Obstacles in detecting cases of
sexual harassment is that most of the victims do not speak out. This is because
they might see this as a shame and afraid to be blamed, so they are not willing
to report the cases. Moreover, some victims would not report the incidents
because they are threatened with attacks and getting hurt mentally if they tell
anyone about the cases. Some women do not report the sexual harassment because
they believe that no actions would be taken upon the issue and they do not want
to hurt the harasser. Therefore, HR Department suggested a way to help the
victims to speak out which is by creating an online confidential portal with
only a few selected people from the HR Department are given the authority to
access to administration of the portal. This keep the details of the cases
confidential as privacy is the main concern for the victims. According to Louis
(1974), privacy is the state of being free from unwanted or undue intrusion or
disturbance in one’s private life or affairs or freedom to be let alone. It is
a fundamental human right. Privacy is important because it help to maintain the
autonomy and individuality of an individual. The purpose of the idea is to
protect the privacy of the victim for them to speak out against the harassment.
With the online confidential portal created, victims of sexual harassment can
report the cases anytime and anywhere, so that the company able to get to know
the happening of the cases immediately. It can also increase the confidence
level of victims to report the cases because the reported cases will maintain
secrecy. This is one of the effective ways for the victims of workplace sexual
harassment to put a stop to the problem and not just keep quiet and tolerate.
If victims of sexual harassment often feel that there are too many reasons not
to report the incidents, a successful employment policy would get into
consideration of the victims. The country would not achieve any improvement
toward ending of sexual harassment if the victim do not report the cases.