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What is Outsourcing in context to pharmaceutical industry?

The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) indicates in its counsel for Industry, Quality Systems Approach to Pharmaceutical Regulations that “ Outsourcing involves a 2nd party under a contract to execute the operational procedures that are a portion of a maker ‘s built-in duties. ”

Why do companies outsource?

Increase Core Competency – Core competence means a merchandise from a company which provides benefits to the clients, it is non easy to copy by the rivals and is a point of difference for the company with regard to its rivals.Outsourcing helps to increase the merchandise scope of the company.

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Sometimes cost of production is high in a state, therefore to convey the cost of production down, it is advisable to outsource. Take China for illustration ; where labour cost is low, hence companies outsource the production to China.Outsourcing besides reduces the clip taken by a merchandise to be launched in the market.

As the pharmaceutical industry is being globalised, it is better to bring forth the drug near the market and therefore outsource. For illustration ; if a drug has to be circulated in India, so the drug fabrication for India is outsourced to India.Companies need non setup installation and have dedicated resources for something whose demand is variable.

They can outsource the fabrication work and pay as per their demands.They can avail the service of extremely skilled and educated labour at a lower cost.Companies can hold faster entree to latest engineerings and procedures followed by outsourcing to the Clinical Resource Organization ( CROs ) in the low cost states like India and China and hence minimize the investings in capital-intensive installations.

Global Scenario

The pharmaceutical companies universe over are now doing Outsourcing a portion of their scheme to run into the new challenges posed by increased competition and globalisation.

To stay competitory, companies are concentrating on their nucleus competencies and outsourcing other activities. These activities include Contract Research, Drug Recovery and Development, Manufacturing, Managing clinical informations, back office maps. There are other organisation maps which are considered to be outsourced like Payroll, logistics, procurance and distribution.

The costs of fabrication and for Research and Development in developed states have increased. Whereas states like India and China provide extremely skilled labour and province of the humanistic disciplines installations at much lower cost comparison to that in developed states.Outsourcing study done by CONTRACT PHARMA organisation reveals that this twelvemonth 44 % respondents to the study indicated that their disbursement on outsourcing increased comparison to that of old twelvemonth. Whereas 34 % respondents indicated that their disbursement on outsourcing is traveling to be less than old twelvemonth.The study besides revealed the tendency that 54 % of top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the universe are traveling to pass more on Outsourcing this twelvemonth comparison to old twelvemonth, whereas the figure is 40 % for medium and little size companies.

This indicates that big companies are passing more on outsourcing to be able to concentrate on their nucleus competences and being more competitory.The chart below reveals that 45 % of the companies outsource their work to be able to concentrate on their nucleus competences.List of 10 Best Outsourcing Companies in the universe compiled by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals ( IAOP ) :CorbusCPA GlobalIntelligroupJohnson ControlsJones Lang LaSalleNair & A ; Co.

PAREXEL InternationalSynygyTEKsystems Global ServicesWicresoft

Indian Scenario

Indian pharmaceutical companies are extremely active in Contract Research and Manufacturing Services ( CRAMS ) and Custom Manufacturing Services ( CMO ) sections.Pharma companies like Cipla pharmaceutical, Piramal health care, Sun drug company, Ranbaxy drug company, Zydus Cadila, Torrent Pharma, Divi ‘s Laboratories, Indoco Remedies, Dr Reddy ‘s research labs, Alkem, Lupin, Alembic and about all participants in the industry have been really active in CRAM activities. This is because of the ability to make a differentiating cost proposition driven by its cheaper fabrication costs, strong proficient know-how and skilled work force and besides the being of more than 80 United States nutrient and drug disposal ( FDA ) approved fabrication installations, this makes India the lone state outside the US to hold the highest FDA certified fabrication installations.India is the fastest turning CMO finish with a growing rate of 43 per centum which is three times the planetary market rate and the industry top analysts predict that CMO concern may lift to $ 7-8 billion in the following four to five old ages as it is turning at 35 to 40 per centum over the following two old ages.


