India is richly endowed with the broad assortment of workss holding medicative value used as common people redresss or every bit pharmaceutical readying of modern drugs.

Majority of medicative workss are being used either in the signifier of infusion or decoction by the local people in different parts to keep good wellness and besides to bring around assorted diseases. The medicative belongingss of workss are good recognized owing to the presence of assorted pharmacologically of import phytochemicals. Lot of information has been generated on the functional constituents of medicative workss.

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However, informations refering to their nutritionary composing are still scanty. The present survey proposes to find the nutritionary profile of selected medicative workss of Puttaparthi.

Lack of information uncovering curative potency of medicative workss

Medicative workss have been identified with broad spectrum of curative potencies such as anti-cancer, anti-microbial, anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant, hypolipidemic and neuro-protective effects. Around 6,000 species of medicative workss are being used by traditional practioners in the intervention of figure of diseases of which merely 3,000 workss have been studied extensively for their curative potencies.

Furthermore, high consumption of fats and simple saccharides and unequal consumption of works based nutrients has resulted in the dismaying statistics on malignant neoplastic disease, cardiovascular diseases and degenerative and infective diseases. Therefore, there is pressing demand to research medicative workss for their phytochemical and curative functionalities.

3.2 Work aims

To test a few selected medicative workss of puttaparthi for their nutritionary and functional constituents.To measure the medicative potency of these workss for their functional belongingss such as anti-oxidative and anti-microbial utilizing in vitro protocols.


Procurement of sample

Fresh foliage samples of selected medicative workss will be collected from local countries of Puttaparthi.

Objective 1: Screening of selected medicative workss of puttaparthi for their nutritionary and functional constituents.

The fresh foliage samples of medicative workss will be washed and dried at room temperature. Subsequently, the samples will be land to ticket pulverization and stored at 5 & A ; deg ; C until analyzed for alimentary profile and functional constituents.

Nutritional profile

The dried foliage samples will be analyzed for proximate components ( AOAC, 1990 ) , minerals viz. , Ca ( Hawk et al.

, 1957 ) , Fe and P ( Raghuramulu et al. , 2003 ) , acerb detergent and impersonal detergent fibre ( Van Soset and Wines, 1967 ) . The solubility of the minerals will be determined by utilizing acerb soluble infusions ( Peterson et al. , 1943 ) .

Phytochemical analysis

Four different dissolver systems ( aqueous, methanolic, choloroform and hexane ) will be used for qualitative showing of entire saccharides, cut downing sugars, glycosides, entire polyphenols, flavonoids, tannic acids, steroid alcohols, terpenoids, alkaloids and saponins by the methods of Sofawora ( 1993 ) and Trease and Evans ( 2002 ) .The quantitative appraisal of bioactive constituents will be carried out for polyphenols ( Singleton and Rossi, 1965 ) , flavoniods ( Marinova et al. , 2005 ) , anthocyanins ( Cheng and Breeene, 1991 ) , alkaloids ( ) , terpenoids ( ) , tannic acids ( Price et al. , 1978 ) , vitamin C ( Caraway, 1970 ) , phytates ( Davies and Reid, 1979 ) , saponins ( Gestener et al. , 1966 ) and oxalates ( Raghuramulu et al. , 2003 ) .

Objective 2: In vitro curative potency of the sample infusions will be analyzed to find anti-oxidant and anti-microbial functionalities.

The methonolic and aqueous infusions of selected medicative workss will be used for the analysis of assorted antioxidative checks such as superoxide extremist scavenging activity ( Nishhikimi et al. , 1972 ) , hydroxyl extremist scavenging activity ( Chung et al. , 1997 ) , ferrous ion chelating activity ( Hsu et al. , 2003 ) , cut downing power ( Oyaizu, 1986 ) , ferrous cut downing antioxidant power ( Benzie and Strain, 1967 ) , reduced glutathione ( Boyne and Ellaman, 1972 ) . The antioxidant activities of the mushroom infusions were compared with standard antioxidants ( vitamin C and BHT ) .

Anti-microbial belongingss of the selected works samples would be assessed by utilizing disc diffusion method ( Bauer et al. , 1966 ) measuring minimum suppressing concentrations against infective micro-organisms. Anti-bacterial activities would be screened utilizing Gram-positive ( Bacillus subtilis, Proteus vulgaris, Staphylococcus aureus ) , Gram-negative ( Escherichia coli, Pseudomanas aeruginosa, Kliebsiella pneumonia ) , and anti-fungal beings such as Candida albican and Cryptococcus niformus. Microorganisms will be cultured aerobically at 37 & A ; deg ; C in alimentary agar medium for bacteriums and at 30 & A ; deg ; C in dextrose agar medium for Fungi.

Statistical analysis

The informations obtained for chemical composing will be subjected to one-way ANOVA followed by Duncan ‘s trial ( Gupta, 2007 ) .

The difference was tested at P & A ; lt ; 0.01 and p & amp ; lt ; 0.05 degrees.The informations obtained for antioxidant and anti-microbial potencies at different concentrations would be subjected to bipartisan ANOVA followed by Duncan ‘s trial ( Gupta, 2007 ) . The difference will be tested at P & A ; lt ; 0.01 and p & amp ; lt ; 0.

05 degrees. Correlation trial will be applied to analyze the relationship between antioxidant and anti-micobial potencies with phytochemicals viz. , polyphenols, flavonoids, vitamin C, saponins and tannic acids. The significance of ascertained correlativity was observed at P & A ; lt ; 0.01 and p & amp ; lt ; 0.

05 degrees.

3.4 Timeline of proposed work




Time period

1.Survey of medicative workss of Puttaparthi2 months2.Alimentary analysis of selected medicative workss4 months3.Standardization of protocols for check of phytochemicals in medicative workss and in vitro curative potency3 months4.

Screening for phytochemicals and measuring in vitro functional belongingss in selected medicative workss3 months

Deliverables and Results

Designation of medicative workss of Puttaparthi with good profile of nutritionary and functional constituents.Isolation and designation of phytochemicals responsible for anti-oxidant and anti-microbial activities and the appraisal of these functionalities.

Future Observations

Some medicative workss phytoremediation belongingss as they can bring forth certain specific secondary metabolites which can detoxicate some toxic metals such as Cd, quicksilver, arsenic, aluminum etc.Use of alternate medical specialty has become progressively popular. Several species of medicative workss have enormous range for incorporation to routine dietetic addendums for development of dietary nutrients for varied disease conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular upsets and cancers- the major disputing upsets of today.