Labourdonnais Hotel is a five star concern hotel ideally situated on the Caudan peninsula at Port-Louis.

It is a private limited company and consists of 109 invitee suites and suites and provides comfort and cordial reception to international concern travelers. The nucleus activity of the hotel is to supply epicurean comfort and cordial reception to international concern travelers. The Labourdonnais offers all the necessary supplementary services to do your stay most gratifying. These include:Airport Transportation24-hour Room ServiceBusiness CentreFree WIFI Connection in ‘Public Area ‘Executive Health Centre ( gym, sweat room and swimming pool )Car Rental ServiceFree ParkingDirect Access to Caudan Waterfront, Mauritius ‘ Prime Minister shopping CentreLaundry / Dry CleaningComplimentary Daily Local NewspaperComplimentary Pressing of a Blouse or a Shirt together with a Suit upon check-inComplimentary Shoe PolishingForeign ExchangeHair / Beauty SalonHotel BoutiqueBaby Sitting / Child CareMedical installations ( physician on call )

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The Macro analysis of the hotel is a manner of scanning the concern environment. The Macro analysis of the hotel will see the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, and Green factors.


1.1 Political

The Political factors are concerned with how political development regionally, nationally and internationally might impact the hotel ‘s scheme. Since the set up of the hotel in 1995, political stableness was maintained in Mauritius and this has helped the hotel achieve its aims. However, it has to follow with the new Mauritanian Competition measure where a house in a competitory market should non possess more than 60 % of the market portion, non use misdirecting advertisement, and engaged in amalgamations which may non be in the public involvement.


2 Economic

The Economic factor analyses a assortment of economic factors and their effects on the concern. The recent economic recession in Europe and America has greatly affected the gross of the house and because of this it has to cut off some 100s occupations. The grasp of the Mauritanian rupee against major European currency has besides reduced the gross of the hotel which in bend hinders the hotel to put farther.

2.1.3 Social

The Social factor analyses what competitory advantage might the hotel addition by societal alterations taking topographic point outside the concern. In Mauritius the birth rate is low and it has an ageing population due to better medical installations. Furthermore around 53 % of the Mauritanian population is female and many parents do n’t wish that miss ‘s work in hotels due to uneven hours work.

This impact on the enlisting policy of the hotel. The recent smoke ordinance prohibits people to smoke in hotels and eating houses. This has caused incommodiousness to smoking clients of the hotel.

2.1.4 Technological

Labourdonnais hotel on a regular basis reexamine the impact of new engineerings upon its activities. Since it is concern hotel, its conference and meeting suites are equipped with the latest engineering such as Flip-chart, Writing tablet with pen, and other technological devices. All suites are equipped with separately controlled air conditioning, satellite Television channels, Hi-speed cyberspace connexion, Cadmium and DVD participants and personal electronic devices.

However, it emphasize less towards Research and Development refering engineering which is critical for a concern hotel.

2.1.5 Green

Government is paying peculiar attending to those houses who are lending towards the environment of the state.

The hotel part towards ‘green ‘ environment is small and this impacts on the repute of the concern. The H2O in the sea near the hotel is polluted by ships and this is an chance for the hotel to cut down the soil in the sea through regular cleansing. This could hold improved the image and repute of the hotel.


The Micro analysis concerns its providers, clients, employees and stockholders. As mentioned earlier, the clients of the hotel are chiefly international concern travelers but local citizens are besides its clients. They are non ‘members ‘ of the concern, but they are critical for the endurance of the hotel.

Customers dictate the form of the hotel activity, as it will merely supply services which clients will purchase. In add-on to the services provided to concern travelers, it offers assorted other services to its clients such as:Product launch.End of twelvemonth cocktail.Wine savoring session.Cruise on the hotel yatch.Themed jamboree dinner.The Suppliers for the hotel are veggies and fruit bargainers and Food & A ; Allied Company Limited, Soft drinks maker ( Phoenix Camp Mineral limited company and Quality drinks limited ) , Alcoholic drinks providers ( Grays Limited ) , nutrient bargainers ( Rice importers Companies and Moulin De La Concorde Ltd ) , Laundry services company ( Dry Cleaning Limited ) , Furniture providers and so on.

