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Village Roadshow entered their concern foremost clip was in 1954 by possessing and commanding the first drive-in film in Melbourne, Australia and so started to spread out their concern. Later on, they started to get down their movie distribution and enter into phase of production movie ten old ages subsequently. By 1980 ‘s, they built their film with latest engineering and so alter its name to Village Roadshow Limited. In 1990 ‘s they purchased and developed subject Parkss and wireless web ( Village Roadshow ltd, 2010 ) So fundamentally VRL nucleus concerns are in amusement, and touristry by administering and bring forthing films, pull offing subject park and wireless every bit good. But in this paper I merely focus on their subject park division.

In term of fiscal public presentation, there was a little lessening in both ROE and DPS by 6.8 % and 6.1 % , but at that place was a monolithic addition in EPS by 132.8 % from 2007 to 2008. VRL experienced some dramatic lessening in its ROE, DPS, and EPS from 2008 to 2009 by difference of 1.4 % , 13 % , and 162.4 % , severally ( InvestSMART,2010 ) This means that VRL as a whole division is non in their good public presentation in following twelvemonth, caused by major lessening on their fiscal public presentation.

External Analysis

a ) Macro-environment analysis ( PESTEL ) .

Political factor and legal factor

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The issue in legal facet is when VRL proposed authorities to open new subject park in werribee menagerie ( ABC News 2008 ) , Victoria. But subsequently on this proposal is non continuing by authorities.

Economic factor

VRL subject park is the largest in Australia and has unrivaled complementary plus. All of VRL ‘ subject park attractive force division in Gold seashore, US and Sydney produced EBITDA of $ 101.1 million in 2009 fiscal public presentation twelvemonth, increasing compared to their last twelvemonth ( Village Roadshow, 2010 ) . The hereafter in this division is bright since any issue in the economic downswing by rising prices or exchange rate for foreign tourer did n’t impact this VRL division, furthermore they continue their investing in supplying new attractive forces ( Roller-coaster, 2010 )

Social factor

As the taking company in subject park industry, VRL put high accent in wellness consciousness of the visitant and safety of their attractive forces. They make charity community in socialising that they realized with their Charitable Contributions and Community Engagement for their societal sustainability. VRL need to takes bulk of local people as their employee to work in their subject park.

Technology factor

The company is ever need to spread out their engineering particularly in researching and developing new attractive forces and drives. They should happen scheme where the new launching of their drives is fit with worker or pupil vacation.

Environment factor

VRL subject park division need to pay high attending in environmental job, they have to Overview and have an Environmental Sustainability Policy, that could take to energy efficiency and cut downing emanations of nursery gases, sum of H2O use, and high activity in carnal research and preservation. ( Village Roadshow, 2010 ) .

The chief issues in here is about the politic and legal factor in which VRL may happen troubles in opening new subject park that create some protest from environmental party, the new thought in bring forthing engineering, and maintain their environment.

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B ) Industry environment analysis of VRL utilizing 5 forces

Buyer Power

A VRL major client of class those who visit the subject park to hold a diversion. The clients could demand more value by coercing down VRL monetary values, quality and services, therefore have power in monetary value decrease. Buyer can happen another tourer attractive force park that they may happen more attractive or competitory in other marketer, particularly when there is few exchanging cost ( Porter, 2008 )

Supplier Power

VRL ‘s provider such as labour, Warner Bros, and company who provide attractive force equipment depend to a great extent on VRL to acquire the gross. This provider offer merchandise that is uniform.

Menace of new entrant

In order to make concern in the same industry as VRL did high sum of capital demands, uneven entree to distribution channels, and besides restriction in authorities policy and legal demand that may go a barrier for new entrants. VRL will non impact by new entrant as they already have first-mover advantage, at least in short term.

Menace of replacement

Substitute in Village subject park can be substituted by free unfastened park land for field day. However VRL still offer something that could n’t be substituted easy such as high quality engineering and experience in basking vacation in subject park. In this instance VRL still gain net income and advantage.


Major rivals of VRL are Dream universe and Whitewater World subject Parkss and other touristry location that becomes major rival for VRL ‘s subject park. In this industry, VRL is confronting immense rivals in their concern, nevertheless VRL still gain advantage in this high degree competition. It is because VRL owned many of Australia ‘s most popular subject Parkss.

Therefore three chief issues that VRL facing in subject park division is they have rivals in same industry, visitants that can take other subject park and replacement of subject park, in position of the fact that the degree in their industry are high, that need to be given consideration to manage that.

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Internal Analysis



VRL has powerful fiscal resource to backup their subject park operation. Furthermore they continue to put their Parkss from injection of loan provided by authorities that probably will be the cogent evidence of their strong physical resources. In term of engineering, VRL use the latest engineering in audit their H2O use, and of class the latest engineering for their new drives and attractive forces.


