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Over the last decades, finance and tourism are considered as two key
drivers of the Swiss economy that contribute strongly to the success and
performance of the economy in global market. Compared to other European
countries, Switzerland now witnesses a small hotel market with roughly more
than 5100 hotels and similar accommodations that provide the market with 140,000
rooms (Deloitte, 2015).
Among European countries, Switzerland ranks the 9th that enables the country to
continue to develop and improve in this sector. In 2014, Swiss Hotel
Association conducted a survey and highly indicated that the average size of
hotels in the country was recorded at more than 50 beds which are able to
provide the market with 28 rooms (Swiss Hotel Association, 2017). The survey
also identified that there was only 11.7% of the hotel possessing ability to
provide the market with 100 beds and more.


Understandably, hotel industry has a strong relationship with tourism
industry. In regard to tourist arrivals, Switzerland ranks 11th in Europe and
witnesses millions tourists each year. The tourism industry in Switzerland
develops over the last years which allow the hotel industry gets positive signs
for great expansion. According to this, Switzerland witnesses the strong
increase and development in 3 star hotel sectors which was recorded more than
24% of increase (Deloitte,
2015). The same statistics were recorded with midscale hotel, followed
by 5- and 4- star hotels which were recorded orderly 14% and 13% (Deloitte, 2015). It means
that the hotel industry in Switzerland seems to rely on the increase of
midscale hotels (Tatar,
2015). Nearly 60% of all housing organisations in the country are not
categorised and 11% are chain associated. The sector is able to provide the
labour market with more than 500 vacancies from employers each month (Swiss
Hotel Association, 2017). That enables young individuals to seek for the jobs
in this sector considerably.

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The main driver and the trend in Swiss hotel industry is rapidly growing
traveller interest in health tourism, for both medical services and wellness
tourism. According to this, 15% of the hotel companies aim to expand their
activities in the area of health tourism (Wehrle and Wehrle, 2013). However, they are facing up with
numerous challenges in the shortage of qualifies employees and the weakness in
current work and hygiene regulations. The trend of the industry requires the
individuals working in and intending to joint expand the knowledge and
understanding towards health tourism to gain further success.