Nissim Ezekiel’s verse form “Enterprise” describes a metaphorical journey toward a specific end. The travellers on this journey Begin in a existent physical topographic point. a desert. and argue about how to traverse this ambitious landscape. One of the members of the group. who writes the most fashionable prose.

goes his ain manner. The remainder of the group is left on its ain. Some quit the squad.

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The group is attacked by travellers. and over clip become unaffected by anything they witness.Fatigue and the emphasiss of travel have settled in and many of the members of the group can non travel on.

By the 5th stanza. the image in front is inexorable. The enthusiasm has faded and their loads are heavy. Their vision is clouded with the decomposition of the group and their exhaustion. The well-focused end presented in the first stanza is lost.

The travellers are a disorganised group of aimless roamers unaware any longer of the original motive for their expedition. Their observations at this point in the verse form are about fiddling things.In the last stanza. the travellers reach their finish ; nevertheless. it is non rather place. Ezekiel concludes that this type of expedition is non a worthy project ; populating “at home” with interior satisfaction is the greatest accomplishment of all. The travelers’ see their journey and have minutes of self-contemplation.

They come to the decision that their expedition has been neither open uping or noteworthy for any ground. They had thought their journey would do a grade in history.The lone job is that others have made this journey before. It is nil new. The journey of “Enterprise” is a metaphor for life and our focal point on the finish as the lone means for our ends. Some critics have noted that Ezekiel’s “Enterprise” is besides his effort to convey together two “homes” : his topographic point of birth and his journey to a European metropolis. His geographic expedition of the thought of “home” is sophisticated plenty to be compared to the same subjects in the poesy of Robert Frost.

for illustration.