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s1 {font-kerning: none}Puja, is a Hindu ritual of worship to god, which must be performed by priests. It is sometimes held for important religious leaders, clergy, and particularly important vips. In India, regular Hindu family rituals and temple regulars are the two main occasions for Puja. In addition, there will be large legal ceremonies during festivals, which can be seen in various sizes and sizes. In religious ceremonies, as the court clerk, and is mainly composed of Sanskrit as part of the vedas and the narrative poem recitation, is the highest level brahman caste members, they are also the funeral and weddings, bar mitzvahs and generation of people pray to god, the only practitioner. These are undoubtedly the functions of the priestess, but they do not require the executor to be the intermediary between the laity and the gods. All Hindu brahmins are not priests, although the Hindu priests administer the temples and accept the offerings, but they are far from the formal appointments of Christianity or Judaism.

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Hinduism has never prescribed a uniform liturgy with Christianity or Judaism. Devout hindus every day in every Hindu family has simple altar reciting prayers, they may have to India the ubiquitous in the charge of called the priests and the people of a temple in prayer or donations of food and flowers. But there is no fixed rigid ceremony, no fixed ordination appointed or clerical duties, no special Christian like Sunday, jewish or Muslim Sabbath Friday as a religious holiday for one week.During the puja ceremony, the worshippers carried out the decorations and carried out a parade to celebrate, and offered flowers, coconuts, tikka powder and other offerings. In the end, the priest holds the oil lamp, and in front of the statue, “arati” is a prayer or religious hymn that is sung to the various gods worshipped. “Om Jai Jagadish Hare” is one of the more famous Puja rituals.

In many Hindu temples, such as Swaminarayan, Mandirs, and the song of “Jay Sadguru Swami”. Most of the temples are held in arathon, at least twice a day, after the puja ceremony in dharma, and the site is the largest number of people in the whole festival or service.