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Nowadays, the problem of environmental on the world
is increasing gradually. It can be due to the human behavior’s lead to the
increasing of waste, water pollution, climate change and etc. Currently, hotel
which is the industry that growing up rapidly on the world so the hotel’s
operation, activity and practice have a direct impact to the world. Many of the
hotel activity contribute the negative impact to the world such as the hotel
activity can generate emission of greenhouse gases and release to the air such
as carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons. (Kirk 1995:5; Verginis & Wood1999:133).
Besides, the water use by each customer is at the range of 170 and 440 liters
night and based on the evaluation, the CO2 release from the standard 5 star
is 160kg to 200kg per square meter of room floor area per year. Moreover, the
waste of the standard hotel create can reach to 1kg per customer per night (Han,
Hsu & Sheu 2010:325). So ecofriendly practices is very important and is a
must to every hotel.

First, hotel is the major water consumption user in
the world so in order to minimize the use of water, management of water used is
very important. The water used by the every hotel can be reduced by several
type of method. Hotel can purchase the water saving device such as low Flow
Faucet Aerators and Shower Heads. This can reduce the water consumption by each
room. Moreover, the housekeeper should check every of room to make sure that
all the device are function normally, don’t have any leakage of water in the
bathroom after they clean the room. Besides, toilet is the place which found
the most of water consumption. To reduce the water used in the toilet, hotel
can use the toilet tank bank. This product can easily reduce the water used and
it does not need any maintenance fees. It can save 80 to 160 oz. of water per
flush. It also easy to use as you just have to fill it with water then place it
in the toilet tank. Another method which can also reduce the water used per
flush by putting a glass jar inside the toilet tank. (Allen
2007:57) Thought these 2 method, the hotel can save a lot of water used. The hotel
can install a timed (self-closing) faucets as to prevent the water
keep running without using. For the hotel staff, concerning on training and put
some poster and instruction on the staff restroom or staff canteen to remind
them those ecofriendly practice.

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Secondly, waste management. The hotel can avoid
using the hygiene product which are individual pack, they can fill the hygiene
product into refillable dispenser so the hotel no need to throw the package of
hygiene product every time the guest used. Besides, provide more compartments
to the housekeeping trolley for the purpose of collect different type of waste
so the waste can be differentiate and increase the waste collection. In addition,
reuse the things and make the product life longer. For example, reuse the old
napkin or towel as rags. For the front office department, try to decrease the
use of paper and printing of report. If can choose the method of email. Moreover,
reuse the used paper as scrap paper and printing the paper with two sided
option so it can save the 50% of the paper used. If possible choose recycled
paper. For those which can recycle, hotel can use this opportunities to clear
out all the waste.


Thirdly, air quality of the hotel. Air quality is
very importance for the hotel and hotel’s guest. The ventilation in indoor
should be perform effectively and give a sign to the nonsmoking and smoking
place clearly. Besides, make sure that the use of aerosols is not excess to the
limit and so that it will not damage the ozone layer. For the cleaning agents,
try to choose the biodegradable and if possible select the product which is
solvent free to prevent diffusion of volatile organic compound. In addition,
the hotel’s staff should follow the instruction stated on the bottle and avoid
mixing the cleaning agents when use.

Fourthly, energy management. Install the occupancy
sensor for each guest room in order to use the energy only if got people inside
the room and can use the magnetic card so it can automatically switch off the
light when thee guest leaves from the room. The air conditioners should be clean
and change thee filter frequently. For the administration, train the hotel’s
staff to switch off the all the equipment such as copy machine, computer when
not use. Besides, don’t leave the door or window open when the air conditioning
is turn on to decrease the energy consumption. In addition, hotel can purchase
the energy saving light bulb, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to
decrease the total energy used by the hotel.