VRL have good quality of workers since there is a written-task that must be obeyed by all of their workers. VRL place as the first mover advantage creates high degree of worker experience in their division utilizing preparation that produce originative invention. VRL refering about environmental harm, makes their repute being good on the position of consumers.


VRL has capablenesss in uniting both of their fiscal and engineering to make preferable productive usage. Using their good fiscal, VRL expand their subject park into other state and even acquisition Hawaii H2O park and Auckland fish tank to be able to add and spread out their engineering in the hereafter as good.

Core competence

As the beginning of sustainable competitory advantage, a resource should hold four properties ( Barney 1991 ) that will be stated below utilizing VRIN analysis.

Resource or Capability

Valuable ( exploits chances and neutralizes menaces )

Rare ( possessed by one of a few houses in the industry )

Inimitable ( dearly-won to copy )


( there is no tantamount resource or capableness that could be used by a rival )

Core competence that provides a Sustained competitory advantage?

Worldwide demographic

Yes – VRL acquisition or take partnership to derive new market

No- Rivals could entree this scheme

Yes- in order to open or partnership, high capital is needed

Yes- hard for rival to hold plus every bit many as VRL did

Yes- holding so many subject park in many part, could easy get the better of the rivals, at least in Australia


Yes – VRL use the latest of their engineering to pull clients and protect environment every bit good

Maybe- other rivals may hold the engineering even non every bit latest as VRL

Yes – the drives, attractive force, and environmental engineering need high investing of capital

Yes – the feel or experience in some drives can non be substituted by cyberspace screening or other rival ‘s drives

Yes – who could accomplish the VRL accomplishment?

Selling scheme

Yes – supportive advertisement in all media

NO- rivals may make the same actions

Maybe- since rivals could utilize different partnership with other company ‘s trade name

NO- different publicizing manner such as societal media could be used by rivals


Etc …

VRIN Analysis for the Village Roadshow-Theme Park division


All of VRL ‘s worldwide human ecology, engineering, and selling are valuable ; therefore it could distinguish them and make alone value that VRL depend earnestly on this. This is the ground why they being seen as the largest one in Australia.


Most of VRL rivals could entree this resource even non every bit good as VRL did. Making this factor the least that VRL has.

Imperfectly Imitable

In this factor, rival of VRL can non easy copy the beginnings that VRL has, except in marketing scheme beginning when rivals could copy the manner VRL did in theirs. High sum of cost and clip is needed for rival in order to entree VRL resources.


At this minute, VRL engineering and world-wide enlargement except selling scheme are the most effectual manner in taking the market, but one twenty-four hours, rivals may accomplish it besides.

Competitive advantage

Based on that VRIN analysis above, we can deduce that VRL competitory advantage is on their engineering and world-wide distribution of subject park. Those facets could be use to keep VRL as the leader in its market. So that rivals could be outperformed because they do n’t hold any latest engineering and adequate capital to spread out internationally.

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Customer ‘s present strategic way



High fiscal backup

Repute of company is high

The engineering is the latest

Supported by authorities touristry

Ca n’t easy substituted

Support environment

Some people may happen ticket is expensive

The industry is based on Tourism downswing and exchange rate for international client



First mover advantage

Expansion through go oning enlargement

Priority vehicle for growing

Peoples want to travel and come back subsequently

Rivals developing their capablenesss

Use of latest engineering by rivals

New development protest

Based on talk slides, 2010, strategic issues is issues that fundamentally dispute several facets in organisation, based on that we can deduce three strategic issue for VRL subject park division ;

1. How VRL subject park division could do the client go to their subject park instead than any rivals in same industry. This is based from vision attack where company seeks best images of organisation in the hereafter by foretelling any possibilities as attempt to find visitant ‘s penchant. Customers are the beginning of VRL profitableness, hence how great VRL in keeping the client ‘s penchant to come to VRL subject park alternatively of their rivals in Australia or Disneyland in America. Using their ain latest engineering and the immense capital in many geographic countries might be needed to measure this issue

2. Issue in development of new infestation in which VRL want to develop new subject park in Werribee Zoo, Victoria. This is problem- work outing attack in which there is a existent state of affairs that acts as a job that needs to be solved by company. Even this issue ( werribee instance ) was already solved by authorities culls VRL ‘s proposal, this could be taken as a lesson for the hereafter in which VRL want to spread out their subject park concern. VRL scheme to acquire sympathy alternatively of protest from environmental society is needed.

3. Global crisis finance and exchange rates that may impact the figure of visitants to VRL ‘s subject park. Tourist from other state may happen it harder if the currency exchange rate is non good, hence they do n’t travel into foreign attractive forces. Lapp with Australians who suffered from economic downswing that leads them to take other diversion. This issue is based on direct attack where the issue is taken from company ‘s present strategic place which is in this instance ; it comes from company ‘s failing.

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