Liver diseases are in several signifiers and from many causes as it performs 100s of functionality. Liver disease is progressive and slow developing disease, in certain conditions the liver can go acutely sick as a consequence causes hepatic failure. Extensive liver harm can be irreversible depending on the pre-caser and even a surgical graft may be necessary if the liver disease is long-run. The liver is rather resilient as it functions under the harshest stressors with few ailments, unless when it is acutely inflamed or earnestly sick earlier clinical symptoms are manifested which may non be discernible as liver abnormalcy ( alir 2009 ) .A 39 twelvemonth old adult male who is a crewman visited the clinic to confer with a GP about flu-like symptoms and stat mi febrility, sickness and emesis, little hurting in the upper right quarter-circle and dark coloured urine.

Prior to the visit the patient has merely finished a four months dainty to South East Asia. His medical record shows that he has antecedently lived a promiscuous life during which he on occasion acquired common STD ( sexual transmitted diseases ) that were treated and cured with antibiotics.Doctor ‘s scrutiny finds out that the patient have several tattoos some of which were attained at the clip of his circuit of responsibility. A mild yellowing of the sclerotic coat was detected. No tangible lymph nodes and his thorax were clear. There was tenderness to his upper right quarter-circle and a tangible liver but non spleen.A uranalysis is a urine trial performed to find functional abnormalcy associated with the kidney or liver, such as an infection, chronic kidney disease, cystitis, cirrhosis hepatitis, diabetes or kidney rocks. The urea degree is high in the patient instance, bespeaking an unnatural kidney, as it is responsible for the filtration of urea into urine so high degree of urea implies an abnormalcy to the kidney.

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( Argent G, 1999 ) stated that as the organic structure gets dehydrated, the kidneys will resorb more urea when ( ADH ) antidiuretic endocrine, ( a response from the encephalon to command farther fluid free ) , is produced to cut down extra loss of fluids. So as the patient puke he loses a batch of fluids, which as a consequence increases the urea volume as to conserve fluids/water. Hence urea contains bilirubin the direct hematoidin ( conjugated ) appears in surplus in the urine trial of the patient ( Chris Dr ) .ESR ( Erythrocyte deposit rate ) blood trials are usage to quantify the sum of redness that is present in the organic structure.

They are utile in observing or supervising abnormalcies such as TB, autoimmune upsets, inflammatory diseases arthritis and mortification, but they are non specific to name a specific upset. Increased ESR has many causes, including gestation, menses, infection or anaemia and many more. Additionally, certain medicines such as unwritten preventives, vitamin A, dextran and alpha methyl dopa ( aldomet ) can do ESR lift. In this patient ‘s instance the elevated ESR could be due to the redness caused by infection of hepatitis virus or following his antibiotic used to handle his old sexual transmitted infection probably to be ground for the lift ( Wright E 1999 ) .

ALT ( Alanine transaminase ) an enzyme located chiefly in liver and kidney cells and rather indistinguishable measure is found in the bosom muscles. In a healthy individual ALT degrees are low. The trial for this enzyme is of important importance in finding liver harm due to hepatitis, drugs or toxic substances. Even though its lift is non specific to the liver as it may demo manifestation for other infective conditions that may impact other variety meats of the organic structure. It is due to the harm in the liver that ALT exceeds it minimum degree as it is released into the blood stream in hepatic harm. However in this patient ‘s instance the lift of this enzyme is as a consequence of damaged inflated on the liver due to an infection he may hold acquired through either the tattoos or through an un-eradicated virus he antecedently acquired, hence ALT lift is the easiest symptoms that shows infective liver upset prior to the happenings of more obvious symptoms such as icterus. Several conditions can consequences in the damaging of the liver cells which in bends elevates ALT degree ( NIH- 2011 ) .ALP ( Alkaline phosphatase ) is an enzymes located in assorted tissues throughout the organic structure, but most copiously found in cells of the liver and bone.

