Denisovich: Drumhead Essay, Research Paper

One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich: Drumhead

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In the book One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, the chief character Ivan and

the other captives in the cantonment are treated really severely. Ivan tries to do

himself warm and to acquire plenty nutrient to maintain himself alive. He does merely what is

necessary to delight the guards and the commanding officers of the cantonment. Ivan uses his

intelligence to do his life easier so he can salvage up more energy to confront the

work burden. He and the members of the 104th group manage to last because of

Ivan & # 8217 ; s personal attending to himself and his attention about the others. More

significantly, Ivan survives because his intelligence, his spirit, his misrepresentation

and careful teamwork.

Ivan has to be smarter than the guards in the cantonment, so, he will non acquire into

problem and acquire treated even worse than he does. When Shukhov and Senka want to

transport the hacksaw-blade that Ivan found back at the cantonment, Shukhov removes

both mittens, one with the blade. He so unbuttons his coat and allow the guards

hunt him. They search him side and dorsum and his pocket, and one guard besides

crushes the mitten that Ivan holds out which is the empty 1. This was in the

book as,

He was about to go through him through when,

for safety & # 8217 ; s interest, he crushed the mitten

that Shukhov held out to him & # 8211 ; the empty 1. ( Solzhenitsyn, Pg. 107 )

The smart move that he does is to put the empty mitten on top and take the

hazard that the guard will merely seek the empty 1. Shukhov was lucky. Another

illustration of holding to be smarter is after they find the wood panels, they want to

transport them back to do the topographic point where they work warmer. Shukhov knows that if

they carry it flatways, it will be easy noticed by others, so, they hold it

vertical in between them and put off. If they are seen by the overseer, for

case, it will look as if there are three of them walking together. In this

manner, they cheat the guards every bit good as the overseer, because Ivan and the

others have use their intelligence.

Ivan pulp has a strong spirit to last in the cantonment, he uses his spirit to do

himself feel better in the cantonment, so, he can populate happier and longer. He ever

thinks about the hereafter, which make an result for himself. Without an result a

individual may go really sad and do non desire to make anything, so he really do

himself unrecorded longer. For illustration, & # 8220 ; Freedom meant one thing to him & # 8211 ; place & # 8221 ;

( Solzhenitsyn, Pg.140 ) . He is still believing of place which he thinks that he

still have hope to acquire out of the cantonment. so he wants to salvage his ain life and travel

place in order to hold freedom. Besides, in his head, work is non for money, but for

satisfaction. So, he does non believe that work is deadening and difficult to make, he

thinks that they are chagelles.

Ivan is careful about what he does in the cantonment, hence he does what is

appropriate to make in the cantonment. He does non take other individual & # 8217 ; s left overs to eat

even when he is highly hungry. This cut down the opportunities of acquiring disease so

he may populate longer. When Ivan is ill, he goes to the ill bay and he does non

bent around really frequently at that place, unless he is experiencing truly ill. The adult male in charge

of there will non believe that he is merely feigning. Besides, Shukhov has made his

ain spoon to utilize, so he does non hold to utilize custodies to eat. This once more can redu


the opportunities of Ivan acquiring diseases. Therefore, Ivan can last because of

what he does in the cantonment.

Ivan has to be delusory in order non to be discovered by the guards and the

captives. When he sees a spot of a hack saw blade on the land, he thinks that

he has no immediate usage for it, but he still keeps it and hides it in a shoemaking

knife and possibly merchandise it for staff of life. Furthermore, a good towel can do a adult male & # 8217 ; s

work better, Ivan hence have fools the individual in charge of the tool-store

and acquire the best trowel. He hides it so that he can work a batch easier with that

good trowel. This was in the book as, & # 8220 ; Shukhov had fooled the adult male in the tool-

shop and pocketed the best-trowel ; and now he kept it hidden in a different

topographic point every eventide & # 8221 ; ( Solzhenitsyn, Pg.48 ) . Besides, after work, the squad wants to

acquire back to the muss hall faster than anyone else, and after they get at that place,

they will look for the bowl that have the thickest nutrient in it. In this manner, they

can hold more nutrient. Furthermore, Ivan hides his nutrient for later usage. He hide his

nutrient under his mattress so that he can eat it when he is hungry at dark. So,

his misrepresentation makes his life a batch easier in the cantonment.

Ivan survives by strong teamwork, when he and the other zeks got a new undertaking

given by the cantonment governments. The squad leader separate the work assignment so

that everyone does have similar sum of occupations. They can work more

comfortably if they have merely one undertaking to execute. However, when they are sent

to construct a wall at the power station, they decide to repair the range to maintain warm

while they are blending the motar to construct the wall. Therefore, they separate the

plants as follows: Shukhov is put to repairing the stove-pipe ; Kilgas is to mend

the commixture box with the two Estonians to assist him, Senka has to chop long laths.

Furthermore, when constructing the wall, they have to hold good work study. The

captain of the squad has to do up a really good work study, that sounds much

plants has been done really expeditiously, so that his squad can hold excess nutrient. For

illustration, when they crowd the Fe range, the work forces hear the intelligence the team-leader

has been successful in repairing the work-report. In fact, they truly have non

done anything. They get good rations for five yearss. It is in the book as, & # 8220 ; A

smartly fixed work-report meant good ration for five yearss & # 8221 ; ( Solzhenitsyn,

Pg.72 ) . Besides, Ivan besides help other members of the squad on their work, when

Gopchik brought some Aluminium wire to Shukhov and inquire Shukhov to learn him how

to do a spoon. Shukhov teaches him, so, both of them can hold less opportunities of

acquiring the disease. This is in the book as & # 8220 ; it & # 8217 ; s good for doing spoons. Teach

me how to project them. & # 8221 ; ( Solzhenitsyn, Pg.53 ) . By teamwork, they save up more

energy and acquire plants done easy.

Ivan survives his life in the prison cantonment because of his personal attending to

things such as his nutrient and his attention about the others when he works as a squad

member. He is besides smarter than the guards and the other captives so that he

does non acquire into problem easy. He is besides delusory in order to acquire better

nutrient and tools to work with. He besides has strong spirit to confront the rough life

because he know he will hold freedom in two old ages. When Shukhov and the other

captives are treated severely at the cantonment, Shukhov is able to make better to maintain

himself alive.