If you can make it to Houston next month, be sure and stop by Tampico Mexican Restaurant (2115 Airline Drive) for Glenn’s 78th birthday bash on Saturday, November 14th. The fun starts at 4:00 pm, with dinner being around 5:00 pm and birthday cake after that.  There are plenty of watering holes in Houston for those that want to continue celebrating. If you fly in, be sure and rent a car since Houston is pretty spread out and only has a bare bones transit system.

      Also, we want to give Glenn a special gift and seeing as he is currently displaced from his home in Pasadena due to extensive damage from Hurricane Ike, a gift card or cash could go toward repairs and furnishings he needs. So that being said, donations are being accepted for his gift. If you would like to contribute, here is where you can send your hard-earned pazoors:PayPal:dcsasser “at” yahoo.comChecks or Money Orders to:

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