As human existences. we are made imperfect. and do non hold entire control over events that affect our lives. ideas and emotions.

We may be implied to experience choler and do things we ne’er thought we were capable of. We may come in into unhappiness. and see a sort of unhappiness that couldn’t be cured. The beauty of life is larning how to get the better of these emotions. these ideas. and emotions. To be able to draw through from the worst times is the most rewarding experience of life. Every twenty-four hours.

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we as human existences see how life can easy be influenced by alterations that can non be controlled. The Assault and Paradise of the Blind are novels in which these alterations or events can unleash the worst features of people. and a conflict for control ensues. between the head and the forces of nature. Ultimately. all the worlds of bad luck and calamity combine with the emotions of inner will power to get the better of everything and travel on to the hereafter and bury the yesteryear.In The Assault. Anton Steenwijk selfishly believes that it he can alter what Fate has unfortunately bestowed upon him.

However. no affair how much he tries to bury the events of his yesteryear and move on destiny will non let it. He does non recognize that the lone manner to of all time free himself of the yesteryear is to accept it what has happened. Try he does. but one thing destiny does non let is the truth. Not until Anton has lived a whole life does he of all time truly happen the truth of how his whole household was pitilessly slaughtered.

Fate is what the universe has planned for you. destine is everything you can’t alteration. the actions of people around you. and the events that affect everything around you.

For Anton destiny was merely an component of the yesteryear. to him nil but Anton himself could impact the events of his hereafter.The conflict between Anton and the yesteryear. was finally won by Anton as he stands in the crowd realizing. “Everything is forgotten in the terminal.

( 185 ) ” Yet. the conflict was lost easy. Fate ne’er allows Anton to bury. when he runs into Fake Jr.

out of the blue meets Takes. and in conclusion bumps into Karin Korteweg. Fate will ever come with unexpected events.

“It’s no coincidence… ( 89 ) . ” its destiny. In the terminal Anton proves to be the larger power. with the aid of the realisation of the yesteryear and the ability to accept everything as it is Anton moves on from the destiny of the yesteryear. Anton lives his ain life.

Paradise of the Blind is a narrative about a immature adult female overwhelmed by her bad luck. The novel tells a narrative of Hang. who from the really get downing in plagued with bad fortune. when she foremost receives intelligence of her sick uncle.Hang’s destiny was non written by herself. but by the manus of her parents. who foremost encountered the country of bad luck.

Fate chose the ____ household to confer so much bad luck upon. With the reoccurrence of parental losingss. illness and poorness.

destiny does its best to put up a eventual fail for Hang’s life. Throughout the fresh Aunt Tam besides is a mark of fates’ bad luck. but she is besides the lone illustration for Hang of get the better ofing such bad fortune. Aunt Tam has such natural will power ; she is such a difficult worker that luck no longer becomes an issue. Aunt Tam learns to do her ain fortune. she fights the difficult times.

and wrestles with failure to go a affluent celebrated adult female of her small town. In traveling against the position quo she becomes an illustration to Hang. an illustration of get the better ofing the bad. to take affairs into your ain custodies when everything is lost.Hang’s last spot of bad luck occurs as Aunt Tam passes off. With the realisation that Aunt Tam built a life up from the land with nil and from where she was to how she died. Hang realizes that she besides has those same features. The novel does non travel into item on how she reached her possible.

but the reader is led to believe she overcame the bad to eventually make a life led by her ain ego. opposed to all of fates’ bad luck. In both novels the characters attempt to battle destiny. emotions and fate ; finally get the better ofing them all excessively become person far better than they thought they could be. Hang and Anton can really easy be compared. as both relive their yesteryear and make their best to alter or bury it.Hang likewise to Anton loses her male parent. and this impacts her life about every bit much as Anton’s life was affected by the loss of both his parents.

An influential character takes the topographic point of the lost parental. Anton his Uncle and Aunt. Hang her Aunt Tam. The battle for the win over fate ensues throughout the novel and as both Hang and Anton fight to free their past they find out more about themselves than they of all time knew possible. The conflict of emotions is eventually won by the two unfortunate psyches. and the journey to the finish proves to pay off. Anton gets to populate free from the admirations of his yesteryear.

and Hang begins her life as herself non being held back by anything or anyone.Mankind has tried to suppress its concealed devils because it is afraid of them. But despite all of the technological progresss that have been made. they are still being undermined by destinies emotions like green-eyed monster.

hatred. and haughtiness. The human race frights fate for it unleashes the worst qualities in people. and can non be conquered by the machines that are revered so much.

It is naive of worlds to believe that they can of all time beat the bad events of clip. but they are captive on driving out any memories of times of progressive. Yet they do non recognize that imperfectness is humanity’s greatest trait and failing at the same clip. and that these fate exist to do this fact obvious to all.