One astronaut-to-be failed to pass the test 8 times! But he still tried, and now he works with NASA, at the ISS!The International Space Station costed $150 billion. But this humongous pricy station will chance space exploration forever… Food and WaterObviously the astronauts on board can’t live without food or water, so to fix that the ISS water system takes moisture from breath, run-on from faucets, sweat, and filtered pee. Astronauts added “Tang” to make the water flavorful, like how you would put fruit punch powder in water. However, for food, you can’t just create food from thin air, so it must be shipped from Earth to the ISS. This is very costly, so NASA removes 97% for the moisture from the food.

Field TripWe’ve talked about sending food and water to the ISS, but what about astronauts? After astronaut training is complete, they then take a trip to Baikonur, in Kazakhstan. There they board the Soyuz, blast off into space, and enter orbit. Then they orbit the Earth 4 times, which takes 6 hours, then finally board the ISS.But don’t astronauts do space missions? And yes, they do.

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So NASA invented the space suit. The space suit provides 2 things, what is needed to survive, and to protect the user from the harsh conditions of space. One harsh condition it must withstand is 248 degrees Fahrenheit, and -256 degrees.For astronauts to breathe, they need oxygen. While at first a HUGE oxygen tank sounds like it’ll last, eventually oxygen will run out. So to prevent the astronauts to suffocate to death, NASA engineers made a machine that combines hydrogen and carbon dioxide in a chemical reaction. This produces oxygen and methane. The oxygen is used, and the methane is vented out into space.

                              How to: Put out a fireSo we now know how they receive the resources to survive, but what happens in an emergency, like a fire on board or an air leak? The astronauts will either try fixing it or evacuate using the Soyuz model docked on the ISS. So if YOU wanna be an astronaut, train hard, believe in yourself, and NEVER give up!