From a mouth-watering fresh lobster tail to tasty fried alligator, everyone loves some type of seafood.

Many people consider Pappadeux and Red Lobster to be the best seafood restaurant in the area. They are both known for serving wonderful, fresh seafood; the difference is in the menu, the service that you receive, the quality of the food served, and the overall atmosphere of the dining experience that sets them apart from one another. When dining at Pappadeux you will have the experience of elegant, New Orleans style seafood elaborate dishes on the menu.

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Pappadeux is also known for the Cajun style seafood that is served at the restaurant and the most famous dish is blackened alligator, served with red beans and rice and the tasty appetizers trio of fried alligator bites, onion peels and fried crab fingers, with the most delicious sauce to add additional zesty flavor. Red Lobster on the other hand has been made famous for the buttery biscuits that will simply melt in your mouth and the delightful lobster tails dipped in butter that will serve up any hungry man or woman’s appetite.The menu at Red Lobster also serves the type of food such as jumbo crab-legs that goes great with an ice-cold glass of beer. Distinguishing each restaurant further is the service that is provided at each restaurant. When dining at both Pappadeaux and Red Lobster, the manner in which one is served varies greatly. If you chose to dine at Pappadeux, each patron is greeted by an exquisitely dressed staff. The wait staff is dressed in black slacks, white tuxedo shirts, and classic bow ties, while the hostess attire is all black.

The staff greets each diner with the traditional how many will be dining with us tonight and treats her or him with the utmost respect and dignity. In contrast, at Red Lobster which is more relaxed the staff also wears black pants and white shirts but without the bow tie. The dress attire is more casual and relaxed. While patrons are free to dress according to his or her own preference, when you dine at Pappadeux you are more adapt to see patrons attire to be more classy and dressy. Oppose to dining at Red Lobster the patrons are okay with jeans and t-shirts or jogging suits.Whatever attire that suits your preference is okay at Red Lobster. The food quality is another distinct difference at each of these seafood restaurants, although Pappadeuax is much larger than Red Lobster in size the quality of food and service is a major important feature for customer satisfaction.

When one chooses to dine at Pappadeaux he or she can be assured that they quality of food received will be the best. Pappadeaux takes pride in how the food is served and that the temperature of the food will meet the customers’ expectation.When dining at Pappadeaux a customer will be served the food in a very timely manner without the existence of a long wait no matter how busy the restaurant may be. Dining at Red Lobster may be a little different, one thing is that everyone at the dining table may not get his or her food at the same time, it appears that the food not brought out to the entire table at once, so will your dining company may be enjoying their dinner you might be watching them eat, because your food has not yet reached you.Another difference is the temperature of the food, sometimes it may not be to the satisfaction of the customer because the waiter or waitress is b busy assisting other customers and unlike the other restaurants they do not have wait staff that will deliver the food to the appropriate table to keep the customer from waiting, and the food sits in the window for a short while and loses the desired temperature. The last distinguishing characteristic while dining at each restaurant is the atmosphere.

The atmosphere at Pappadeux is as if you are attending a social function, while the atmosphere at Red Lobster brings back memories of being at a restaurant on St. Simons Island. At Pappadeux, the table all have white table cloths and there are decorative features along the outside and interior of the building. While you dine there will be soft, relaxing, music that is being played throughout the restaurant.The dining experience offers the atmosphere of seclusion although you are surrounding by other diners.

This provides for a feeling of elegance. The atmosphere at Red Lobster conveys an entirely different ambience, the lobby contains a tank that holds the lobster that will be served to you, and the children that are visiting the restaurant are all excited over watching the lobster fight causing a ruckus of noise, which is understandable because it goes with the noise level at the restaurant.Very few decorations are on the walls and there are minimal decorative items throughout the restaurant.

The seating is different at each restaurant also, at Pappadeux the wait staffs try and sit families in the same area with small children so that the other patrons are not disturbed if they are trying to enjoy an elegant dinner. At Red Lobster you are seated where ever the seating is available, with the hopes that the seating is suitable to fit your needs.Although the menu, quality of food, service, and atmosphere, at Pappadeux and Red Lobster could not be more different. They have one thing in common, other than the great service that is provided by each restaurant, the variety of food that is offered, both restaurants have fresh, mouth-watering seafood that will keep you coming back again and again. So if you are ever visiting in the area please take the time to stop by one of the restaurants and experience the great taste of the seafood that is offered.