The Hotel keeps a good relation with its assorted providers and benefit trade price reductions from them because of majority purchases and payment. This allows the hotel to profit from buying and selling economic systems of graduated table. Furthermore, a good relation with providers allows the hotel to run just-in-time service, for illustration, if providers are prepared to present rapidly and at short notice.

However, maintaining contacts with other providers, that is non lodging to merely one, could let the concern to compare the monetary values charged by the different providers and opt for the one offering the same merchandise but with a lower monetary value.The hotel has about 800 employees employed in the different sections of the concern. It has four sections: Finance Department ; Human Resource Department ; Marketing Department ; Operations and Services Department. However, the lower degree staffs are non informed about the hotel hereafter schemes. The Management squad seldom communicates the future policies of the concern to its employees. The function of employees in the hotel is to follow the instructions of the direction. The chief struggle that arises between employees and direction is on the degrees of wage.

The rates of wage are negotiated every twelvemonth and this takes topographic point between the single worker and the Human Resource Manager.The hotel is a private Limited company and a household concern. Most of the stockholders of the hotel are relations who are ‘joint proprietors ‘ of the concern. Shares are traded within themselves and employees do non hold the chance to put in the company.



The SWOT analysis will carry on a general and speedy scrutiny of the hotel ‘s current place so that it can place preferred and likely waies in the hereafter. This analysis involves looking at the internal strengths and failings of the hotel and its external chances and menaces.

3.1 Strengths:

These are advantageous facets of the hotel on which its hereafter success can be built. The strength of the hotel comprise of:A well motivated and skilled work force. Most of the workers are satisfied with their work though at times they work under force per unit area particularly when many delegates and business communities book the hotel at the same clip.The services are good established and ailments from clients are really rare.The hotel has a good repute because its clients are loyal.

Most of them come once more to the hotel in their following visit though there are viing hotels within the part such as Le Suffren and Marina Hotels.It provides modern epicurean comfort and cordial reception to clients. This increases trueness among clients.Customers benefit from assorted shopping promenades and casinos found within the country of Caudan Waterfront.

The Central Market of Port-Louis, which is one of the most attractive veggies and fruits market in the universe, is within five proceedingss from the hotel. Customers of Labourdonnais hotel can hold entree to the market easy.Business clients of Labourdonnais hotel are chiefly Indians, Chinese, Africans and Europeans and all of them enjoy a assortment of eating houses are found at the Caudan waterfront functioning assorted Indian bill of fare, Chinese and European nutrient.

3.2 Failings:

These are factors which could impede the hereafter success and possible growing of the hotel. They should be investigated and remedial actions taken. Failings of the hotel include:Lack of engagement of the hotel for the betterment of environment. This can impact the repute of the hotel in the oculus of its stakeholders.

Harmonizing to many clients, there is no dark life particularly during hebdomad yearss.There are no seaboard installations and this deprives those who enjoy swimming in the sea.Low cyberspace connectivity.Inadequate research and development which impact on the services invention.

3.3 Opportunities:

These are the waies that the hotel could productively take in the hereafter because of its strengths or because of the riddance of the failings. If the hotel fails to make this may lose out and happen that their rivals are taking the manner. The chances of the hotel include:New market gaps.

There are new shopping promenades, fiscal and concern Centres which will open shortly in the Centres of the state such as at Ebene, Highlands and Trianon shopping Centres. Labourdonnais should prehend such chances and unfastened new subdivisions in these parts.There are chances for new services as a consequence of new tendencies. For case, many clients are preferring healthy and veggies nutrient.There are tonss of promotion in the technological field which present chances for the hotel to better its present Information Technology services.

3.4 Menaces:

These arise from activities of rivals and from neglecting to take chances or to construct on successes.

Most menaces come from outside and hence outside the control of direction. Examples of menaces are:Increasing competition. There will be other similar concerns that are traveling to open shortly in the nearby part.

This will besides impact on the monetary value charged by the hotel to its clients.Economic factors like the recent recession which impact on the profitableness of the hotel. It should be prepared to confront these unanticipated fortunes by following a market incursion scheme such opening new subdivisions in other states like Madagascar and Seychelles.Political factors such as the debut of the competition measure. This has been mentioned earlier under political factors.However, it may be possible to get the better of them. For illustration, commanding costs by happening alternate providers or replacing stuffs to cut down the consequence of monetary value additions.However, menaces besides exist within the hotel.

