This assessment pertains to Participatory Leadership Attitudes. This assessment aimed at, according to Haire and colleagues, capturing beliefs in the capacity of the subordinates and views on the efficacy of the of participation and information sharing and of providing opportunities for internal self-control on the job. This also aims to measure how favorable are my leadership attitudes in the eyes of my subordinates.

My average score on the five categories are as follows: Person’s capacity (2.5), Information Sharing (2.5), Participation (3.00), Control (3.00) and my overall score is 2.75. According to the chart, the favorable score should at least be a score of 4, my scores of which are far from.

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The results of this assessment clearly indicates that I lack the sense of participatory leadership, which means that I somehow do not have the required level of allowing and considering the contributions of my subordinates in the affairs of team. This also shows that I somehow do not put that much confidence on their abilities and skills and thus do not allow them to participate on important decision-making processes in the team. ACTION PLANSpecific Area to Improve:I need to work on a attaining the favorable level of participatory leadershipProblems to Overcome:It may take too much time on my part since the adjustment to be made will concern attitudes that my subordinates and I are used at.Detailed Specific ActionsChanges To Look ForI need to work on learning other means of enhancing the performance of my subordinates other than punishment and reward systemI need to practice always opening the door for subordinate participation especially in decision-making processesI need to practice the sense of considering the needs of my subordinates especially on the support they need in their individual and group tasksI am looking forward to establishing a better working relationship with my subordinates that are achieved outside the concept of reward and punishment system I am looking forward to more open and participative me and thus the same with my subordinates I am looking forward to a more supportive and a more considerate me.

If a problem arises:I need to consult other managers and those higher managers on better means to carry out this action plan or if there is a need to make revisions.How will success be determined? When I finally get the full trust of the subordinates and when I already see the positive changes in their participation in the affairs of the team. On the individual level, this assessment is practically useful in my relationship with my family, other organizations and the community. Although I would not be the leader in these groups, it is important still to understand basic concepts like this in order that I be able to understand how it is to be both a leader and a subordinate. As Pierce and Newstrom had noted, “it is important to understand the role of follower in the leader-follower relationship in order to understand the whole process” (Pierce and Newstrom, p.

257).                      REFERENCESPierce, Jon L., & Newstrom, John W. (2005). Followers and the Leadership Process. 4th edition.

McGraw-Hill. Boston. Pg. 257.

                                              ESSAY No. 16: SUBSTITUTES FOR LEADERSHIPThis assessment is an inventory of my personal leadership substitutes. This particular assessment aimed at weighing the amount of substitute factors that I possess and employ during the course of my leadership. Stating then, this assessment should give me pointers on what particular substitute category do I largely possess and the categories of which I need to secure much of the leadership substitute items.All of my scores in the thirteen categories are lower than 4, which is said to be the ideal score; the highest score I had was 3.33 and the lowest is 1.

00. Gathering my highest scores accordingly, my scores on category 1 (ability, training, experience and knowledge) is 3.33, on category 5 (task-provided feedback concerning accomplishment) is 3.

67 and on category 12 (spatial distance between superior and subordinates) is 3.33. On the other hand, my lowest score are on category 6 (intrinsically satisfying tasks-1.67), category 7 (organizational formalization-1.

89), category 8 (organizational inflexibility-1.00) and category 9 (advisory and staff function-1.00).According to Pierce and Newstrom, the substitutes for leadership are factors that can provide guidance and motivation for followers (Pierce and Newstrom, p.

319.  Based on my scores that are all lower than the ideal score, it is clear that I fall short of employing alternative methods for guiding and motivating my followers. Although regarded as substitutes, these factors are also held important by experts as these “negate the leadership ability to either improve or impair subordinate satisfaction and performance” (Kerr, Steven and John M. Jermier, p.326).ACTION PLANSpecific Area to Improve:An urgent need to make improvements on leadership substitutes especially on areas that concern organizational formalization and inflexibility, intrinsically satisfying tasks and on advisory and staff functions.

Problems to Overcome:These attributes concern intrinsic attitudes and perceptions in my personality and therefore take more time and effort including support in order to be improved.Organizational tasks are generally embedded in the nature of the organization and thus adjustments cannot be possibly made on the tasks or the organizational set up.Detailed Specific ActionsChanges To Look ForI personally need to learn to love the things that I do rather than doing it out of responsibility.I need to focus more establishing a good working relationship with the group I belong but the relationship with the other groups should not be neglected.I need to start formalizing the specifics in my job-the tasks, my goals, accountabilities, including the policies and procedures that relate to these tasks.I need to re-assess the reasons why I have little faith and obedience on company rules and regulations.I am looking forward to a more personally satisfied me in the workplace  I am looking forward to a stronger, friendlier working relationship with the people inside my group and the whole organizational staff I am looking forward to a more organized person, responsible and more accountable member of the organization  I am looking forward to a committed, loyal and obedient organizational member.If a problem arises:There will be a need for me to consult the matter to my superiors.

