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Organizational Change

Executive Summary:

This survey gives an overview of the organisation which was taken for survey.

This survey discusses the internal and external alterations that take topographic point in the Kuwait Oil Company. The external alterations that take topographic point outside the Kuwait Oil Company were found out to be proficient alterations, employment relationship and workplace communicating. Internal alteration factors are identified as Labour force tendencies and development in employment Torahs.

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The eight stairss in the alteration procedure are besides discussed in this survey.

This treatment includes the alterations that were caused by the followers:

  • Labour force tendencies
  • Development in employment Torahs
  • Workplace communicating
  • Technological alterations
  • The employment relation

Assorted alterations that can be adapted to do the Kuwait Oil Company as a successful one are discussed at the terminal of each subdivision. Training and communicating are the two factors which minimize the negative actions of the alteration.


External Environment Changes:

Labour force tendencies:

Changes in the employment jurisprudence:

Internal Environment alterations:

Workplace communicating:

Technological alterations:

The employment relationship:




Kuwait Oil Company came into being in twelvemonth 1934. The company is really an Anglo endeavor with the engagement of English and Middle East people in its set up. The company hence came into being with the joint attempts of BP or British Petroleum and Gulf Oil Corporation which is now called Chevron. The major activities of the company include oil geographic expedition, boring and development of good that extracts oil and natural gas from the Earth floor. The major portion of the production of the company goes in export to other states in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

At present the Kuwait authorities has complete 100 % interest and control over the Kuwait Oil Company. The company was taken over entirely by the authorities in twelvemonth 1975. This manner the company at nowadays is a entirely owned authorities endeavor.

The construction of the company is as follows.

( KuwaitOilCompany, 2014 )

External Environment Changes:

The things that happen outside an organisation is known as external factors.These external factors affect the internal map of a business.The aims and schemes of a concern can be affected by these external factors.External factors which affect the concern are listed below:

  • Social factor
  • Legal factor
  • Economic factor
  • Technical factor
  • Rivals

These external alterations can non be controlled by any organisation. ( Hillstrom, 2006 ) Labour force tendencies and alterations in the employment jurisprudence are the external factors we are traveling to discourse in this survey.

Labour force tendencies:

Any alteration in the labour force tendency can non be controlled by any organization.Kuwait Oil Company besides can non command the alterations that are ongoing in the labour force trends.The labour force tendency has a greater impact on the public presentation of Kuwait Oil Company.Each and every employee in an organisation does non possess the same age, instruction, accomplishment and gender.An organisation must hold the capacity to pull off these features in order to have maximal part and committedness from their employees. A extremely educated employee may non hold a required accomplishment to carry through a undertaking, in such instance it is the responsibility of the HR trough to steer and develop the employee to carry through the undertaking provided to him.Objectives of an organisation can non be achieved when an employee lacks certain accomplishments required for making a peculiar undertaking.

The HR section can efficaciously command the issues emerging from the labour force trends.The struggle between the human existences is inevitable because human existences are alone with their ain mindsets.These jobs stem from employee perceptual experiences about their work environment and struggle between an employee and organisational demands. It is the duty of the organisation to follow certain alterations to happen the solutions of this conflicts.With the aid of assorted attacks to occupation design like implementing realistic occupation prevues and by cut downing the employee’s function struggle, emphasis, work overload and ambiguity, the job caused due to labor tendencies can be efficaciously addressed ( DiCecio, 2008 ) .

The issues that emerged in Kuwait Oil Company due to labor force tendencies are discussed below:


  • Lack of accomplishments
  • When the employee gets promoted he may miss instruction making.
  • Abrasion rate

Solutions to the issues caused due to labor force tendencies are discussed below:

Kuwait Oil Company can follow a proper HR policy.Performance assessment can be used to reexamine the public presentation of employees working for Kuwait Oil Company.Based on the consequences of public presentation assessment plan employees can be given developing to accomplish their personal ends every bit good as organisational ends and objectives.Attrition rate in the Kuwait Oil Company is due to the retirement of senior employees every bit good as surrender of other employees.A suited enlisting policy can be adopted by the employees to shut the vacancies that arise due to the retirement every bit good as surrender of employees of the Kuwait Oil Corporation.

Changes in the employment jurisprudence:

A little alteration in the employment jurisprudence affects the public presentation of the organisation to a greater extent.Based on the employment jurisprudence HR section can take attention of the alterations to be done in the Kuwait Oil Company.HR section can revise the contract of each employees based on the alterations that are implemented in the employment law.It is the responsibility of the HR section to look into out the working conditions and safety steps of the Kuwait Oil Company. The HR section must guarantee the safety degree of the employees.The HR section checks the enlisting to the retirement procedure is as specified by the employment jurisprudence of Kuwait. Compensation to the employees is given as per the employment jurisprudence.

