Last updated: April 24, 2019
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In my opinion, it’s difficult to define “ success” because it has many different meanings for differrent people. It also depends on what people achieve in their life. These who are dissagree with idea people who earn lots of money are sucessful say that sucessful can be promotion in work or when they are voted for a important position in companies. In addition, student who are studying in colleges or universities consider graduating with high score as the greatest sucess in their life at that time. Those who support the idea people who earn a lot of money is sucessful say that being rich, they will have a very comfortable life.

Their house will contain lost of morden conveniences such as air-conditioner, laptop, washing-machines and so forth. With huge money, they can take many trips to wonderlands in the world. However, beside some advantages of being rich, there are disavanteges such as being lazy or they do not want to try their best in all of situations because they think money is power, money can buy every thing. Certainly, it can not be called success. So many people who earn a lot of money in their life but still they do not feel they are sucessful.

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In history, there is full of people who are not rich but they are admired by their achivements. I think those are the real sucessful people. We all knows Abraham Lincoln, a president of the US, who made people over the world amazed with his distribute in developing of the US. Moreover, I will give an example about my brother to elaborate this point. My brother is working for a software company, earning a high salary, but he allways feel that he is not sucessful because he want to be a sells manager not a programmer. At the result, success is not a destination, it is a journey which never ends