In the liver ALP is found at terminal of cells that conjoined in the formation of the gall canals. An increased degree of ALP is a clinical manifestation of liver upset. However there are assorted pathological conditions that result to an addition of this enzyme such includes liver malignant neoplastic disease and cirrhosis from drugs, and hepatitis ( NIH- 2011 ) . In this patient instance pre-causer for the lift is hepatitis virus, due to drug and infections.Even though elevated hematoidin does non pathogenically manifest liver disease, it is a marker of hepatocellular hurt, together with bilious obstructor, liver disfunctions, hemolysis and glomerulonephritis. As a breakdown merchandise of heam from hemoglobin, hematoidin is in two signifiers one of which is water-soluble and the other is indissoluble in H2O ( conjugated and un-conjugated severally ) , ( Underwood ) .Entire Bilirubin is the amount of direct and direct hematoidin in the blood watercourse. The entire hematoidin degree is high in this patient, due to disease of the liver, compromising it functionality in picking-up, processing and remotion of extra hematoidin in a signifier of gall, therefore the metabolic processing of indirect to direct hematoidin ( i.

e. un-conjugated hematoidin catalyzed by glucuronyl transferease ) by adhering with glucuronic acid. ( Chris Dr 2006 ) . When the liver is executing it functionality decently, conjugated hematoidin can flux freely as gall through the bile canal therefore making the intestine where it helps in the digestive procedure hence looking in stool and piss. ( Chris Dr 2006 ) .When there is extra direct hematoidin a status known as conjugated hyperbilirubinemia is present, and extra indirect hematoidin signals an un-conjugated hyperbilirubinemia status. In this patient ‘s instance conjugated hyperbilirubinemia is present within the liver as consequences of defect in elimination perchance due to hepatitis which are the causative for elevate biliburin in the patient. Although it is conjugated hematoidin that is excreted in stool and piss due to it H2O soluble features, someway in this patient ‘s instance the elimination procedure via gall is compromised as a consequence the entire hematoidin appear high, therefore the entire hematoidin quantify direct and indirect hematoidin, the hematoidin degree in the nowadays ‘s urine trial besides appears in surplus ( Chris Dr 2006 ) .

The mild yellowing of the patient ‘s sclerotic coat is caused by the accretion of hematoidin ( which has yellow colour ) as the liver is compromised ; this substance is release back into the blood stream and builds up in tissues before it is expressed as a xanthous shade to the patient ‘s oculus besides known as Jaundice ( Lamb EJ 1999 ) . Furthermore due to the break to the escape of bile the patient ‘s urine get stained with conjugated hematoidin ensuing to darkened urine hence hematoidin have a xanthous coloring material, increase concentration output a darker coloring material.

CRP ( C-reactive protein refers to as a substance that elevates in the human organic structure in happenings of tissue harm, due to due to redness, traumatic hurt, infection, malignant neoplastic disease or immune diseases. Even though the CRP trial is non specific marker of any one abnormalcy, it is utile in set uping the presence of infection or abnormalcy. Besides an increased degree above the mention scope ( see table-1 ) indicates that that there is inflammation nowadays in the organic structure. In this patient ‘s instance the lift of CRP mean the presence of redness within his abdominal pit which causes tenderness of the patient ‘s upper right quarter-circle and tangible liver, as the liver is damage an inflammatory respond is produced by the liver to mend itself. This CRP lift reveals the strength of the harm ( Pestka J 1999 ) .

Hepatitis refers to abnormal conditions that cause redness of the liver, such as ( drugs, intoxicant, chemicals and autoimmune diseases.

Viral hepatitis refers to as to hepatitis caused by a few specific viruses that chiefly attacks the liver. There are several of these viruses which are categorised into types A, B, C, D, E, and F, of which the most common types are A, B, and C. Hepatitis caused by ( hepatitis A-virus ) is an acute unwellness that does non come on to chronic status and it is dispersed via nutrient or H2O consumption in environment with hapless sanitation, through unwritten secernment like confidant caressing and hapless manus rinsing. Hepatitis B referred to as ‘serum hepatitis, ” hence serum incorporating the virus was believed to be the lone manner the virus could be spread. Currently HBV is understood to hold several agencies of transmittal which includes sexual contact, blood transfusion, tattooing, organic structure piercing and many more. This category of hepatitis can develop into chronic infection enduring drawn-out period.

