New Orleans is like no place in America. When you think of New Orleans your first thought are Mardi Gras, food, music, and all night partying. Although, New Orleans is one of the worst-organized cities in the United States and known for poverty, yet there are still people such as Billy Grace and John Guidos that found their life fulfillment in the midst of their storm, the devastating Hurricane Katrina. Billy Grace and John Guidos are characters from the book Nine Lives by Dan Baum.John Guidos born a man, at an early age begin to recognize that he was somewhat different, but never knew how to comfortably come into his own until 20 years later in life.

Billy Grace comes from a family of wealth. However, Billy’s father Billy Grace Sr. wanted his son to know the meaning of independence and hard work.

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Although Billy’s upbringing was decent, Billy understood the meaning of working hard to achieve his goals. Billy found fulfillment in only one thing, and that was to become King. Billy and John found joy in the midst of a storm fulfilling their dreams.Although John wanted to be to make the transition to Joann as a transsexual his mind was made up. New Orleans was full of men dressing as women.

They would swap clothing and loved what they were doing. Now was this wrong for the life style for the young people of today. Some will say let them live their life. I am saying that this is not the way God attended us to live.

John knew this was wrong and everyone else did too. When people can encourage someone that this is destiny to be nothing, because your family don’t love you; therefore the November Edition of Penthouse Variations quotes for Liberated Lovers. ” And “Sex Games People Play.