Last updated: March 27, 2019
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When you first think about taking classes online, you might think that it will not be as valuable as going to a traditional classroom setting and receiving an education. You might want to rethink that. For some of us who grew up without having computers as a part of their everyday life, online classrooms could be very enticing. There are some people who will always prefer the traditional classroom setting. Three of the ways they are alike and different are in the participation between students and teachers, flexibility of schedule, and credits and accreditation.

Whether students are taking online courses or the students are in the traditional classroom setting, participation is required in both. When students are in a traditional classroom, they do have the opportunity to be able to participate right away to the teacher’s questions and to the student’s questions or comments. If you are one of those students who do not like to be called on in the classroom, then taking classes online will give you the opportunity to be able to think about your answer before having to answer the question.

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Some students are not able to articulate what it is they want to communicate without having to think about it for awhile, so online classes would give you that option as well. Students are able to participate right away in discussions in a traditional classroom, as where an online course you have to wait for your peers to respond when they can. Being able to take the classes online gives those with a busy schedule the flexibility to be able to take the classes when they can.

Students can do them during the day or night or both if they so choose. For those students that work full time and want to continue with their education, online classes offer the flexibility they are looking for. Traditional classes do not give such flexibility with your job. However, there are some colleges that do offer more flexibility than others for those that want to take courses at night now. They are trying to work with more adults to accommodate their busy schedules. Some students need to redo their work chedule in order to accommodate their school schedule to be able to go to a campus. With the traditional classroom, students are required to be there at a certain time and they usually can’t make up the hours if you miss them. Students are allowed to miss so many hours and that’s it. With the online classroom you can work a little or a lot each day to finish your work. Students can work at your own pace. If you were to move out of the state, you could still continue classes online with the same college. You can’t do that with a traditional college.

When seeking out your college, whether you choose the online courses or the traditional classroom, you need to check and see if the college has credits that can be transferred from one college to another. Some of the colleges do not accept credits from one school to another. Check out the school to make sure they are an accredited college either regionally or nationally. Some of the colleges do not even have to be accredited. So, do your homework and make an informed decision. I have a friend who took two years of Child Development classes online and she found out that the school was not accredited.

In conclusion, it basically comes down to what a person prefers. You need to be well disciplined and dedicated if you are taking the courses online. Some individuals are just not able to take classes in a traditional setting due to their busy schedules and will prefer the online classes. Some people will always want to take the classes at the college and not trade that experience. I prefer the online classes right now, because it works for my schedule. So, when deciding on which way to go, make sure you look at all of the pros and cons of each before making your decision.