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Ode To My Pizza Essay, Research PaperOde to my PizzaA pizza can non be looked at as a separate piece of flawlessness. Merely when you look at each savory ingredient can you to the full understand the peace, repose and beauty that comes when eating a piece of pizza.The sausage:The gorgeous meat that is processed by a big German adult female named Helga. That odor of lubricating oil and meat is heaven to a individual like me, and snake pit to a vegan.

Smelly mushrooms:Bing grown in the mushroom composts of England is what gives a mushroom his/her distinguishable olfactory property. Most people hate mushrooms, but to me, they are merely another add-on to my fantasy pizza.Hot and spicy pepperoni:Made by an Italian shop proprietor in Little Italy, New York.

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The ruddy colour gives thee a? come hither? expression. I weep for those old dodos who can non eat thee because of the menace of a bosom burn or two.Sexy green Piper nigrums:Sometimes you can by spicy, but when cooked, that consumer gets nilbut a flush of your concentrated tegument, you fine vegetable, you.The awful onion:The rancid olfactory property can do 1s eyes burn and H2O if sliced falsely. Why are ye so temperamental? When being accompanied by several other lush ingredients, onions can be a delicious spouse on a piece of? pie? .The roof over the caput over the pizza, Le Fromage:The merchandise of loveable Bessie ; A cow graze in the grazing lands of Wisconsin. You cover the pizza and protect the tomato sauce from the load of being jostled by the pizza box palpebra.

And Ti you who scarifies itself to be plastered upon the palpebra if that lurid act must take topographic point. Last, If you are cooked falsely, excessively long or non long plenty, you become a rubberlike muss of cloud nine.Tomato Sauce:Grown, mashed, and canned by a friendly Iowa husbandman. That rich paste mixture absolutely compliments any combination of toppings.Note: This is meant to be amusing, in no manner do I really experience this manner about pizza toppings. Merely thought you? s like to cognize.