No drugs, no problems. That was theoriginal idea behind the war on drugs, which was declared in the year 1971 byPresident Richard Nixon. He proclaimed: “America’s public enemy number one is drug abuse. He said that in orderto defeat this enemy, an all-out offensive is necessary. Today, the numbers arein.

The war on drugs is a huge failure with devastating consequences. This iswhy America should stop the war on drugs. The first reason why America should stopthe war on drugs, is because it is simply not effective. In order to stoppeople from taking drugs, America decided to target the supply side of them andincarcerating drug traffickers. If you reduce the supply of anything without reducingthe demand first, it’s price will rise. This might lower sales for manyproducts, but not for drugs.

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Drugs will be consumed no matter what they cost. Thedrugs market is not price-sensitive. The reduced supply and higher price of drugsthen encourages  more production of dragsand more traffickers, which then increase availability.With a budget of around 30 billiondollars, the US Drug Enforcement Agency has an efficiency rate of less than 1%when it comes to stopped the flow of drugs into the US and inside the US. Secondly, the war on drugs causes morebad than good. Many of the problems we associate with drug use are actuallycaused by the war against them.

For example: gangs and cartels have no accessto the legal system to settle problems, so they use violence.But where to war on drugs might do the most damage to society is theincarceration of non-violent drug offenders. The United States of America have5% of the world’s total population, but 25% of the world’s prison population,largely due to the harsh punishments and mandatory minimums.  While it seems like there is no way outof this maze, the United States of America should take a better look at othercountries and how they handle drugs.