Outline of the Assignment:1.0 Introduction1.

1   Backgroundof the formation of the structure of local government authority ie the processof reform which took place within the country1.2   Theexplanation on how governance is practiced at LGAs countywide1.3   Governanceelements prevailed in the selected Mtaa 2.0  MainBody2.

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1   Theoriesgoverning Mtaa structure and governance Thispart will elaborate theories that governing the Street in Tanzania and globalperspective the argument will be raised as per the reflection of therealities  2.2   Legalframework for the existence of Mtaa levelThis part will elaborate the existing Act,Regulation and procedures available for guiding structure and governance andits familiarities to the communities will be the guide the discussion2.3   Communityawareness of the Mtaa structureTheclear practicability of the guiding theoretical framework to the communitieswill be explored within the Mtaa Level 2.4     Involvement of the Citizen to the Decision ofMtaa LevelTheories available for the citizen involvement andits applicability at Mtaa Level. Arguments if there is the existence fullcommunity’s involvement or engagement in policy implementation and formulation/is there proper documentation which support participation of the citizen onaction taken concerning their daily life within Mtaa level2.5   Proceduresfor Accountability at Mtaa LevelThis part will look on what are the procedures knownby the community or leader for accountability? Finding out if there is anyleader who held accountable in the past five years for the action/ decisions/he made within the Mtaa level2.6   Effectivenessof the Mtaa Assembly Thispart will look on the practicability of the decision made by the villageAssembly, Availability of last record of the assembly, what are therequirements of the law, who are the members  2.7   Factorsportray good governance  at Mtaa levelWhat are the opinions of the communities toward goodgovernance