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The metaphor of caring is the cautiously attentiveness carefulness of mindfulness of supervising of strangers. The metaphor of caring if the trust, professional, mutual respect, caring, partnership the giving of self to others to regain their trust for us to do our duty as a registered nurse to provide for our own survival while hoping to get a flow of a great amount of people at risk of their survival for us not to be sent home for not being busy with, dying, sick, patients is to truly give us a chance to show “On Caring”In The book states page 12 second paragraph “The remarks about the growth of a person which follow are rather general; on a more concrete level there would be differences depending on whether we referred specifically to the growth of a child to maturity, the growth of an immature adult to maturity, or the growth of a mature adult.

But that would lead us to have and be ourselves of what nursing school has done for us other than that we would be sole individuals showing our individualism of going through nursing of being sleep deprived, altered mental status, ineffective coping through two years of training to absorbed and add to our growth “of an immature nursing adult to a mature” to a “MATURE AND NURSING ADULT” . The inimical expectation of the” nursing school farm” (as in a barricade of sheep’s),because we want to remain individual. But the classroom will teach us a language in common.

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But the classroom will teach us a method that implicates us with each other in the way we would care for our lack of taking care of our health or own primitive life to the lack of fidelity to our distressed counter transference showing patients.. But we all will be recognized that we belong to certain creativity the function of or to be a Nurse a “Registered Nurse.

” Some points in the book touched me page 11second paragraph ”The father who goes for the doctor in the middle of the night for his sick child does not experience this as a burden; he is simply caring for the child”.The father is simply caring for his child indeed. The child not knowing what the father had to do to help the child the extra hours of work the danger of being out at night, etc. To be me or a fellow nursing student is to risk of it all on to caring for starngers who might have a disease or even worst to impact us in the life we thought we had a good grip of.

In to thinking one would cry when they see a sad movie to only cry.In contrast to when you HEAR a true story you cry even more or hold on to it more that will make an impact on you or will store it in your sub consciousness and repress it until it comes out and you experience burn out and risk of losing your license as a nurse a “Registered Nurse” because as your first year of nursing school you answered a question on the final test wrong the definition of compassion. It states on the book page 19”I must understand the others needs and I must be able to respond properly to them, and clearly good intention do not guarantee this”.I can compare it to my first year of nursing at Olive Harvey College I did understand “The others needs, a particular person” and I did respond properly to them and “Clearly good intentions do not this”. I laff and would think otherwise.

I started my second year of nursing without her my love my life my energy my so called all my girlfriend of 5 long years. It states on the book . To care for someone, I must know many things. I must know for example who the other is what his powers and limitations are, what his needs are and what is conductive of his growth” I DID!I passed my first year I fulfilled my duty to it balancing work, my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse and juggling with my unsuporting girlfriend while holding on my fading fantasy of having her giving me a family. I knew my limitations and my needs for me to be someone to provide and support and care for just one person not a sick child, sick adult but as stated earlier someone in my private life. My adulteress partner and I quote the bible Hosea2:7 “she will chase after her lovers but not catch the; she will look for them but not find them. Then she will say I will go back to my husband as at first for then I was better off than know.

And after so many times after so many months to a total of 5 years of the times she went away and came back totaling to three times of adventures she sought with other men Hosea:2:3 ” “Go show your love to your partner again, thought she is loved by another and is an adulterous ”. I can say I did show my love my “On Caring” to her and endured and endured a relationship thru nursing through my training to be taught in school “On Caring ” onto others but in my private life I wasn’t being considered to be on that group to be cared but for me to care while I died on my own “Alone”.To directly and indirectly to know something it is a good way to see it life and outside(work as a career) to directly encounter an opportunity to reflect on your own is wisdom gained and an addition to add to your new knowledge of when you educated and put in action your scope of practice you have direct meaning into what you have genuiness in the way of caring to show that you care in a human way and not in the “What we have been thought type of way in school to become a nurse a “Registered Nurse” ‘ which we have learned indirectly for two stressful long years in how to care for our dying, diseased patients.

No real action no real feel of distress of the patient ungeneiuness as for me I have genuiness 5 years of dysfunctional training I can say I have genuiness in direct caring for my next chapter in my “Private Life” . I say I have training, but not truly to be a “Registered Nurse” I start on my direct training in an important chapter of my awareness “On Caring” for others. In page 26 last paragraph ”pretending to be what I am not interferes with being able to relate to the other as an individual in its own right ”. as I mentioned earlier in my experience and in the path of my path in what I’m trying to accomplish. ruly shapes and models who and what type of RN I will become as in life’s journeys life’s constant episodes of rites of passage leads us to a being of true self developing true values and morals in not to pretend to be someone else in the care of a patient or others but to be genuine and subconsciously say not to prove self’s in how one appears but by proving oneself by the actions of daily life by meeting or exceeding people/patients expectancies of the people who had a lesson or more “On Caring” kind of like the saying “Do an act of kindness to a stranger “but in this in my situation do an act of kindness to all people that comes across us not so much when we put our medical scrubs and wear our stethoscope around our neck for just show a primitive action to prove to society our lack of self esteem.

Coming home to nothing once the paranaphranilia comes off.What I have learned from reading the book is the true break down of what it is to care and the definition that is behind all of the caring I have done to almost everyone that I have came across with. It is god’s blessing for us to care but o know where this caring comes from it is believed that it is from the unconsciousness but after reading this book I can say it is from the experiences bad and good that one goes through and the constancy of what the “Other” is there and you are there and there’s nothing more than to care for the other (as an RN) The devotion the true devotion that one gives to the process in caring is at the end the final product that you’ll be able to see the stages of change in the other as a result in what the one caring has done growth of the other person to care.