Most of the Pharmaceutical companies across the universe are looking towards India and outsourcing the drug devising procedure. Now, allow ‘s expression at some facts and figures as to why are they outsourcing? Indian pharmaceutical industry is 4th largest in footings of volume and 13th largest in footings of value. In over 60 curative classs with over 60000 trade names, the market portion comes near to USD 5bn. India is the state with inexpensive labour due to its population and besides has universe category installations and expertness in fabrication of drugs and therefore without haltering the quality of the drug, mass production can be brought into image.

This reduces the cost of production to a great extent. Study says that at least 35 % of the drugs used in the US are manufactured in India.All this happened after the Indian Patent Act of 1970. This act removed the merchandise patents in the agro-chemical, pharmaceutical and nutrient processing sectors, therefore fixing of patent drugs in India became legal. Due to this, the enterprisers of India lawfully reversed the technology works, change the fabrication procedure and by base on balls the patents and therefore holding no research and development cost to retrieve, could sell the same drug at a much lower cost than the monetary value of the original drug. India began to follow the World Trade Organization ‘s Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights ( WTO-TRIPS ) understanding and acknowledged merchandise rights after the alteration of the Indian Patent Act in January 2005.

From the twelvemonth 2007 to 2008, the Indian pharmaceutical market has grown over 4 % and therefore making a new high of USD 7,734m. It has been estimated that the market will maintain on lifting at a rate of 13.2 % from 2009 boulder clay 2014 and can make a new high of USD 15,490m by 2014.Another ground for the engagement of the planetary pharmaceutical companies is due to the huge growing position furnished by the aged population, developing patent system and other socio-economic grounds.

Challenges for India

aˆ? The pharmaceutical industry in India is overregulated.

This may halter new participants coming into market and bing participant ‘s growing.aˆ?Ethicality of tests is besides an issue.aˆ? Inadequate financess and deficiency of infrastructural installations required to go a planetary leader in health care.

Top Pharmaceutical companies in India



Employee turnover ( as in 2007 )

1Ranbaxy LabsRs 4,198.96 crore2Dr. Reddy ‘s LabsRs 4,162.

25 crore3CiplaRs 3,763.72 crore4Sun PharmaceuticalsRs 2,463.59 crore5Lupin LabsRs 2,215.52 crore6Aurobindo PharmaRs 2,080.

19 crore7GlaxoSmithKlineRs 1,773.41 crore8Cadila HealthcareRs 1,613.00 crore9Aventis PharmaRs 983.80 crore10Ipca LabsRs 980.

44 croreRanbaxy Laboratories – This is the India ‘s biggest pharmaceutical fabrication company, keeping 8th place among the planetary generic pharmaceutical companies. Ranbaxy has global presence in 48 states and this includes universe category fabrication installations in 10 states. This company ‘s India operations are a strong force in a figure of take parting curative sections, for illustration Anti-infectives, Statins, Dermatology and Pain Management.

This is a public listed company and Ranbaxy India is besides a member of Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance ( IPA ) & A ; Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India ( OPPI ) .Dr. Reddy ‘s Labs – The company has a big figure of active pharmaceutical ingredients around 60 to fabricate diagnostic kits drugs, critical attention merchandises and biotechnology merchandises. The company has 6 FDA workss that produces active- drug company ingredients and it has 16 world-class fabrication installations of which 9 have a long history of regular USFDA reviews. With an one-year capacity of nine billion tablets/ capsules a twelvemonth, dedicated to serving the more regulated markets, one of the finished doses installations is among the largest in Asia. The company installations are designed in such a manner that the works can respond to a broad scope of engineerings unwritten solids, injectibles, topicals, inhalators, cytotoxic, hormonals and other dose forms.. Such fabrication capablenesss and the proficient expertness to voyage rational belongings route blocks make it a preferable spouse for some of the universe ‘s prima pharmaceutical companies.

