p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }Treatingsymptoms and complications of liver cirrhosisItching and abdominal painItching and pain in the abdomen can bemanaged by taking medicines which help in relieving these symptoms.However, these should only be taken under medical supervision.

Portal hypertensionBeta blockers or nitrates areprescribed for treating portal hypertension. Beta blockers slow downthe heart and also lower the blood pressure whereas nitrates help inwidening the blood vessels, thereby allowing more blood to flowthrough he veins. VaricesBeta blockers are used to decrease thepressure in varices and decrease th probability of bleeding.Immediate upper endoscopy is required if bleeding occurs in stomachor esophagus. Endoscope can be used to place a special band aroundthe varices which causes the cells to die and fall off. Edema and ascitesDiuretics are used for removing fluidfrom the abdomen to treat edema and ascites. Antibiotics might beprescribed for treating any bacterial infections in the abdominalfluid.

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Hepatic encephalopathyit refers to neuropsychiatricabnormalities that occur in the brain of people suffering from liverproblems. It is treated by cleansing the bowel with lactulose, whichis a laxative. Antibiotics might also be given along with lactuloseto treat any bacterial infection.

It improves as other complicationsof liver cirrhosis improve.Hepatorenal syndromeLiver cirrhosis patients who developrenal symptoms are made to undergo regular dialysis to filter wasteand extra fluids. Medicines are also prescribed for improving bloodflow through kidneys.OsteoporosisBisphospyhates are prescribed forimproving bone density.Gallstones and bile duct stonesSurgery and endoscopic retrogradecholangiopancreatography might be used to remove gallstones and bileduct stones, respectilvely.Liver cancerLiver cancer screening test isperformed every 6 to 12 months fro early detection of cancer.

Treatment of cancer is more effective when cancer is diagnosed at anearly stage. Liver transplantLiver transplant is suggested whenliver cirrhosis leads to liver failure or the treatment forcomplications arising due to cirrhosis are ineffective.In this, the diseased liver is removedfrom the patient’s body and is replaced with a healthy whole liver orpart of the liver from a donor.