Examples are:An ageing population which resist alteration. Most of the staff of the hotel are over 40 old ages and they are loath to be flexible. They believe that they do non necessitate any preparation and ignore that larning is an on-going procedure.Management complacence which can take to an credence of what is go oning now and hence a failure to acknowledge possible chances and menaces.A deficiency of fiscal or other direction information needed for determination devising and control in the hotel.



The hotel ‘s mission needs to be turned into elaborate back uping aims for each degree of direction. Each director should hold aims and be responsible for making them.



The Mission Statement, which determines the nature and way of an organisation, of the hotel is ‘To be the best concern hotel in the part ‘ . Its corporate purpose is to keep its market leader place and to be the best hotel in the part. This is and will be done by:Expanding market portions through gaps of new subdivisions in the Indian oceans parts.Defending current market portion so as to forestall rivals from increasing their market portion at the disbursal of the hotel. This can be achieved once more through continually bettering the manner in which the hotel meets consumer demands.


The current aims of the hotel are:To continuously innovate and supply up-to-date services to clients.To pull more clients and better gross revenues gross.Adopt a market oriented concern scheme, that is, continually identifies, reappraisals, and analyses consumers ‘ demands. However, regular market research is required to cognize the demands of the consumers.



The selling aims are ends that the hotel is seeking to accomplish through its selling. Selling schemes are developed from marketing aims. The selling scheme that the hotel uses must reflect its aims as a whole.

Selling schemes are the attacks taken by a concern to assist it accomplish its aims.Figure 1 below shows the phases involved in developing selling schemes.Corporate purposes and aimsSelling auditMarketing aimsSelling schemesCarry out schemesReview and rating

Figure 1: Phases in selling schemes.

The first three phases involved in the procedure help the hotel to put its selling aims. The selling aims fit in with the corporate purposes and aims of the hotel. A selling and SWOT analysis aid to make up one’s mind accomplishable and executable aims.

The concern so decides on the selling schemes to be used to accomplish its selling aims.It will so transport out its selling schemes to accomplish its selling aims.Having carried out its selling schemes, the concern should measure how effectual they have been. This reappraisal will impact the corporate purposes and aims, selling aims and selling schemes set by the concern.


These strategic determinations are taken by the top-level direction and managers of the hotel. The long term aim is market developments, that is, the hotel is be aftering to open new subdivisions in other parts such as Madagascar and Seychelles offering similar services. However, political and legal restraints ‘ can move as a hurdle to this aim. For case, the recent political instability in Madagascar and Mozambique are major job for this aim to be achieved.


These are concerned with the best usage of the hotel ‘s resources of direction alteration to accomplish the in agreement aims. Such determinations are made by senior direction and the chief medium term selling aims are:To increase its gross revenues gross by 10 % by pulling more clients.

This can be done through gross revenues publicity affecting carefully planned events and activities which take topographic point throughout the twelvemonth to pull clients. It might include free gifts like journals, calendars and pens ; catalogues and other promotional cusps.Market and merchandise development that is, happening new markets or new parts in new markets. For case, many twosomes prefer to pass their honeymoon in Mauritius. This market can be tapped by the hotel by offering extra free services such as beach installations. However, it will non be easy because competition degree is really high for such market.



These are determinations taken by departmental directors and supervisors. The short term selling aims and schemes are:To retrieve the loss incurred during the economic recession. This can be done by take downing the cost of the hotel in the market through riddance of wastages and bettering nest eggs.Keeping gross revenues and market portion so as to forestall gross revenues from falling because of the existent hard economic state of affairs predominating really in the state with an economic growing rate of around 1.5 % . This can be achieved by merchandise development that is, by bettering or supplying individualized services to other clients and supplying a high velocity cyberspace installations.


Excessively frequently, the hotel ‘s selling communications focus on get the better ofing immediate consciousness, image, or penchant jobs in the mark market. However, this attack to communicating has restrictions such as it is excessively short-run and excessively dearly-won. Therefore, it is really of import for the hotel to develop a communicating procedure so that effectual communicating takes topographic point among the assorted stakeholders of the hotel.


Communication is about directing and having information. To be successful, the hotel needs to pass on efficaciously with a broad scope of people both within the hotel ( internally ) and outside the organisation ( externally ) .

Effective communicating happens merely if communicating is sent, received and so understood. Communication at the hotel occurs both vertically ( between lower director and subsidiaries ) every bit good as horizontally ( between two sections ) .Figure 2 shows how communicating takes topographic point in the hotel.ReceiverMediumChannelMessageSender


Figure 2: The communicating procedure.

