Last updated: July 27, 2019
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 As we all know there is lot of competition out there in world and everyone wants to be successful in life but to level and reach your goal then there is something extra you have to do in your life and that is to be Punctual.Not everyone get successful because not everyone is punctual in his life . so if you want to be successful in life you have to be punctual in life . Punctuality plays a huge role in person life to be successful . you can become roll model for other people if you are punctual in life. You will become an asset wherever you go .A person is not born with punctuality ,parents ,friends and teachers plays a huge roll in making you punctual in life. Punctuality helps in better time management ,time discipline and it presents your personality positively to don’t have to be sorry figure for being late if you are punctual. If you know how to manage your 
time then you will learn how to be punctual . if you are punctual then you can avoid stress and gain respect among others. Unpunctual people are stress to the society and they lose many chances in life and disappointment and failure will become part of their life. It bring lots of negativity in their life. Punctual people gain respect of the society.punctuality is an essential habit if we want to fulfil our duties successfully. Punctual people are so reliable that you can trust on them because they do work on time. When you arrive to work on time ,it shows that you value your job and conveys a sense of professionalism and all this happens because you are punctual. Being punctual and having perfect attendance are two things you should strive for when beginning a new can have a positive impact on your boss and you can work there for long term basis. 
So that is why punctuality is a key to success