Patients with chronic hepatitis B infection besides are at hazard of developing cirrhosis, liver failure and liver malignant neoplastic disease. Viral hepatitis C ( HCV ) normally is spread by shared acerate leafs among drug maltreaters, blood transfusion, hemodialysis, and needle sticks. Most copiously blood transfusion holds the highest spreading per centum.

Though it been reported via sexual contact it in non normally acquired through this mean. Viral hepatitis can come on in chronic phase which may ensue to cirrhosis, liver failure and liver malignant neoplastic disease ( Lee D ) .The patient ‘s instance history revealed a great trade that he may hold possibly contacted an infection ensuing to the symptoms and finally taking a liver disease, perchance via organic structure fluids or on sterilized acerate leaf antecedently used on an septic individual. Hence the patient ‘s instance highlighted a old promiscuous life ensuing to his contact with Common Sexually Transmitted Disease ( CSTD ) , and the multiple tattoos, some of which he attained while on circuit of responsibility in South East Asia. This infections may either be an bing 1s that may hold non been wholly eradicated by the antibiotics or possibly through the tattoos he attained in South East Asia, as this developing continent is amongst list of continents believed to hold increased viral hepatitis infections particularly hepatitis B ( harmonizing to the British liver trust 2007 ) .

Besides the febrility is due to the invasion of foreign encroacher such as a common virus, harmonizing to ( Benjamin C. W ) . In nutshell the fact that febrility is amongst listed of symptoms reviled in the patient instance, in-accordance with certain symptoms clearly uncovering hepatic liver which is caused by hepatitis virus.


In decision due to the disclosure symptoms and marks, of the patient ‘s medical history and physical scrutiny hepatitis B virus could be suspected as the pre-causer of the liver disease. Besides the unnatural blood trial in the patient besides raises intuitions. From the above hepatitis viral descriptions, the patient ‘s could hold acquired hepatitis B virus while tattooing at his circuit of responsibility and his old promiscuous history of geting ( CSTD ) that was possibly non wholly eradicated, bit by bit come oning into acute hepatitis B, therefore liver disease is slow and progressive.

Additionally the clip spent by the patient at his circuit of responsibility could be a conducive factor for the viral accretion all of a sudden taking to the hepatic harm. Furthermore other possible causative could be viral hepatitis C, therefore this virus disease manifests similar symptoms to that of hepatitis B, and appraised similar methodological analysis in geting the disease.Therefore a specific causative of the liver disease in this patient ‘s instance is non set up, as both hepatitis ( B and C ) autumn under the parametric quantity in conformity with the research on the causative of the hepatitis viral infection,it is hence suggested that the patient should be referred for further preferred biological analysis ( including PCR and liver biopsy ) which are more sensitive and dependable attacks for observing and placing causative virus of the abnormalcy as to measuring appropriate intervention actions, hence this will assist to set up a precise diagnostic and clinical rating for the patient. Furthermore separating the specific pre-causer virus the appropriate intervention for the taking end of eliminating the viral infection could be achieved, as to avoid extra liver hurt and its inauspicious effects such as hepatocellular carcinoma ( HCC ) that are fatal and irreversible ( Lee D ) .

Alternatively, if it hepatitis B is the causative virus, a farther diagnostic specifically for hepatitis B virus blood trials known as hepatitis ”markers ” ( a productive substance of hepatitis B virus antigen ) and antibodies, to get verification and separating ague from chronic infection or serology can be conducted. From the three categories of hepatitis B ( surface, nucleus, and e antigen ) , an acute hepatitis can be distinguished from chronic ( Nattleman M & A ; Mortad M 1999 ) .