Figure 2 shows a typical illustration of how information passes through the communicating procedure in a concern. The transmitter of the communicating at the hotel is usually the top direction and senior directors.

It is the top direction who sends the message and receives the feedback about the message sent.

6.1.1 Message

The message sent should be clear.

Examples of such messages at the hotel are:- Management informs the work force about the working hours and conditions.- Management instructs employees for the manner they should be dressed and how they should turn to the invitees.



The channel of communicating is usually between the Manager and its subsidiaries ( perpendicular ) and between the sections ( horizontal ) . For case, the operations and selling section interceding with the finance section for the allotment of the budget for the following six months so that work can be planned and organized harmonizing to the budget. Internal communicating ( with people within the organisation ) and External communicating ( with people outside the organisation ) are done both in a formal and informal mode.

6.1.3 MEDIUM

Different medium of communicating are used with internal and external communicating. When the concern communicates internally particularly with its employees written communicating is largely used. Letterss and notice board are used to inform employees about the on the job conditions.

Face-to-face communicating ( unwritten message ) is used with clients who speak Spanish or German or any other linguistic communication other than English and/or Gallic in order to avoid any misinterpretation among clients during their stay. It sends information about its assorted services to clients through electronic mails and letters and house bulletins.It receives engagements from clients through mails and facsimiles. It communicates with its providers chiefly through phones and facsimiles for goods to be supplied so that nutrient, vinos and other goods are supplied on clip. Communication with Bankss is usually done through cyberspace banking and therefore clip and resources are saved.


As mentioned earlier, the receiving system of the message can be employees, providers, Customers, and other stakeholders.


Communication is uncomplete until the message is received and the receiving system confirms that it is understood through feedback of some kind, for illustration, written or verbal verification.

Suppliers and Bankss usually respond officially through letters and facsimiles. Customers besides need to compose to corroborate their stay continuance.


Some aims of communicating of labourdonnais hotel include:To let determinations to be taken based on the best information.To publish instructions through perpendicular communicating to its staff to state them what and how to make and therefore enable the house to run.To enable employees at the same degree within the organisation, but with different countries of duty, to pass on with each other ( horizontal communicating ) .

To pass on externally with its providers, clients and Bankss and other contacts in transporting concern.To supply indispensable information to staff on wage, pensions, vacations, other benefits and general working conditions. This is communicated to the staff by the Human Resource Manager by agencies of verbal methods like concern meetings and non-verbal methods such as letters and notices.


The schemes of communicating used by the hotel are different depending on what message is communicated and who will be the receiving system. Some schemes have already been mentioned under the medium of communicating subdivision 5.

1.3. Some other schemes are:Written communicating such as letters is used to inform an employee about the expiration of his or her employment contract. Newspapers are besides used to inform possible campaigners about calling chances at the hotel so that extremely skilled and professional are selected.Information and Communication Technology such as E-mail is used to inform possible clients about the new services offered by the hotel. This allows the hotel to retain their bing clients.However there exist some barriers to communicating at the hotel. Some illustrations are:- At times the channel or medium chosen to direct the message may non pass on the information efficaciously.

It happens at times that providers have supplied unequal sum because the treatment between the director and the provider was done through phones.- There is besides the job of slang. It is hard to pass on with clients talking less often used linguistic communications.

– Viruss at times damage clients information kept on computing machines and the information demand to be recollected.


A trade name is a characteristic that allows the hotel ‘s clients to place the services of the concern and to distinguish them from those of rivals. Its trade name is the scope of services it provides to clients.

For case, the Labourdonnais hotel brings a broad scope of Leisure and amusement installations to research the many varied attractive forces of this island. For clients on concern circuit, there is an Executive Health Centre which provides state-of-art fittingness equipment and organic structure chanting machines and exclusivity of private nine.



Satisfied clients are more likely to be loyal clients. However, the relationship between client satisfaction and trueness varies greatly across concerns. A little bead from complete satisfaction can make an tremendous bead in trueness. The undermentioned suggestions are made to better trade name trueness:Pricing price reductions are required for regular clients to carry them non to exchange to other hotels.To apportion sufficient resources to the Research and Development subdivision so as to supply an updated services to clients.