Cipla – This is an Indian pharmaceutical company reputed for the industry of low cost anti -AIDS drugs. The company ‘s merchandise scope consists of vermifuges, oncology, anti-bacterials, cardiovascular drugs, antibiotics, nutritionary addendums, anti-ulcerants, anti-asthmatics and corticoids. The company besides offers different services like quality control, technology, undertaking assessment, works supply, consulting, commissioning and know-how transportation, support.

Glaxo Smithkline -This is a UK based drug company company and it is the universe ‘s 2nd biggest pharmaceutical company. The company ‘s drug company merchandises portfolio includes oncology, vaccinums, anti-infectives, cardinal nervous system, respiratory and gastro-intestinal/metabolic merchandises among others. FDA had announced in the month of nov,09 that the H1N1 vaccinum manufactured by GSK would fall in the list of the four vaccinums approved.The following tabular array indicates the size of the market, market portion of major pharmaceutical companies and the growing rate year-on-year footing for the twelvemonth ended 2009.


Size ( $ Billion )

Market Share ( % )

Growth Rate ( % )





313.4Ranbaxy0.34511.5Glaxo Smithkline0.294.3-1.

2Piramal Healthcare0.273.911.7Zydus Cadila0.243.

66.8The followers are the taking Indian CRO ‘s ( Contract Research Organisations ) :GVK Biosciences,SyngeneSai Advantium andAccutest.The followers are the top Indian companies, which offers contract services every bit good as behaviors their ain internal drug findDr. Reddy ‘s LabsNicholas PiramalAdvinus TherapeuticssJubilant BiosysSuven Life Sciences and

In-House Offshore Initiatives to India


Work Done and Future Plans

GSKaˆ? Emphasis on collaborative research work with UK.aˆ? R & A ; D has already started for development of autochthonal engineerings for new drugs and procedure betterments of old drugs.aˆ? Started constructing its in house capacity for clinical research in 2004 and programs to foster it in the subsequent old ages.aˆ? Indentifying institutes in India for long term coactions.

Pfizeraˆ? Plans to do India the premier R & A ; D Hubaˆ? Has invested more than 13 million $ in India in assorted sections of psychopathology, malignant neoplastic disease, infective disease, etc.aˆ? Has conducted over 20 clinical surveies so farAventisaˆ? Plans to do India an research hub and displacement major portion of its planetary R & A ; D operations to Indiaaˆ? Plans to do India a base for clinical development in cardiovascular, diabetes and oncology sectionsAstraZenecaaˆ? Has prisoner Centre at Bengaluru, set up in 2001 to detect new drugs for the intervention of Terbiumaˆ? Plans to scale up the operations in Indiaaˆ? Plans to do India the base for clinical development for asthma related drugs, cardio-vascular and oncology.

SWOT Analysis



Low cost of production.Efficient cost effectual engineerings for big figure of GenericsClinical research and tests in first procedure development labs and holding non-infringing procedures of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients ( APIs )Government- Increasing liberalisation of authorities policies.Large pool of skilled, low cost proficient work forceHigh-quality preparations, drugs and criterions of purenessLarge pool of installed capacitiesStrong and well-developed fabrication baseLow Indian portion in universe pharmaceutical market ( about 2 % )Low R & A ; D investingsAbsence of association between institutes and industryLow health care outgoProduction of extra drugsAtomization of installed capacitiesLow engineering degree of Capital Goods of this subdivision.Non-availability of major mediators for majority drugs.Lack of experience to work expeditiously the new patent government.

Very low degree of Biotechnology in India and besides for New Drug Discovery Systems.Lack of experience in International Trade.Low degree of strategic planning for future and besides for engineering prediction.



Incredible export potency, Easier international trading.Increasing wellness consciousnessNew advanced curative merchandisesGlobalization, New markets are openingContract fabricationClinical tests & A ; researchDrug moleculesAging of the universe population.Turning incomes.New diagnosings and new societal diseases.Spreading contraceptive attacks.Saturation point of market is far off.

