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Of Mice And Men-Good Essay, Research PaperThe novel Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, is about two work forces who are brought together and portion few good times, such as each others company, and the more overpoweringly the bad times. Both work forces fight the solitariness that was ramped during the Depression. The narrative begins in the foothills of Salinas, California, in the center of the Great Depression.

Here we meet two work forces, who are able to transport all of their ownerships in a bindle, and are continually be aftering on how to acquire their ain land and populate off of the? flesh out a district attorney land? . George, the mentally stronger of the two, tells his comrade Lennie, how life is traveling to be on this piece of land. Lennie is invariably inquiring George to reiterate his because it makes him experience good and this is apprehensible because Lennie has the mental capacity of a two twelvemonth old. Before the two work forces are able to buy this desired piece of land that they are after, they need to salvage adequate money. That is the ground they go to work on a barley spread. This spread will alter their lives everlastingly.

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While at the spread, Lennie breaks the manus of the foremans? boy and so by chance kills the married woman of the boy. After Lennie kills the adult female, and other old bad lucks at old occupations, George realizes that because of Lennies mental capableness, or deficiency of it, Lennie will go on to ache and possibly even kill other people. George decides to hit Lennie in fright that if anyone else will acquire to him, that they will ache him. Throughout this full novel, there are many illustrations of solitariness.

Steinbeck stresses the subject of solitariness through the characters of Crooks, Candy, and Curley & # 8217 ; s married woman.The first character Steinbeck uses to show solitariness in his book is Crooks. Crooks is a halt, black, ranch manus. He became crippled when a Equus caballus kicked him in the dorsum. Besides, because of his tegument colour, he is ne’er allowed in the other work forces? s bunk to play cards or merely hang out. Crooks is all entirely in the barn and wants he had person to remain with him. He showed this when he said? S? airs you didn? Ts have cipher.

S? airs you couldn? T go into the bunkhouse and play drunkard? cause you was black? . How? d you like that? ? ( Page 72 ) Another quotation mark Crooks says that shows that he is lonely is when he states, ? A cat needs person & # 8211 ; to be near him. A cat goes nuts if he ain? T got cipher. Don? Ts make no difference who the cat is long? s he? s with you.

I tell ya. I tell ya a guy gets excessively lonely an? he gets sick. ? ( Page 72 & A ; 73 )The 2nd character that Steinbeck uses to emphasize solitariness is Candy.

Candy is an old spread manus who lost his manus in a machine. Candy becomes lonely when he loses his Canis familiaris. A fellow worker killed his Canis familiaris after many of the work forces complained that the Canis familiaris stunk and that it was merely enduring, sing that it was non able to feed itself. He offers to assist George and Lennie reach their dream of having belongings if he can populate with them, making little uneven occupations around the house and pace. He offers this because he is lonely and is non certain how long he will be kept around the spread. He explains to them that he needs someplace to travel when he is let travel. Andy expressed this in the novel when he says, ? When they can me here I wisht person? vitamin D shoot me.

But they won? T do nil like that. I won? Ts have no topographic point to travel, an I can? t acquire no more jobs. ? ( Page 60 ) Another illustration is when Candy misses his Canis familiaris after raising it from merely a small whelp. This is let known when Candy says, ? I ought to of shooting that dog myself, George. I shouldn? T of Lashkar-e-Taiba no alien hit my dog. ? ( Page 61 ) Candy? s merely dream is of ever being someplace where he is accepted.

The concluding character that John Steinbeck emphasizes isolation in is Curley? s married woman. She tells the work forces on the spread how she is continually alone and she tells Lennie how she could hold been in films and been a large star. The first illustration of how she is lonely is when she exclaims to Lennie, ? Why can? t I talk to you? I ne’er get to speak to cipher. I get atrocious lonely.

? ( Page 86 ) She tells Lennie this after he notifies her that he is non allowed to speak to her or he will acquire in problem. Another illustration of people non desiring to speak to her is when she says, ? Wha? s the affair with me? Ain? T I got a right to speak to cipher? What ta they think I am, anyways? You? re a nice cat. I don? Ts know why I can? t talk to you.

? ( Page 87 & A ; 88 ) Curley? s married woman yearns to hold work forces speak to her without being afraid of Curley and what he is traveling to make to them.Steinbeck expresses the subject of solitariness through the characters Crooks, Candy, and Curley? s married woman. Throughout his novel, he shows different types of solitariness.

Each character is being held back by their age, their tegument colour, or what others will believe of them. For all of these people, their dreams will ne’er come true. Crooks will decease before everyone is accepted no affair what their tegument colour, Candy can non halt his aging or his dream of desiring to be accepted, and Curley? s married woman was killed. These three characters showed the solitariness that was present in Of Mice and Men.