Last updated: July 16, 2019
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There are various kinds of people in the world. Most of them are open mind and some of them are closed mind. I totally disagree that there is nothing more dangerous than a closed mind. Why I disagree in this statement? I think that there is something more dangerous than closed mind such as open mind. Open mind means that people may receive any new or different ideas and the opinions of others. Why I think the open mind is more dangerous? It is because people who are open mind might be receiving any wrong ideas and opinions from different field such as having premarital sex.

Most people of the open mind country such as America, French, Russia and so on think that people to have premarital sex are normal situation. Thus, most of them treat sex before marrying as not a very big deal. Through the news, we could know that some of the Western countries are going to encourage the teenagers to use the condom before having the sex. It is because they cannot prohibit the teenagers to have premarital sex. Furthermore, it may have a chain of effect.

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For example, when a young lady is pregnant, she will not choose to be an unmarried mother, so she will try to have an abortion or abandon the baby. It causes a lot of family problems and social problems. Most of these are because of the open mind. Besides that, open mind’s people are easy to do illegal act such as having drug. They might think that many people do it then they also can do it. Most of the junkies start to use drug because of their friends told them that the drug would help them to be happier and there was no effects if you are only try once.

Then, they might just receive the new opinion by their friends. After having drug, they might be controlled by the drug and try various ways to fulfill their needs. Consequently, it might have wide of the mark influence such as the cases of robbery and steal. Moreover, I believe that closed mind is a good way to protect myself. That is because of closed mind can be considered an alternative expression for a true mind. It means that my mind-set is truly my own and is not altered by any others.

It helps us to have the intrapersonal skill. Also, I clearly know what exactly I am thinking about and it help me easier to communicate with others. For instance, when I communicate with other people, I may not be influenced by others opinion, I can tell them my opinion directly. In conclusion, I entirely disagree that there is nothing dangerous than a closed mind. In my opinion, open mind is more dangerous than closed mind. Hence, I think that there are some risks, if we do not balance in open mind and close mind.