Last updated: September 16, 2019
Topic: Art
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1. A film review is a personal summary of a movie. It will consist of biased thoughts, critiques, and comments. Film reviews and any other types of review writings serve the purpose of letting people know what others think about the movie (or whatever is being reviewed). It will let them know what the general rating will be like before actually watching the movie. An evaluation is basing a piece of media on specific criteria. When something is evaluated, there is a certain standard that must be met on different levels. A film review can qualify as an evaluation on a very general level.

2. There is a family of four and the daughter always seem to favor the father over the mother, despite the mother’s unconditional love, patience, and kindness towards the daughter. However, the mother becomes very sick and the father, out of his stress, has an affair with a co-worker and leaves the daughter to care-take the mother while he was out of the house. The two ladies end up building a very intimate relationship and after the mother passes, the other family members reflect on the mother’s imprint on their lives. 3. I included very general main ideas. I omitted specific names, scenes, and dialogue.

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I included the main parts to summarize the plot concisely. I omitted specific details to keep my answer short and leave out unnecessary points. 4. Clarity- too many symbols and references, understandable, did it make sense? Structure- was the film laid out well? Did it flow well from scene to scene? Value- was the movie worthwhile? What was anything substantial taken from the movie? 5. I plan to use other people’s reviews of this movie as to support my overall judgment. 6. I could counter argue the presence of swear words throughout the movie to strengthen my argument- the words are not used offensively but to express certain emotions. . The daughter comes home and isn’t dressed for the occasion, eats the icing, and drops the plate. The mother becomes very ill.

The daughter notices the father’s suspicious behavior/the affair. The mother’s silent death. I could use one of these important scenes to prove how the daughter’s attitude towards her mother changes after she becomes sick. Each scene changes the attitude of someone. 8. Erickson chose to summarize the plot of the film in order to better prove her point. After revealing parts of the movie, she could go back and explain certain parts in more detail as to support her idea of the movie being a good art film.