New drug bringing system direction.Spreading attitude for soft medicine ( OTC drugs ) .Spreading usage of Generic Drugs.Containment of lifting health-care cost.High Cost of detecting new merchandises and fewer finds.Stricter enrollment processs.

High entry cost in newer markets.Outdated and high cost of gross revenues and selling.Competition, peculiarly from generic merchandises.More possible new drugs and more efficient therapies.

Small figure of findsCompetition from MNCsTransformation of procedure patent to merchandise patent ( TRIPS )Non-tariff barriers imposed by developed states

Schemes employed by assorted outsourced houses

Reorganizing R & A ; D units to make Centers of Excellence: Drug Discovery, drug development, Manufacturing, Gross saless, Selling and distribution. A drug find squad has a full scope of subjects required for early stage drug find. A Drug development Unit is the coming together of forces resources and services necessary to plan, put to death, analyze, and describe a clinical research protocol. The CMO companies have evolved as specialised units and have consolidated their place in different centres of excellence to emerge as major participants at a Global phase. Ranbaxy has a capable DDU the ownership of which has been late shifted to Daiichi Sankyo. Dr.

Reddy ‘s Laboratory has set up a foundation entirely for new drug development, viz. . Dr. Reddy ‘s Research Foundation ( DRF ) which caters to the Drug development demands of the outsourcing companies.Developing and implementing alteration direction processes throughout the organisation: The CMO companies have identified a demand to hold a alteration direction model so that the alterations to the new and bing systems, environments can be tracked.

Cardinal certification of the completed alterations increases duty and authorization and as a consequence the procedures before the production stage can be better controlled during the proof and developmental environment. This besides helps them to hold a stable and unafraid environment for all the applications.Diversification: From early phase drug development to commercial fabrication and distribution for every signifier of dose, the CRO companies have besides diversified into clinical operations and informations direction to go full service CROs. They are besides traveling into supplying more services such as cardinal labs, imagination, contract staffing, information direction. Hence they hold a great potency for growing in the niche Fieldss like toxicology surveies.Adaptability to new Business theoretical accounts of growing: The traditional CRO concern theoretical account which was free-for-service theoretical account has now evolved to a partnership theoretical account and bit by bit to a risk-share theoretical account where the undertakings are funded by both the parties.

The partnership degree has risen to include the equity coaction along with the proficient partnership. At the planetary degree Accenture- Wyeth, Covance -Lilly, Suven-Lilly, Syngene- BMS are some of these new types of germinating theoretical accounts.Conformity to US FDA ordinances: The CRO companies have besides expressed their uninterrupted religion in following with the norms of US Food and Drugs Administration ( USFDA ) .They have tried to shatter the outsourcing houses ‘ belief that the workss overseas are less rigorous adhering to Torahs and subjected to less FDA reviews and the trust over the quality of the manufactured merchandises can now be more.

They are stressing on US FDA puting up offices in India which will surely travel a long manner in upgrading their installations and Goods fabrication patterns.Robust hazard direction patterns: The competent CMO companies have realized that the concern hazard which is involved in neglecting to run into timelines and the attendant fiscal impact it can do on the outsourcing house is really high. Many of them as a consequence insist on a complete planned activity of engineering transportation from the pharmaceutical client, stipulating clearly the specifications at the clip of contract and trust on complete procedure proof. They besides make certain that the hazard of drug development ie the possibility of a drug non traveling through the development procedure to commercial industry is assumed by the outsourcing company.

Growth of pharmaceutical outsourcing in India

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, as per the current growing rate, is estimated to be US $ 20 billion industry by 2015.The Indian Pharma sector is anticipated to be amid the top 10 Pharmaceutical based markets in the Earth in the following 10 old ages.