To offer extra services such as sauna room and massage salon free of charge to those clients who stay in the hotel for longer period. Furthermore, it can offer frequence selling plans that reward clients who come on a regular basis. This can include room ascents to their frequent invitees.

Supply a somewhat cheaper rate for foreign currencies compared to other hotels.Make a client relationship selling which involves in making, maintaining, and heightening strong relationships with clients. It should be orientated toward the long term. However, it requires all sections work together with selling as a squad to function the client.The hotel can patronize club selling plans that offer clients particular price reductions and other benefits such as free subscription to monthly magazines or member merely tours to see pulling topographic points. Through selling plans, the hotel can besides patronize childs nines by offering sports-related activities.


Net income is the driving force in most concerns particularly for a hotel.

The sum of net income that the hotel makes is a step of how good it is executing. The hotel is profitable as its services are diverse.


The undermentioned suggestions may better the income of the hotel in the hereafter:Divide the concern into cost Centres. A cost Centre is an single portion of the concern where cost are incurred and can be recorded easy.

For case each section can be treated as a cost Centre. The cost incurred by each section will be known and the hotel might reason from each cost Centre which section has the best control over its cost. This section can be taken as a benchmark for other sections so that they can cut down their cost.Sell its unwanted assets such as computing machine equipments, furniture, and adjustments to better its fiscal state of affairs.Expression for beginnings of finance which are less expensive both in footings of involvement payments and administrative cost. For illustration, portions issues can transport high administrative costs while involvement payments on bank overdrafts tend to be comparatively low.Gross saless publicity may be offered to clients to promote them to come once more and once more. These gross revenues publicity will give a short term encouragement to the gross revenues gross of the hotel.

Examples of gross revenues publicity that the hotel can utilize:( I ) Coupons and royalty cards to supply money off or refunds on specific purchases.( two ) Free offers – a free ‘gift ‘ may be given with the merchandise or service. An illustration might be offer concern clients free pen thrusts or nomadic phones during their stay.( three ) Merchandise placing- This involves the hotel being used by great movie shapers during their movie shot.

Public dealingss are an effort that can be used by the hotel to pass on with groups that form its ‘public ‘ . Such groups may include the authorities, stockholders, employees and clients. The purpose of such communications is to increase gross revenues by bettering the image of the hotel and its services.

This can be done straight by the hotel itself through a public relation activity, or utilize a telecasting programme or a newspaper.Loss Leaders arise when merchandises are priced at really low degrees in order to pull clients. For case, one time in a month or in two hebdomads, beers or vinos can be sold at half monetary values. The loss made on these merchandises can be compensated for by excess net incomes on other merchandises sold during dinner in the eating house which is opened to the public every twenty-four hours.


Cost benefit analysis is a method used to take into history societal costs and benefit when doing determinations. The houses so weigh up the societal benefit against the societal cost.


The societal cost consists of private ( fiscal ) cost and the external cost ( negative outwardnesss ) .

The societal benefit comprises of the private benefit or fiscal benefit that the concern might derive and the external benefit that will profit the society as a whole.Social costs = fiscal cost + external costSocial benefit = fiscal benefit + external benefit.If the hotel is be aftering to construct new hotels in a part, it has to see its fiscal ( private ) costs such as the cost of the edifices and land. The external cost might be more traffic congestion in the country. The fiscal benefit of the new hotel might be extra gross to the hotel. The external benefit would be more creative activity of occupations in the part. The house must weigh up the societal benefit against the societal cost. If the societal benefit is greater than the societal cost, so the determination to build the new hotel should travel in front.

A Cost benefit analysis of the existent hotel situated at Caudan waterfront is as follows:The societal costs include its day-to-day and forecast operating expenses and costs incurred in the running of the hotel. Its external costs are extra parking required for their clients and more traffic congestions.Its fiscal benefits are chiefly grosss earned from its clients. Its external benefits are employment provided to local citizens and lending to authorities gross in footings of corporation revenue enhancement.


Labourdonnais hotel comprises of 109 elegant and epicurean suites, 89 deluxe suites, 9 superior suites, 6 Junior suites, 3 luxury suites, 2 presidential suites, 6 conferences and meeting suites, and 3 eating houses and saloon. For concern travellers clients, the hotel provides them with suites with epicurean comfort including practical installations for concern executive such as voice mail, computing machine and facsimile linkage, cyberspace and so on. However, many clients still complaint about the velocity of the cyberspace connexion and the hotel demand to look for other internet service supplier with a rapid velocity. Business executives on stay at the hotel enjoy within their suites the undermentioned services:Individually controlled air conditioning.

