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Private Health Care has two different plans available; Indemnity and Managed Health Care plan (Howell, 2011). Indemnity care will cover any doctor or their services provided. On the other hand Managed Care covers only a set group of physicians and services (Howell, 2011). Medicare and Medicaid are the two available options under the public health care plan that the United States offers. Medicare covers only people who are 65 years and older whereas Medicaid covers members that meet certain requirements set by the government and here is no age requirement. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also known as Obama-Care was signed into law on March 23, 2010 by the current President Obama.

Former Presidents however, have attempted to pass similar health care reforms unsuccessfully with the most resent being, former President Bill Clinton.  Clintons reform was not passed because it was said to be to complicated and unrealistic. PPACA is supposed to minimize the amount of uninsured Americans and cut the cost of health care services as a whole. It will also demand that the insurance companies weather public or private will cover everyone at the same rates regardless of the pre-existing conditions that they may have and regardless of their gender. Obama-care has a number of provisions that have taken effect over several years that began in 2010 when it was approved by Congress.

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These steps were necessary in order to get the entire United States and the insurance companies and providers working together. Even though this has already taken effect and some people have already seen some changes, there are still many more changes to be made before the US starts to see a difference in not once the number of people covered but the deficit as well.

This year, (2013) people and small business can start to purchase their insurance during a set open enrolment time frame but the tax credit will not become available until 2014. You will only receive this credit if you your income is between 100% and 400% under the poverty level. The Congressional Budget office believes that this plan will lower future deficits and the future Medicare spending (Carney, 2012). In 2011 the payout for Medicare and Medicaid was over 900 billion dollars (Is Medicare Spending the Biggest Driver of the Deficit, 2012). The Current system in the United States denies access to health care based on the person’s ability to pay for the coverage before services are required. Under a universal health care system all would have access to the affordable medical care and in some cases be reimbursed some of the cost (Anderson, 2013).