Organization behaviour of microsoftThis paper is set to research on some organizational concepts and how they have been used to make organizations successful in the world. My research will be centered on Microsoft Company. This company was set up to improve and increase the speed of communication through out the world.

From a noble idea, Microsoft has expanded and made the world to be a global village. This is because it has evolved through time to cater for the needs of the end user. One of the major aspects that can be attributed to its growth is communication to its customers. Communication is a very essential tool in the growth of any corporation. Since the making of the first product, the management and staff at Microsoft always listened to the clients. After getting their problems, the staff expressed empathy and tried to get solutions to their problems. This was carried out after careful thinking and planning of how to solve these problems. After which they gave a feedback to the clients.

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In this way, they were enabled to create a better system of communication. This also encouraged them to look for more solutions and increased their inventiveness and creativity.[1] They have also used diplomacy while handling their clients. Most people found it hard to use the first internet but due to frequent feedbacks from the software developer they were able to get onto the right track. The Microsoft packages have been translated into different languages like Arabic, French and even the more native Kiswahili. This has made communication more easily and subsequently increasing the number of customers. As the corporation grew, they frequently have indulged in the use of   communication mix. This is the use of marketing communication tools to promote a product.

This is done in order to stimulate scales. The corporation has used the pre-existing software to advertise on the latest versions of its software developments. The main aim of this advertising has been to change customers’ unawareness on its products and make them adopt the latest versions actively.

They have used various forms of advertising. This includes the media, global news networks like BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), CNN (Cable News Network) and local media in other countries. Also written literatures like magazines, books and journals have been used. In America, large billboards are used to advertise the latest software that has been developed by Microsoft.

 Promotions and launching of the new products is usually done. This increases the publicity of the products. In the event of advertising, the distinctiveness of the product is expressed to the customer. The credibility of the product is established and this encourages potential customers to buy the product.

The customers are also familiarized with the product and also informed about the specific features of the product. The organization has also made sales promotions of its new products by giving out free samples, giving pack bargains like three packs for the price of two and also carrying out of temporary price reductions. Bill Gates has also written some books about the future of technology and how it will change our lives. This book   gives advice to the users of the Microsoft software.

In his book, Road Ahead, Gates has informed the clients how they have information at their fingertips and the essence of technology. It also motivates other clients to try and develop new products and take technology to new heights.[2] The organizational culture in Microsoft has ensured that those embers of the system share the meaning of the organization. This is what has distinguished this organization from any other. This organizational culture has been passed down from the first employees through informing them on the history of the company, its downfalls, the problems it experienced and how they were solved. There are also rituals that are done like rewarding of employees with the shares and other awards so that they can feel part of the organization. In this way, it has determined the employees’ behavior and led to the achievement of the company’s goals.

 The organizational culture in this company is open and flexible. The leadership system used is democratic. All the workers are given great opportunities. This is in order to increase the job autonomy. This opportunities also lead to unlocking of potentials from within and so the creation and exploration of new ideas. The founder of Microsoft Bill Gates has been taking responsibility whenever things have gone wrong. In this way he has shown empathy to the customer’s situation. He has also tried to plan and build consensus with other organizations.

He has also not used the position and influence that the organization has in the society to influence neither public nor private affairs. He also as a leader has provided timely advice to the governing boards and has participated fully in development of some of their software. In the past, he has been involved in serious talks in other countries with leaders and legislators. In the ethics section, the leaders have been nonpartisan.

This has led to the appreciation of their products by the public. They have also avoided in engagement of any outside activity that will discredit the organization and make it loose clients. The organization has a close knit communication system. This enables free flow of information.

He has also made the affairs of the company available to the public sector, the state and the nongovernmental organizations.[3] As a leader he has always gathered all the facts before making any decisions. The decisions made in Microsoft are made after having views from the board. This is usually reached through consensus building with the board and the staff.

This is done so as to avoid conflict and also get both sides of the argument. They also seek options from the affected customers before making some decisions. This is part of the package in making their software user-friendly. Through this, the Microsoft employees work as a team and give attention to the customers and thus increasing the customer base. One of the most important values that this organization has is giving back to the society. They have sponsored college students, given out antiretroviral to different nations and also given out to the poor. This has really improved the image of the Microsoft Corporation worldwide. As a team, the employees usually go through training sessions.