The gross revenues of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry are estimated to be of US $ 43 billion in the following 10 old ages.The Pharmaceutical market in India will see rise in the gross revenues of patent drugs.With the concentration of Multi-National drug company companies in India at a big graduated table, it becomes far easier to draw in foreign direct investings. The Indian Pharmaceutical industry is one of the main FDI ( Foreign Direct Investments ) promoting sectors.Resettlement into a merchandise patent based government is expected to restitute industry lucks in the long term. The patent merchandise government will convey along new advanced drugs.

This shall increase the profitableness of MNC pharmaceutical companies and force domestic pharmaceutical companies to concentrate more on Research & A ; Development. Another advantage of this migration could be in consolidation. Very little industries may non be able to cover with the hard and ambitious environment and may give manner to giants.Many drugs went off-patent in the US and in Europe in the twelvemonth span 2005-2009. This offers a large chance for the Indian companies to restrict this market. By nature, generic drugs are trade goods and so Indian drug company manufacturers have the competitory benefit.

This is because they are the lowest cost manufacturers of drugs in the Earth.In a long term position, opening up of wellness insurance sector and the estimated growing in per capita income are chief growing drivers. This leads to the growing and development of health care industry and pharmaceutical industry is an built-in portion of it.Indian companies, being the lowest cost manufacturer, can go a world-wide outsourcing centre for pharmaceutical merchandises.

Future Positions of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

The future facet of Indian drug company industry appears to be in positive tone.

Consumer disbursement on health care merchandises and services has improved in India due to the lifting affordability, switching disease forms and modest health care transmutation. Budget for Healthcare of a normal Indian family is expected to lift from 7 % in 2005 to 13 % in 2025. The future tendencies of pharmaceutical industry in India can be listed as under.Fig – Indian Pharma Industry TrendsBy 2015, India is expected to open a US $ 8 billion market in multi national pharmaceutical companies selling expensive drugs, as predicted by the FICCI.The Indian drug company market is expected to make US $ 20 billion by 2015.As per the approximates given by of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, an sum of US $ 6.31 billion will be invested in the pharmaceutical industry of India.Because of the low cost of Research & A ; Development, Indian pharmaceutical off-shoring industry is foreseen to be a US $ 2.

5 billion chance by 2012.Patented drugs are expected to restrict up to a 10 % portion of the Indian pharmaceutical industry by 2015 holding a market size of US $ 2 billion.The branded generics market is expected to go on to take over the pharmaceutical industry in India. Between 2011 and 2013, 61 drugs deserving US $ 80 billion will travel off-patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

However, the authorization of doctors shall stay high and it will guarantee sensible competition on the footing of scientific particularization and quality of merchandise.By 2015, 45 % of the pharmaceutical market will be explained by the forte and super-specialty therapies. The lifting life style upsets, largely metabolic upsets like fleshiness and diabetes.

Besides, coronary bosom disease and high blood pressure, cardiovascular, neuropsychiatry and oncology drugs are expected to derive considerable impact.Mass therapies shall stay of import in the Indian pharmaceutical industry, even though there will be an disposition towards forte therapies. The turning income degrees shall besides increase outgo on basic health care.The pharmaceuticals industry of India has grown rationally during the past 10 old ages and has the possible to do over itself over the following decennary excessively. The domestic pharmaceutical market of India will play a critical function in battling the turning diseases. The full potency of pharmaceuticals in India can merely be achieved through uninterrupted, progressive and joint attempts by the authorities and pharmaceutical industry as a whole.


An ageing population and increase in healthcare costs continue to set force per unit area on all major drug company markets like the United States, Europe and Japan, thereby promoting higher incursion of generics through a mix of statute law and inducements to physicians and pharmaceuticss. For preparations companies, the domestic branded generics concern has traditionally been the hard currency cow, supplying steady hard currency flows that serve as a buffer against the uncertainnesss of international ventures. The growing chances continue to stay strong on dorsum of increasing health care consciousness, lifting incursion in semi-urban and rural markets and altering disease profile. Most MNC drug company big leagues have besides stepped up their focal point on Indian market researching chances of spread outing their merchandise portfolio.