He ultimately wanted to pursue e the delegates that war was the only option left if they wanted to resolve their disputes with Great Britain. Patrick Henry was an American who was born in Studded, Virginia on May 29th , 1736. Henry was a religious man who became a lawyer and politician, and was know wan as a persuasive speaker throughout many States. He was very vocal in his opposition to the B artist and the taxes they put on goods imported to America.

He uses his background as a pursue Sieve speaker, religious man, and patriot to strengthen his credibility and eventually establish h ethos with his audience.Patrick Henry opens his speech by being respectful to his fellow del agates. He acknowledges their different views on the subject of war; so they will intern list ten to his opinion on the matter.

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He continues by saying he is a God loving man. This presents him as moral and trustworthy because many people at the time were religious. To further est. bliss credibility, Henry claims to have an allegiance with God before any earthly king. This lets the people know that he will never favor the British king.Lastly, he says he is a patriot letting h s audience know he loves the colonies and would never do anything that would go against the Furthermore, Henry uses pathos as one way to convince his audience that w AR with Britain is the right course of action.

He emphasizes that the British have brow get their army and navy solely for subjugation. This created fear throughout the people and a SE nose of desperation; therefore, a reason to fight back against British oppression. To further touch the readers’ emotions, Henry says; “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased a the price of chains and slavery? Henry is saying that some people won’t fight because they don’ t want to die and don’t want war. He claims that it is better to die fighting against slavery than t o be a slave.

In his closing paragraph, Henry ends his argument by saying; “Our brethren are already in the field! ” Here he is referring to the colonists in the north that have fought at El Kingston and Concord. He is essentially asking the members, why are we just sitting here a ND doing nothing when our brothers are already on the field fighting the British.Many of the delegates opposed entering the Revolution that had started in the e north.

Henry uses logos to convince them to change their mind on the war. First, he alludes to Greek mythology and sirens’ calls. Just like sirens lured sailors with music and beauty y, humans are inclined to get lulled into a false sense of security.

He wants to show that King George acts like a siren when he tells the colonists things will get better because it is what the people want to hear. Secondly, he alludes to the bible, specifically the story where Jesus is be rayed by Judas.Henry chooses this because most people at the time were very religious, and would have known the story well.

He wants to make the analogy that the British Will act like Judd s and betray the colonies. Lastly, Patrick Henry uses parallelism to further bolster his argument t about going to war. He tells the delegates that the colonies have done everything they COOL_SLD to “avert the storm”. They petitioned, begged, forcefully protested, but nothing had worker d. If they wanted to be free, they must fight for it.Overall, Henry accomplishes his goal of convincing the members of Burgess t hat war is the only option for freedom. Henrys speech is similar to Thomas Pain’s spec each later on in the war.

Both men seek to convince their audience that war is the right way to go Paine is convincing soldiers and people to continue the fight because it is the right HTH Eng, and we will gain our freedom from it. Henry wants his delegates to realize war is the only optic on if they want true freedom, since everything else in the past has failed.Both men establish thee r credibility in a similar way. Paine says their is no material possession that would make him s tart an offensive War. Equally, Henry says he is a God loving man who has an allegiance with G odd before any earthly king. Both statements show that either man is doing what is in the be SST interest of the colonies. Not for themselves.

This also reassures everyone they do not favor B retain. Both men say God is on their side. This justifies to the people that war is the right action since God is backing them.