Private bathroom with separate shower and bath.Satellite Television channels.Telephones with IDD/DID.Internet velocity connexion.Tea and java devising installations.

24-hour room service.Personal electronic safe.Each of the suite provides the undermentioned services:Private sofa.DVD participants.Generous Jacuzzi bath.In add-on to these services, a VIP sofa is available for pre-check-in and post-check-out where invitee will be able to review and loosen up, and bask complementary tea, java and canapes. Employees working at the VIP sofa demand developing on a regular basis so as to supply first-class services to incoming guest.

They need to affect the invitees by their cordial reception and gestures so as the guest feel most comfy.The eating houses offer assorted teasing mix of Asian and western culinary art in an informal ambiance. However, one of the eating house ‘La Rose de blowholes ‘ unfastened for tiffin and dinner at specific clip. Customers are deprived for its services if they come after the specified clip, that is after 14.30.

This eating house is closed during vacations and clients who are used with this eating house demand to travel to the other two eating houses viz. ‘L’escale ‘ and ‘La terrasse ‘ which is accessible to the populace. There are less privateness in these two eating houses compared to ‘La Rose de blowholes ‘ .


There are assorted entertaining installations at the hotel. However, many of them are paying activities such as deep sea fishing charter ; sightseeing and Tourss around the island ; a twenty-four hours at the races ; Golf at Le Telfair Golf and Spa Resort. The hotel has to outsource the golf activity from Bel Ombre hotel and therefore charges a higher monetary value to the clients.Other amusements are available within Caudan waterfront but they are all paying.

These entertaining activities include: subject casino ; film ; trade markets. However, many clients complain that the hotel should supply a usher in order to profit from these amusements.


Employees, particularly senior employees require on the occupation preparation so that clients are served in a more professional manner. Those clients who want to see the nearby cardinal market and topographic points should be provided with a local usher so that they feel more secure. Restaurant inside the hotel should supply individualized services such as individualized dining suites for clients who are remaining together with their households. Some paying entertaining activities such as a twenty-four hours at races could be provided free of charge for clients so as retain them and better their trueness towards the hotel.

Quality circles are little group of staff, normally from the same work country, who meet at regular and voluntary footing. Management at the hotel can advance and promote more teamwork. The purpose of the quality circle and teamwork would be to work out jobs and do suggestions about how to better assorted facets of the concern. However, direction ensures that working and pay conditions are non discussed under the quality circles.


0 Quality

Quality is a structured procedure for bettering the end product produced. Different philosophers have been recognized as ‘father of quality ‘ and they have defined quality as:Fitness for purpose – Juran 1988.Conformity to demands – Crosby 1984.

The entirety of characteristics and features of a merchandise or service that bear on its ability to fulfill stated or implied demands – ISO 9000 Series Standards ( ISO 8402 or BS 4778 ) .A predictable grade of uniformity and dependableness, at low cost and suited to the market – Deming 1986.In order to accomplish or better quality, an organisation should avoid the undermentioned: defects and defectives ; non-conformance ; Mistakes ; Inconsistencies ; Delays ; Unreturned phone messages ; broken promises ; Frustrations among clients ; Redoing occupations ; Late or incorrect bringings ; hapless attitudes ; hapless motive among staff ; deficiency of trust in merchandises or services ; Friction between employees, directors, clients and providers.

Everyone sees quality as something different, but quality, in simplest of footings, can be defined as better ( Latta1994 ) . Quality to one individual may non be quality to another.


Figure 3 below shows how existent quality of service elf [ act on the hotel operations.

Labourdonnais hotel

Client OutCorsets for some yearss and enjoys the services provided by the hotel.Client InIN cubic decimeter OUTIf quality of service is appreciated by client. He/shewill come once more to the hotel in his/ her following visitMoves to a rival hotel following clip if client is non satisfied with the current quality of service.

Figure 3: Impact of current quality on clients.

