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Moses was a man who most of the time followed what God said to him. Moses wrote 5 books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, but he was only in Exodus. The name Exodus means to exit and Moses helped the children of Israel exit out of Egypt.

Moses was born during the Jewish enslavement in Egypt, during a terrible period when Pharaoh decrees that all male Hebrew infants are to be drowned at birth. His mom was Jochebed and his father was Amram. They were from the tribe of Levi.Jochebed hid Moses for three months but then she figured out that she couldn’t hide him anymore so she made him a basket for him to float in so then Pharaoh’s men wouldn’t kill him. She made an ark of bulrushes, and daubed it with slime and with pitch and that was what Moses was in going down the Nile River. She put the ark in the water hoping that someone would find him and raise him properly.

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She sent Moses’ sister to watch to see who picked up Moses. Pharaoh’s daughter found Moses in his basket while she was bathing in the river. She sent one of her maid woman to go and get the ark so she can see what it was.

When Pharaoh’s daughter saw the baby inside she felt sorry for Moses, because she knew he was a Hebrew child. He was also crying when she opened the basket. Pharaoh’ daughter named the child Moses which means “I drew him out”. Miriam, Moses’ sister, came out of the bushes and asked Pharaoh’s daughter if she needed a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby till the baby was old enough not to be nursed.

So Miriam took Moses to his original mother. Moses fled to Median because he murdered an Egyptian soldier. He stayed there for 40 years and while he was in Median working for his father-in-law.Moses was doing his normal work as a shepherd when he noticed something very unusual. He saw a bush burning while he was doing his normal work as a shepherd. He went to go check what was going on and he saw the angel of the Lord (that was what God was referred to in that time) and the Lord said to him “Moses! Moses! and Moses said “Here I am”” God said to Moses that he shouldn’t take any more steps closer because he was standing on holy ground, and he told Moses to take off his sandals for the same reason as not to come any closer. God said “I am the Go of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Jacob. As soon as Moses heard that his face was on the ground because he was afraid to look at God’s face because he didn’t think he was worthy to.

To sum the rest of the burning bush story up God talked to Moses about the children of Israel and how they were crying for help. So then Moses accepted the “mission” or task then he went and saved the people. Moses was 80 years old when he went to save the children of Israel out of Egypt.

Moses is known for delivering the Israelites out of Egypt and taking them to the Promise Land but not actually making it there because he sinned against God and God got angry.Moses was a very righteous man and he mostly followed what God told him to do and exactly what he was told. A wise choice that he made was actually accepting the duty to go and save the people of Israel out of Egypt and taking them to the promise land so they would be free. He was very humble, he showed this when he was raised in an Egyptian home but didn’t think of himself as better than the slaves but he felt there pain which led to him murdering an Egyptian soldier. He murdered the soldier because the soldier was treating an Israelite badly.

I think that Moses pleased God by actually going back to Egypt to get the people, but it its more impressive that he went back because he was a murderer in that country. A reward that he got from God was the safety from Pharaoh because God could have just left Moses and Pharaoh would have killed Moses on the spot. Some positive attributes that Moses had that I would like are being wise, making the right decision in hard situations ,humility, knowing when to talk about your personal life and when not to, and following what God said when it came to the miracles.I would like to have his attribute of being wise because when he made the right decision God blessed him greatly, and I would like to be blessed by God. I would also like to have the attribute of humility because he was humble and he made it through life without being badly hurt because of not being humble, I would like that because if you aren’t humble your arrogance will get in the way of me and God’s relationship. I learn that with the right decisions and being humble will help my relationships with God and other people.Some mistakes that Moses made in his life time were he tried to get around getting the children of Israel out of Egypt, when God told Moses just to talk to the rock to get water he decided to hit it. Hitting the rock and not just talking to it cost him seeing the Promise Land or Canaan.

He was very disobedient when it came to the rock water situation. It didn’t please God because He gave Moses specific instructions a bout how to get the water out of the rock but Moses just went and disobeyed Him and that probably made Him really angry that’s why he didn’t grant him entrance to Canaan.From Moses’ mistakes I learn that listening to God and following his simple instructions will really help my life in the long run and not listening to God will cause my life to be really hard. Moses was referred to in the New Testament in Hebrews 11:23 “By faith Moses, when he had grown up, refused to be known as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter.

” This verse is showing me that Moses was a very humble man and that he never really separated himself from his origin. He is also referred to in Matthew 23:2 “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. This verse is showing me that Moses was a really important person in the Jewish peoples’ history and all Christians. One of Moses’ most famous miracles were the ten plagues. The first one was water turns to blood this was when all the water in Egypt was blood. All of the fish in the bodies of waters are killed and the Egyptians are too scared to drink from the river because it smelt so bad. The second one was frogs, this was when God caused frogs to come up abundantly from the river and these frogs then enter the people’s houses, their bedchambers, on the people themselves, into their ovens, and into their kneading bowls.The third one was lice, and that was when God told Moses to have Aaron stretch out his rod and strike the dust of the land so that it may become lice throughout the land.

The lice fell on both man and beast. The fourth one was flies, this was when A swarm of flies that will come upon all of the Egyptians and into their houses. These flies come into all of the Pharaoh’s houses, into his servant’s houses and over all of the land. The fifth one was Pestilence on the livestock, this was when all of their cattle, horses, donkeys, camels, oxen and sheep to be stricken with a pestilence that kills all of them dead on the spot.The sixth one was boils; this was when God told Moses to tell Aaron to take a handful of ashes from a furnace and to scatter it toward all of Egypt causing boils and sores to break out on all the men and beasts.

The seventh one was hail, and this was when God caused heavy hail to rain down on every man and every beast that is not brought inside. In addition to the hail, God also caused fire to mingle with the hail. The eighth one was locusts, and that was when God caused lots of locusts to come and eat all the plants.The ninth one was Darkness, and this was when God told Moses to stretch out his hand toward heaven and this then causes complete darkness to cover the entire land of Egypt. This thick darkness lasts for three days. People could not even see one another nor could anyone rise from their place because they could not see even one inch in front of their faces. The last one was the death of the first born; this was when God told His people to sprinkle the blood of a blemish free lamb on their door posts in order to keep this angel of death from killing their firstborn. At midnight, this angel would Passover the houses with blood around their doors.

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