Patch Adams Essay, Research PaperRobin Williams brings to life the true narrative of Patch Adams, a non-conformist physician who is on a mission to reform the medical system. Patch Adams starts from his yearss as a mental patient and ends with graduation from medical school. The beauty of this movie is that it takes us on an emotional journey that is fun and touching, even if it s bumbling at times. This was a great film because of the dramatis personae of characters, the great narrative relation and the comedic and emotional facetPatch Adams was so gratifying because it was a perfect movie for actor/comedian Robin Williams. The comedic minutes given to Williams are wildly amusing.

One of the most delicious minutes was when Patch went into the kids s ward of the infirmary and began to turn on his Robin Williams wit. The childs instantly lightened up and found a oasis from their ill predicament. Robin Williams besides shone when he delivered a unflawed public presentation of his characters dramatic side of the film.

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At the movies climax he was brought before the medical board with charges of practising medical specialty without a licence. Williams s delivered an ardent address against the indifference physicians have towards their patients and even life itself. Not merely does this film radiance with Williams jokes, but the back uping dramatis personae was besides strong. Patch Adam s girlfriend Carin, played by Monica Potter was a beautiful adult female who was determined to go a physician, who bit by bit let her emotional barriers down, to assist Patch construct his ain infirmary. Philip Hoffman portrayed Adams chesty roomie Mitch, who believed that analyzing was all that counts and Dean Walcott played by Bob Gunton was the nefarious Dean who refused to see things in a different position.Other great facets of the film were the great narrative relation, comedy and the emotions that tugged at Black Mariasof everyone. One of the great narrative minutes of the movie was when Patch Adams recognized that laughter was the best remedy for medical specialty.

He besides recognized as a pupil that many hapless people were non being treated. As a pupil he formed the Gesundheit Clinic to help those who were non acquiring proper intervention at the infirmary. After making this free Clinic he used laughter and wit to ease the hurting and agony of the diseased. Patch enjoyed linking with people, he believed that when you connect with the individual you win, whether the individual lives or dies. He focused on giving quality of life instead than merely contending inevitable decease. I wish that all physicians held this place.

The comedy facet of this film will maintain you inquiring what the following gag will be. From his jokes at the infirmary to his appeal at a meat bagger conference, you will be certain to express joy throughout the film. The events of the film merely do the inevitable easier to confront, so that means you’ll frequently be express joying through your cryings.

Throughout the turns and bends of the film your emotions it will surge and plump like a roller coaster.Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun newspaper did non bask this film. Roger Ebert thought Robin Williams as a hurting in the wazoo. If this cat broke into my infirmary room and started pats dancing with bedpans on his pess, I d name the bulls ( Roger Ebert reappraisal ) .

Roger Ebert thought the film made him, want to spray the screen with Lysol, and would non urge this film to be seen.This was a affecting narrative about dedication, dreams and inspirations. Even though Roger Ebert thought Patch Adams was a empiricism and a medical dud. The bottom line, laughter does advance mending. This film will decidedly do you laugh and call.

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