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Nosferatu Essay, Research Paper

Horror movies of today employ several movie techniques to raise responses from the

spectator. However, early silent movies relied more on these techniques because without a

book, the spectator needs another manner to construe the movie. The 1922 silent movie Nosferatu

directed by F.W. Murnau is one of the first of it? s sort to use what most would

see to be more modern movie techniques. Montage plays a cardinal function in this movie, as

does unusual camera angles, over playing, early particular effects, and framing.

Loosely based on the fresh Dracula by Bram Stoker, the movie is the narrative of a

Realtor named Jonathon who travels to Dracula? s palace in order to shut a house trade. He

goes there despite many warnings and shortly discovers that Dracula is really a lamia.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend Nina is plagued with incubuss about Dracula and frequently goes

into unusual enchantments. Jonathon escapes from the palace but is non free of Draculas power,

for Dracula purchases a house across the street from Jonathon.

I seemed to detect a form with the shooting building. When a character foremost

comes onto the screen, they are shown in a long shooting, followed by a medium or shut

shooting. It? s as if the spectator is being introduced to the character bit by bit. For illustration,

when Jonathon foremost arrives at Dracula? s palace, our first shooting of Dracula is a long shooting,

followed by near. The movie is largely changeable with a closed frame, but there are several

different camera angles, such as a shooting from above looking down onto workers lading

Earth into crates.

Collage plays what i believe to be the most of import function in the movie. When

Jonathon is in his room on the dark he arrives he is analyzing a book about lamias.

What follows are several shootings of endangering transitions from the book crossed with the

clock turning midnight and eventually, a shooting of Dracula in the hall. This causes the spectator

to link all three and recognize that Jonathon is in danger. After this, Dracula enters his

room and there are several flashed shootings. There is a close shooting of Jonathon, so a shooting

of the door with Dracula coming toward him, back to Jonathon concealing under the sheet,

back to Dracula, so there is a random shooting of Nina, Jonathons girlfriend, in her bed.

She wakes up and goes outdoors, seemingly in a enchantment. Then all of a sudden, the scene is back

to Johnathon but this clip a shadow of Draculas custodies, weaponries lifted, fingers outstretched,

as if he is possessing Jonathon. What follows are several more flashed shootings of Nina,

John, and Dracula. Another illustration of this type of redaction is when Dr. Reinfeld is

learning his pupils and there is a close shooting of a Venus fly trap catching it? s quarry. Then

it is followed by the physicians face and the words? lamia of the works universe? . There is

another shooting of this sort in the mental infirmary. It shows a spider on it? s web banqueting on

it? s quarry. This makes the viewer more tuned in to the power that Dracula seems to hold

on everyone.

The ship that Dracula arrives on is introduced to the audience by a series of shootings

looped with moving ridges crashing on the shore and a waterfall. There are several near to

medium shootings of the ship from many different angles. On board a? pestilence? has broken

out, but the spectator already knows that it is caused by Dracula. When the captain and

first mate are all that is left, they decide to look into down below. When found,

Dracula rises straight up out of his casket in one stiff, yet fleet move. It is a really

intimidating particular consequence and causes the adult male in the movie to leap off the ship. After this

there is a shooting of Dracula walking on the ship but it is shot from below. This gives

Dracula a more daunting and powerful image. After this there is a shooting of the mast

lifting and falling on the skyline followed by a shooting of Nina? s room. This leads the

spectator to recognize the danger that is coming every bit shortly as the ship lands in the seaport.

Early particular effects that are used by Murnau may look silly or simplistic to the

modern movie spectator, but when sing the deficiency of engineering in 1922, the effects are

really before their clip. When Jonathon is on his manner to the palace, he is taken for a

scaring drive on a passenger car. In order to do the drive seem more unsafe, the movie

was really sped up. Murnau so reversed the movie to do the feeling of a huge

darkness. In utilizing these two techniques, the spectator is more caught up with the thought that

Dracula is evil and that Jonathon is in terrible danger.

The over playing in the movie is my least favourite portion because it makes the

characters seem more silly than serious. I do nevertheless understand the necessity of this

since it is a soundless movie. Nina is possibly the worst in this facet, making the? typical?

female swooning and showing fright in an highly overdone manner. Dracula is made

to look like a disgusting adult male, with immense eyes and a monster like face and custodies. His

playing is besides over dramatized.

Nosferatu is a authoritative illustration of the early horror movie. Because it is a soundless movie,

F.W. Murnau had to utilize other techniques in order to assist the spectator follow the movie. He

does this rather good, using the usage of collage brightly. Despite the drawback that

comes from over-acting, I exhaustively enjoyed this movie and see it an of import

illustration of a movie that uses techniques other than scripting and computerized particular