As can be seen from figure 3, a client who stays some yearss in the hotel and if he/she is satisfied with the existent quality of service provided by the hotel, it is more likely that the client will come once more to the hotel in his following visit. Therefore the existent quality of service can better the trueness of the client. However, if the invitee is non satisfied with the service provided by the hotel, it is more likely that he/she will travel to a rival hotel following clip. The undermentioned current patterns exist at the hotel to better quality of service for clients:



There is a quality confidence at the hotel. Quality confidence is concerned with forestalling mistakes happening at the first topographic point. It is approximately systematically ‘getting things right first clip, every clip. ‘ The purpose of quality confidence at the hotel is to vouch that quality has been maintained at all times during the stay of the invitees. Another purpose for quality insurance is to halt jobs before they occur, for case, acquire things done justly and harmonizing to client demands so that they do n’t hold the chance for any ailments.



Since the hotel put in topographic point the quality confidence, it is committed to their clients. It tries to be antiphonal to alterations in client ‘s demands and outlooks. Customers are encouraged to show their positions on the services they have received during their stay at the hotel. This is done by publishing questionnaires to the clients and information from the filled questionnaire is used to place the strength and failings of the hotel ‘s operations. It is besides used to supervise and upgrade quality criterions. However, this is a short term step



The hotel adopts a kind of synergistic selling scheme that is, develop a good quality of customer-employee interaction. For case, an employee turn toing a client by his name or an employee maintaining an first-class relation with the invitees. Staff ever handles the ailment of clients at clip and in a cordial reception manner.


Benchmarking is a technique used by the hotel to assist it to detect the ‘best ‘ methods of service available and so follow them.

It adopts competitory benchmarking that is, comparing its services with the best existent rivals locally and internationally so that it can larn how to fit and even excel them at it. However, the chief job with competitory benchmarking is that it is hard to obtain and portion sensitive information of rivals.


Today, as competition and costs addition, and as productiveness and quality lessening, more service selling edification is needed. The undermentioned hereafter patterns are planned to be implemented at the hotel to better quality:


The hotel is be aftering to develop a differentiated offer, bringing and image because of intense competition.

It is be aftering to distinguish its services through inventions such as presenting saloon cabinet and Walk-in closet in other suites. However, the inquiry the monetary value charged might be addition. Furthermore, the hotel is besides working on distinguishing its image through symbols and stigmatization. For case, it can include an carnal as its symbol.


One manner the hotel will distinguish itself is by presenting systematically higher quality than its rivals. A company can non ever prevent service jobs. It is be aftering to follow a good service recovery that can turn angry clients into loyal 1s.

In add-on of supplying good services every clip, it will besides retrieve from service errors when they do occur. This can be done by authorising ( giving them on the occupation preparation ) front-line service employees – to give them the authorization, duty and inducements they need to acknowledge, care about and be given to consumer demands. Well trained staffs should be given the authorization to make whatever it takes, on the topographic point, to maintain guest happy. However, deputation of governments lies in the custodies of senior directors and the inquiry is that will they be ready to depute some governments to their subsidiaries.



With its costs lifting quickly, Labourdonnais hotel is under force per unit area to increase service productiveness. The employees need to be trained who will go more adept. A trained employee will supply a better service than those untrained.

However, developing should be provided to all degrees of employees so as non to make defeat among them.




The undermentioned recommendations are made in visible radiation of the undertaking and to better the services and fiscal place of the hotel in the hereafter:Labourdonnais Hotel should prehend chances of concern enlargement in Ebene, Highlands and Trianon and unfastened new subdivisions in these parts so as to keep its market portion.Supply preparation to all the employees and supply inducements such as calling development for those employees who follow preparation classs on a regular basis. Regular preparation will besides supply the clients with an updated service.

Management should advance teamwork and quality circles so that ailments from clients can be handled rapidly and solved in an synergistic manner.The hotel should cut down its costs through riddance of wastages by selling off its excess assets and equipment and by spliting the concern into cost centres. Therefore, each section has the best control over its cost and therefore cost and wastages could be reduced.

12.1 Decision

Traditional selling focused on pulling new clients instead than retaining bing 1s. Today, nevertheless, the accent is switching. Beyond planing schemes to pull new clients and create dealing with them, Labourdonnais hotel demand to retain current clients and construct permanent relationships with them. Mauritius is switching towards a service economic system and many concern people are going and coming to Mauritius for their concern personal businesss.

The market for concern hotel is traveling to spread out and Labourdonnais hotel can hold an first-class chance to emerge farther in this turning market.