As per the employment jurisprudence of Kuwait, the HR section of Kuwait oil Company must give precedence to the Kuwait subjects in the enlisting procedure. The footings and conditions present in contract are based on the employment jurisprudence of the employment jurisprudence of Kuwait. Proper communicating channel can be used to pass on about the recent development in the employment Torahs to the empoloyees.Changes in the policies of the organisations due to the employment jurisprudence must be communicated to the employees.When there is a alteration in the employment jurisprudence sing the safety and security steps it is the duty of the Kuwait Oil Company to implement these changes.When there is a alteration in the policy related to salary, Kuwait Oil Company direction identifies the alteration and take necessary stairss to implement the alteration in their organisation.

Internal Environment alterations:

The alterations in the internal environment are proactive and occur due to organization’s ain policies. Internal forces for alteration come from the organization.Some internal alterations are:

  • Technology alterations
  • Workplace communicating
  • Employment relationship

Workplace communicating:

Communication normally means transmittal of normally meaningful information.Communication in work topographic point may be either unwritten communicating or written communicating. ( Von, 2013 )

Communication map in organisations:

Communication is the figure one tool in organizations.It is the most powerful tool and important feature of adult male kind.Nothing will go on without communication.Sucess of any direction depends more on their ability to pass on with labour.Communication is nil but the procedure of substituting facts, position points and thoughts between individual placed in different places by effectual communication.Effective communicating merely will take the squad to work satisfactorily in the organisation. ( Von, 2013 )


For guaranting good coordinations, communicating is a must.Most of the jobs for human occur due to miss of communication.Communication is the procedure of initiating, conveying and having information.Among these three phases, if any one deficiencies, decidedly it will take to misconstruing of construct. ( Von, 2013 )

There are a figure of ideas and constructs related to communicating. The procedure of communications includes the undermentioned stairss that are followed by Kuwait Oil Company.

From the above diagram it is clear that the message from sender gets encoded and so sent through the message channel. Thereafter on making the right topographic point it is decoded and so received by the appropriate individual. The message receiver largely gives the feedback. It should be noticed here that any intervention is the whole procedure should stay out and should non upset the whole procedure.

Need for communicating:

  • To set up and dispersed ends of an endeavor widely.
  • To develop programs for farther accomplishment.
  • To form human and other resources in the most effectual and efficient manner.
  • To take, direct, motivate and make a good working environment. ( Von, 2013 )

Communication flow in the organisation:

Communication flows in three waies in the Kuwait Oil Company.They are:

  • Downward communicating
  • Upward communicating
  • Horizontal or sidelong communicating

Down communicating:

In this type the information is sent from the higher degree to the lower level.The communicating may be unwritten or written type.Oral communications are instructions, addresss, meetings, telephone, speaker units and written communications are memoranda, missive, enchiridions, booklets, policy statements, processs and electronic intelligence display.Sometimes information may loss as it comes down the concatenation of bid and it consumes move time.So feedback system is necessary for this type of communicating. ( Von, 2013 )

In the Kuwait Oil Company communicating flows downward when the superior gives direction about the work to be done by the subordinate.When the direction pass on their aims and policies to the subsidiaries we can see a downward flow of communicating.

Upward communicating:

Upward communicating flows from subsidiaries to superior as per organizational hierarchy.There is a opportunity of go throughing irrelevant information to their boss.The information may be modified or filtered from existent think.The top degree direction can cognize about the production public presentation, selling information and fiscal informations and so on.This upward communicating is chiefly applicable for participative and democratic organization.The informations may be in the signifier of suggestion, entreaty and grudges, ailments, guidance, group meeting, open-door policy, morale questionnaires, issue interviews and ombuds individual. ( Von, 2013 )

In the upward communicating the subsidiaries give feedback about their higher-ups. In the Kuwait Oil Company the informations may be in the signifier of suggestion, entreaty and grudges, ailments, guidance, group meeting, open-door policy, morale questionnaires, issue interviews and ombuds individual.

Horizontal or sidelong communicating:

The information is passed between the same degree of organization.This type of communicating is chiefly implemented in peed-flow information.It helps to better apprehension of information and to organize towards the direction goal.In Kuwait Oil Company sidelong communicating is followed between sections.

Communication can be either unwritten or written.Written communicating is go throughing of information in composing from one individual to another through postings, handbills, cusps, etc.In unwritten communicating information is passed on orally from one individual to another.It can be done by face to face, in meetings or by telephone etc. ( Von, 2013 )

Barriers to effectual communicating in Kuwait Oil Company:

Following are the barriers for effectual communicating:

  • Physical barriers
  • Personal barriers
  • Organizational barriers
  • Semantic barriers
  • Mechanical barriers

Physical barriers:

It includes physical distance, deflecting noises and other interferences.Difficulty in passing of message chiefly increases with addition in physical distance.

Personal barriers:

It arrives from motivations, attitudes, opinion and emotions.Finally it leads to psychological distances.It may be caused due to jobs in encoding and decrypting others sentiments, attitudes and motivations.

