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As quoted by Thomas Edison; “Good fortune is what appends when opportunity meets with preparation. ” so I quickly decided to study. Besides that, Moore School of Business Division Research, states that “Without knowledge gained through higher education, individuals simply cannot compete in the 21st century economy’. Basically earning a degree is a solid investment for our future. As in future things will not be same as now, thus I need to get prepared, and by holding a degree, it will be a great advantage.

Upon that, studying at my age of 35 and having responsibility on family and other commitments, it develops and demonstrate my autonomy through self-motivation ND self direction of my degree. Besides being a good example for my children, by completing a degree in Primary Education, I’m able to contribute my part for the society and nation in education. Wasn’t Open University (WOO) has been my choice to pursue my studies because it is flexible, affordable and accessible.

Wasn’t Open University is the Malaysia’s first private, not for profit Open University. Wasn’t Open University is primarily founded by a charitable trust and through donation from corporations and members of the public. Its goal is to make university education more accessible and affordable to adult learners, irrespective ender, age, ethnicity or background. They provide online based education which is very convenient to study at our own pace, at flexible time without interrupting our commitments.

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And we do save a lot on papers, printing works and daily traveling cost to attend class, where else we can download the course materials online and we Just need to attend a tutorial class once a month to have face-to-face discussion with tutors. Besides, the tutors are also assigned online to give us advice and guidance on the problem related to our studies. Assignments are also submitted through online. The courses are offered at reasonable fees and it is affordable, and we can pay partially, depending on the subjects that we take for each semester.

Technology is a critical element of distance education (Bates, 2005). Open Distance Learning provides a flexible learning system, where we can study at our own pace and design our own timetable to fit with our commitments. Open Distance Learning has the following important characteristics; The separation happens between teacher and learners; distinguish from face-to-face education. The use of technical media; print, audio, video or computer, carry the context of the course and also connects the teacher and learners through online technologies.

The earners have to be independent and organize their own learning. The access to Through synchronous and asynchronous communication, the teacher and learner may take place simultaneously or at different times. Knowledge is delivered to learner through digital channels. Learning through ODL is accredited or certified by some institute or agency, which officially recognized. The provision of two-way communication benefits the learners and teacher by interaction. Face-to-face meetings carried out for both didactic and colonization purposes.

In my opinion, Open Distance Learners are more employable because they are skilled ND knowledgeable persons. They are people with real commitments with great responsibility, dedicated, multitasking, motivated and forward thinkers. Nowadays, employers prefer an employee with determination and self-motivation to advance through the ODL process. Besides that, ODL graduates are those with goals and they tend to attribute a positive attitude towards life long learning which benefits the employers by development of skills and knowledge of their employees.

Dare Pool and Swell (2007) defined ’employability as processing ‘a set of skills, knowledge, understanding and personal attributes that make a person more likely to choose and secure occupation in which they can be satisfied and successful’. Most of the Open Distance Learners possess multitasking skills as they been full time or part time working adults who get on with Job, coursework and family responsibilities. They are capable to organize and manage their time and responsibilities.

Further more, ODL graduate had been mould against challenges, thus they are seen to motivated self- starters with the ability to complete assignments on time and adapt to dynamic environment. According to Wallace (1991), she strongly said that continuing education is necessary for better Job performance and advance in Job market. At the end, Open Distance Learning is an opportunity to enhance our career prospects by upgrading our skill and knowledge besides shape ourselves towards organized, systematic and independent person.