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s3 {font: 14.0px Georgia; font-kerning: none}Immigrants can be beneficial to American society by doing essential jobs that American native cannot do for the society. most of the places today favor immigrants to native-born employees because immigrants are able to do the same job for lower pay.  Also immigrants believe any kind of job to work, but native speakers may not accept it. Also, according to the article “only some Americans can be establish to harvest fruit, dig ditches, wash dishes, clean hotels, and do countless other humble tasks.”  In addition, a lot of immigrants have the skills to benefit American society.  A lot of people who live in the U.S nearby the immigrants do not like to open their own business, but a lot of immigrants have their own business, which is good for themselves and it helps to build the economy, too.

Eduardo Porter an economic scene says that” Immigration often leads to the creation of new jobs — at better wages — for natives, too. Notably, it can help many Americans to move up the income ladder. And by stimulating investment and reallocating work, it increases productivity”. Immigrants has a positive outputs and income for the economy in the new country which will be the home for them. Many analyses shows that economic’s productive capacity will increase through the immigrants by creating new investment and doing essential jobs that are effects the market in positive way. However, it might be hard to identify the challenges on the economic variation that can face the country.But a further research of the immigration, we can concentrate on the immigrants  variations such as some go them has significant work on the foreign field.

Also, some god the immigrants did a great impact on the economy of the United States by opening companies and some of the immigrants population has worked as a computer science  which that can make a balance in the job opportunities for the U.S native and immigrants.