I need to seek their guidance on how should I properly go through the changes that I am aiming at.How will success be determined? After periodic assessment on leadership substitutes, I would say it would already be a success when I finally improve and maintain the ideal scores required. This assessment is particularly important in improving and then maintaining my sense attachment and love for the things I do. No matter how equipped a person is with knowledge and skills in the field, if there is no intrinsic love and satisfaction in the job, there is little chance that a person will succeed in his career and personal life.

I believe that it is more important to invest on relationship with the people and the work itself rather than on investing too much knowledge on the chosen field.REFERENCES Pierce, Jon L., & Newstrom, John W. (2005).

Leadership:Substitutes, Neutralizers and Enhancers. 4th edition. McGraw-Hill. Boston. Pg.

257. Kerr, Steven and John M. Jermier. Substitutes for Leadership: Their Meaning and Measurement. p. 326                                           ESSAY No.

17: GROUP COHESIVENESS  This assessment pertains to group cohesiveness. This assessment aimed at measuring the importance I put on my team or the organization I belong. This also aims to assess how do I see the importance of my subordinates in the group. My score in group cohesiveness averaged at 5.67.The favorable score according to the measuring chart is a score of at least 6.00.

This then suggests that in one way or another, I lack that sense of placing importance on my work and the organization I belong. It either suggests that I do not see my importance and worth in the team or that I do not recognize the importance of the subordinates in my team. Stating so, one can clearly draw out the idea that there is an existing problem with loyalty and commitment on both ways. “Manager can adhere loyalty by demonstrating that loyalty and commitment is valued” (Vecchio, Robert P., p. 282).  Following the essence of this statement, my score seem to suggest that I need to work on this area. I need to recognize the importance of every member of the team especially the subordinates in order to enhance commitment and loyalty because “people do support what they help to build” (Vroom, Victor H.

, p.298).ACTION PLANSpecific Area to Improve:I need to learn how to place more importance on the value of my subordinates including the importance I place for the organization as a whole.Problems to Overcome:As always, it takes time and much effort including the cooperation of the whole teamDetailed Specific ActionsChanges To Look ForI need to demonstrate to my subordinates the essence of loyalty and commitment I need to make my subordinates feel how important are they in the team and of building the stairway towards the achievement of our goalsI need to work on making a favorable and free working situation for all members of the team, a situation that will be rewarding for each member of the teamI am looking forward to encouraging other members of team to put their commitment and loyalty to the team  I am looking forward to helping the subordinates see and feel that they are valued in the team  I am looking forward to establishing a healthy working environment that is well suited for each member of the team.If a problem arises:I need to seek the guidance and advise of higher managers and also the managers who have that much experience in this area.How will success be determined? An improvement on my assessment score in this area after a considerable period of time will indicate my success in carrying out this action plan. On the individual level, this assessment and action plan is practically important in managing my own leadership qualities, attitudes and styles. This action plan will be able to guide me in my day-to-day dealings with my subordinates and with the other members of the team.

Finally, I am hoping that this assessment and action plan will help me build my sense of involvement and ownership of the team goals.          REFERENCESVecchio, Robert P. Effective Follower: Leadership Turned Upside Down. p.282Vroom, Victor H. Leadership and the Decision-Making Process.

p.298                      ESSAY No. 18: ORGANIZATION-BASED SELF-ESTEEM This assessment pertains to Organization-Based Self-Esteem. This assessment aimed at measuring my relationship with my organization. This assessment also aimed at looking the factors of cooperation and efficiency relative to my relationship with the team.

My score in this assessment is 4.00. According to the chart, my score is already favorable which means that I already have the minimum level of organization-based self-esteem. It is not however proper for me to be satisfied with this score and I still aim at reaching a higher score. A team member who sees his importance in the team will have the high likelihood of loving his job and thus will more likely to be performing well. On the other hand, the member will most likely be doing his tasks out of responsibility and will not sought to do things beyond his job responsibilities.

I therefore need to make it to the highest level of organization-based self-esteem that I could possibly get in order to maximize my performance level. This is especially importance in creating a positive influence on my subordinates. Doing do will establish a “relationship and situation that is reciprocally rewarding to both followers and the leader” (Sanford, Fillmore p.266).ACTION PLANSpecific Area to Improve:I need to improve my score organization-based self-esteem of 4.00 to at least 5.

00Problems to Overcome:There may arise some situations or circumstances that will bring me frustration or disappointments with the company. These will somehow affect my usual level of self-esteemDetailed Specific ActionsChanges To Look ForI need to be more tough with any frustrating event that will come my wayI need to make ask for the assistance of my subordinates and other members in the team to make me see negative events in the brighter side of it in order not to affect my self-esteemI am looking forward to a tougher personality relative to taking frustrating events I am looking forward to encouraging the other members of the group to develop a organizational self-esteem.If a problem arises:I need to ask for the assistance of the whole team and other managers in order neutralize the situationHow will success be determined? I am to make periodic re-assessment on this area and an improvement on my score will determine my success.The practical side of this assessment is that this can be applied to personal self-esteem. This assessment pattern can also be helpful in assessing my self-esteem towards my relationship within the family, the community and even peer groups. This way, I can learn how to positively influence the other members of my team other than my work organization.               REFERENCESSanford, Fillmore H.

The Follower’s Role in Leadership Phenomena. p.266