the most liked merchandise of Nepali consumers.