These are done to increase team building and make them more aggressive. They are also taught on innovation and risk taking. There are also professional development training that is carried out .this is to help one in advancing his career as he works with the corporation. They also go through brainstorming sessions .this has made the organization to be more of customer focused.

 Whenever changes are supposed to be effected in the Microsoft Corporation, the employees are usually informed. More often, the managerial staff has been involved in negotiating with various departments so that the change can be carried out smoothly without any hassles. If force is used, the resistance to the adaptation to change is very high.

To make the changes fast, the employees are   promised rewards like a pay increase or allocation of more shares. This is done to entice most of them from resisting from change. [4] The employees are usually involved in planning the change process. This is done through educating them on the effects of the change and how it will affect them that are both positively or negative impacts on their socio-economic. Incase of job loss, they are informed earlier on the criteria going to be used and if possible those who are going to be affected can search for other jobs earlier.

 Before changes occur, the employees are educated on the need for change.this is through verbal communication whenever they go for meetings. They are also trained so that they may be able to cater for the change. They are also given resources that will enable them to adjust to the change. This includes financial and moral support. The mangers at different levels then address why the change maybe it is for creation of different products for the customer that will make the corporation more profitable.

The employees are thus usually given ample time to adjust to the new changes. Like in the case of change of directors and other senior officers, the employees are usually informed before the changes are carried out. The corporation has a great capital base. This has been evident as it participates through the mergers and acquisitions that have   made it more aggressive in the market and setting the pace for competition. Because it has got a great capital base, its shares have also done well on the stock markets.

More people have bought its share making the company to broaden its operating capita and also increase its profitability. Due to this great capital base, the company carries out its advertising without many hindrances. The publicity programs are well established because they are equipped financially. This corporation has great public relations which have been aggressively used to market some of its products without involving the use of so much capital.

The corporation has a lot of capital that is usually used to create new technology and more software systems. Because they have a big operating capital, they are able to buy new technology that makes production and synthesis of new products fast. The large capital base has also made it possible for the organization to hire new skilled workers who have taken innovation and creativity of the company to a new height. They are also able to transport their computers to markets outside the US fast. They are also able to compensate those who have had fires.

In 2006, Microsoft recalled laptops whose batteries were faulty and had caused damage to the users by sparking fires. The owners were subsequently compensated by the company. The company has also sponsored big events like the America baseball teams. This has really furnished its image as a company that takes part in the corporate responsibility. The workers are motivated by participating in decision making of the company. They are allotted shares of the company. This encourages them to work hard because they feel that they are part of the company. Also those who have worked with dedication for the company are given promotions.

They are also given pay rises and given more paid holidays. They are also guaranteed job security. This has greatly increased the stability of the company. During annual meetings, those that worked exceptionally well are given awards like cars and other accessories. Whenever someone has gone wrong or leaked information tough measures are taken and the disciplinary actions are not so severe that they affect the morale of the other workers. The working conditions given to the employees are sometimes not friendly. The employees are usually assigned semi private offices where a pair of developers work or a single developer works.

A report carried out by the Seattle Times in 1989 described the company employees as “velvet sweat shops”. They are overworked and this could affect their health.[5]  In the human resource sector, Microsoft Corporation has a motto that really makes it look “gluttonous”. This company has a motto of “embrace, extend and extinguish”.

It usually embraces or takes a competing standard or product from the competing companies. It then develops a better form of it and finally extinguishes the products off the other company. In this way it has dominated the market in a very bad way and killed competition. This is made possible because they have a big capital base.

This also denies the customers variety.[6] The company has also failed in the security side. It has joined Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA).this has imposed more security and privacy in a user’s computer. This discourages software developers from enforcing any change over their software.  Richard Stallman, Founder of Free Software Foundation says that “Large media corporations, together with computer companies such as Microsoft and Intel, are planning to make your computer obey them instead of you” Also on the security issues Rob Pegoraro of the Washington post says that due to windows leaving five internet ports open for various running services, malware has an easier time and this has compromised the system.

This has made Microsoft to make a better version that has a security overhaul with anti-phishing hardware and installed malware prevention technology.[7][1][2] Gates Bill; The Road Ahead; Penguin Books Limited,1996[3] G. Hofsted; Cultures and Organization; McGraw-Hill, 2005.

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