The film “No Worries” displays many examples of Mateship.

The film is about a young girl who is going through the hardship of moving places. She makes a connection with many surrounding people. The film conveys a message saying that mates and friends are very important in life.

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This kind of mateship is very common in Australia. It is very casual and normally symbolises people who respect each other at the same level. Not one single person thinks himself/herself better than the other.

In Bundooma there are many families suffering from the drought. These families are in close contact with each other.They help out each other even if that jeopardizes their family.

Matilda was in close proximity with a lot of people and naturally became a good friend to most of them. Early in the film the whole community gather together to buy items and livestock from a family, who have made a decision to move away due to lack of money and water. Everyone in the community knows each other and helps each other like brothers. Matilda has a very special mate; this mate is her dog Dingo. After the dust storm in the middle of the movie, Matilda races to check if her friend had made it alive.Matilda carries around a little figurine of her dog everywhere she goes. This symbolises what value Dingo is to Matilda.

As well as that, during the drought Ben Bell is forced to shoot the livestock he has. His mates go with him to the shooting to show support. Later on in the movie the Bell family are forced to move to the city.

This affects them in a very significant way. They were forced to leave all their friends and had to move into an environment that was foreign to them. Matilda’s parents moved into the city knowing nobody but their brother Kevin. Kevin and Matilda have a tight relationship with each other.Kevin calls Matilda her favourite niece.

While at school in the city, Matilda makes a quiet friend at school. Although they don’t communicate with each other, they understand each other. Initially they don’t speak to each other; they only make eye contact once and immediately have a small connection. In the end Matilda and Binh become great mates. Overall the characters in this film have done a great job acting their roles and showing these signs of mateship. A brief definition of mateship is people having a strong but casual relationship with each other.