Organizational barriers:

Normally information flows through hierarchal construction in organisation in downward communication.So, there are many opportunities of information being filtered.

Semantic barriers:

It refers to the relationship of marks to their reference.It arises due to restrictions of the symbolic system.Symbols may make a person’s encephalon through any of the senses such as feeling or hearing.Generally, symbols may be classified as linguistic communication, image or action. ( Von, 2013 )

Mechanical barriers:

It includes unequal agreement for transmittal of intelligence, facts and figures, hapless office layout, faulty process as and patterns.

Following regulations can be followed for effectual communicating in Kuwait Oil Company:

  • The information to be passed must be simple and clear.
  • A two manner communicating channel can be created.
  • A common turn and relationship to open liqueur can be developed.
  • A proper clip can be chosen to present the message.
  • Regular feedback can be taken from the subsidiaries by the higher-ups.
  • Empathic hearing can be induced by Kuwait Oil Company.
  • Try to develop flexibleness and custom-make the message harmonizing to the demand of the audience.

Technological alterations:

The Technological alterations include the coming of new engineerings, new merchandises and services and assorted other inventions. The technological advancement has a serious impact on the organizational alteration. The administration alteration therefore requires to be made as per the competitory technological alteration in the industry. The usage of latest machines, high end products, more assortment and assorted other characteristics demands to be added in the production procedure so as to do the merchandise and service. Inability to convey about the technological alteration would ensue in no orders for the company, relatively lesser end product and lesser net incomes for the administration. Therefore brining technological alteration is the demand of the hr so as to contend back competition and sustain in the concern. Furthermore the technological ascents bring with them high quality, high end product and proves to be more cost effectual. Therefore administration in hunt of all the above characteristics need to convey technological ascents so as to better its place in the industry and convey itself to a comfy degree of concern and thereon net income borders. ( Bakker & A ; Schaufeli, 2008 ) .Both fabricating and service organisations are progressively utilizing engineering as a agency to better productiveness and market fight.

Kuwait Oil Company uses engineering at the bottom degree of direction to the high degree of direction. Technology is used in refinement and besides in determination devising process.Technology alteration include a alteration in the job resolution and determination devising attack and altering service methods.When the Kuwait Oil Company implement new engineering, employees are non cognizant of the new technology.So the direction of Kuwait Oil Company can supply a preparation to their employee in transporting out their work with the aid of new technology.Kuwait Oil Company can engage good trained professionals and applied scientists to rectify the mistakes that occur in their refinement machines and information engineering used by them.By utilizing advanced engineering Kuwait Oil Company can accomplish its ends and objectives.It can be besides able to bring forth quality merchandises to its clients.

The employment relationship:

Employment relationship is the legal nexus shared by the employer and the employee.The relationship between the employer and employee is based on common dependence. It is the responsibility of every employer to handle their employee with proper respect.We can witness struggle and jobs in organisations with good policies. Employment relationship can be affected by the followers:

  • Transgressing the employment understanding
  • Disputes over application of an understanding
  • Unfair bargaining
  • Conformity with the employment jurisprudence
  • Management manner
  • Communication
  • Arrearss of rewards

In order to forestall greater loss these jobs must be solved at the initial phase or else it may do greater loss to both the employees and the employers. ( development, 2005 )

The employer and the employee can seek to work out the differences between them before taking the aid of Employment Relation Authority. In Kuwait Oil Company, the common job that occurs in the employment relation is the breach of employment jurisprudence. In such state of affairs the employer can discourse with the trade brotherhood of to screen out the issues if the issue could non be settled they can seek the aid of the Employment relation authority.The employment relation can be besides affected by the work topographic point conflicts.Workplace struggles include wage, working hours, public presentation issues, different ends, misconstruing between the employer and the employee, issues sing work load, profession, wellness and safety and degree of cooperation. ( development, 2005 )

The issues which change the equation of employment relationship are issues related to working hours, work load issues and misconstruing between the employees and employers due to salary.The following methods can be adopted to screen out the issues that arise due to the employment relationship:

  • Keeping proper communicating channel to cut down misinterpretation.
  • Hiring more workers to cut down the work load and working hours of the bing employees.


Rapid alteration in the engineering besides affects the concern procedure. . In this survey alterations such as work force tendencies, developments in employment jurisprudence, workplace communicating, technological alteration and employment relation. Labour force tendencies are identified as age, instruction, skill degree and gender of employees. The issues which arise due to labor force tendencies were found out to be deficiency of accomplishment and instruction and high retirement rates. These issues can be avoided by supplying proper preparation to the employees. Any development or alterations in the employment Torahs can be implemented with the aid of HR section. The communicating in the Kuwait Oil Company is affected due to physical barriers such as noisy transmittal and incompatibility in communicating. These issues can be avoided by following an effectual communicating method.


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