Fossil fuels are humans main source of energy; its utilization has enabled industrialism, and the development to greater futures of the human world such as electricity, energy sources for automobiles, creating materials, and other pro chemical and industrial uses such as the production of plastics, and other materials we use on a daily basis (http://www. Coincidentally.

Com). Extracted as hydrocarbons from decaying prehistoric plants and animals formed million of years ago, fossil fuels are not renewable, meaning that once we’ve used all of the available fossil fuel in the rent century, we wont be able to form these fossil fuels until million years later (http://www. Darrell. Clara. Net).The prolonged and vast use of fossil fuels by humans, which has doubled every year is a big global issue we all should address, its depletion leads us to the question of what will happen to the human race without the availability of fossil fuels, the 90% source of energy we use everyday, our dependence on it has conclude that if fossil fuels weren’t available it will leave us without the energy we need to continue our modern way of life (http://www. Fusillade.

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O. AZ/ ).Our prolonged use of fossil fuel has also created a downside impact of environmental hazards, such as pollution and global warming as its combustion release high amount of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas (http://www. Conserve- energy-future. Com/). However, alternative and renewable energy sources are made possible through modern scientific technology, although aren’t as viable as fossil fuels, alternative renewable energy is to be considered as it can help save humanity from the vast depletion of fossil fuels as it lessens our dependency to it.The use of fuels, a viable alternative energy resource, can help us address this issue as it provides renewable energy resource derived from living matter we can use beneficially in our everyday lives. A highly beneficial form or type of befell provided today is biogas.

Biogas is a methane rich flammable gas that results from decomposition of organic waste or material, such as manure, wastes from food, landfills and plants. The methane from the biogas can produce energy such as the energy we can extract from fossil fuels.The methane produced in the biogas is due to a process where bacteria are used to breakdown the organic matter, a process called the anaerobic digestion (http:// windmill. Clara. Net/). The first thing to be done in an anaerobic digestion is the pre-treatment of the organic waste that involves the breaking down of manures to smaller particles, in the case of landfills it is to remove biodegradable materials, and in plants is to protect from components that may cause physical damage.

After the pre-treatment is done, the materials are then digested in the anaerobic digester, where they undergo the four phases of hydrolysis, giddiness’s, exactingness and tanginess’s where the organic matter is fermented and converted into the end of methane and carbon dioxide, the main components of a biogas, then is upgraded to natural gas (http://www. Seas. Ii).Since biogas is made of methane, a hydrocarbon that is also extracted by fossil fuels that produces natural gas, we can use the methane in biogas produced by organic matter than the methane derived from fossil fuels, this therefore can be served as an alternative to fossil fuels, and so we can conserve our tosses tulle. Biogas can be applied as a source to energy in many areas such as heating and combustion, power generation, vehicle fuel, gas network and industrial uses.

Biogas is a very good alternative source of energy to fossil fuels as it decreases the environmental hazards we release through the use of fossil fuels such as making good use of waste materials as the main material to produce biogas is these organic wastes, improve water quality by converting oxygen demanding organic matter that could cause low oxygen levels in surface waters (http:// biogas. Fast. Full. Du), and decrease greenhouse gases as the production of it in anaerobic digestion and manure management system prevents the release Oh ethane, a greenhouse gas, also through the available technology of upgrading the biogas we could also remove carbon dioxide emissions from biogas (http:// www. Absorbing.

Ca).Although, biogas is highly effective as an alternative to fossil fuels, there are many limitations which makes the biogas Just isn’t as highly beneficial in producing large amounts of energy like fossil fuels, however many investors tend to ignore this fact and therefore create high expectations towards the technology whereas the technology does not reach that point of production, this then results to “failures” and experimented, however to avoid this, their limitations should be clearly stated.The most hindrance limitations of this technology are that the production of biogas often contains impurities that could damage internal combustion engines, which is a problem to its beneficial use, its energy productivity is based on location and environmental conditions (proximity of live stocks, etcetera), and recombinant DNA technology could not be use to increase this productivity however biogas upgrading is available but uses Just as many energy as it produces (http:// abattoirs. Wordless. Com/).

To address some of these limitations, would be to invest more on this technology and gain more education as well as demonstrations, another would be by optimizing the environmental conditions of the anaerobic digestion to increase its productivity. Although the effectiveness is limited, biogas could impact our world in a good way, especially when there are solutions to the limitations given. The prolonged use of biogas impacts us humans in a global context environmentally, meaning that if we can deduct the use of fossil fuels in our daily lives and use biogas as an alternative it would highly benefits the environment.One large impact biogas offers the world environmentally, is that its prolonged use can decrease the possibility of global warming and climate change because it does not have any net production of greenhouse gases when is used, this is because the carbon dioxide released during biogas combustion originally was organic plant material and so is Just completing a cycle from atmosphere to plant to animal and back to the atmosphere.Another positive impact the technology stores for us, is that the recovery of combined energy from certain beasties, agricultural wastes, slurry, etcetera, makes recycling achievable, not only it destroys these degradable wastes for a good use but is also the best option. Although there are ranges of positive environmental impacts, biogas has downside impacts on the environment.

One negative side this technology has on our environment is that although it does not release much carbon dioxide it releases high excess of ammonia, a toxic gas, the emissions to ammonia to our environment can cause several environmental and health hazards. Although the ammonia emission might be a big issue in the reloaded use of biogas, the positive impacts it has on our environment outweighs the negative, especially when technologies that could remove and decrease the ammonia emissions are available. (http://characterize. A) Although biogas is a positive impact towards the environment, there are issues to be addressed. One economical issue is that biogas can require a high amount of capital with the lack of investors willing to invest on its technology because of its unattractiveness on the global market and its producing rate are not stabilized since the production of waste from organic materials could not be predicted (e.

Manures). However biogas can reduce the price of fossil fuels within it’s prolonged use because it reduces the electricity consumption from fossil fuels.Another positive impact is the agricultural breakthrough it can provide for the rural areas, which then could increase the development of one’s country. It increases agricultural productivity because the promotion of the technology could open new Job opportunities for the farmers who lives in rural areas. With microeconomics, combined with scientific technology and agricultural benefits I believe that biogas could be a positive impact n one country’s economic development.In conclusion, biogas is a feasible and viable source of befell that can serve as an alternative energy for us globally. It impacts us positively economically and environmentally. Although limitations are there in the technology modern scientific breakthrough can almost guarantee us that biogas will be an impact to the human race globally in the future leading us to even greater innovations, starting from its beneficial use of conserving fossil fuels, decreasing global warming and its impact towards a country’s development.