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The attack was done by a radical Muslim organization called A1-Qaeda. This is a day we should never forget because this attack was not just against the people that were killed but against our entire country. There are many important holidays but this is the only one that has united all Of America and captivated the entire nation as a whole. It is also a National Day of Service and Remembrance where people honor veterans, soldiers, or first responders by giving them donations, care packages and writing thank you letters for them (http://www. usa. ov/CitizenfTopics/History-American/ September 1 1. shtml). I can honestly say that everyone that I have ever talked to about what happened on 9/1 1 knows exactly where they were and what they were doing on this day. This holiday brought us together as a nation in a way that no other holiday does today. The importance of this holiday to the people of America is virtually undeniable. We had been attacked on our land by people that, from our perspective, had virtually no good reason for. As far as most people are concerned we did nothing to instigate the attack.

For this reason, it physically, mentally, and emotionally brought this country together in the fight against errorism. It made us realize that we are not impenetrable and that we need to stand together as a country to defend our borders and our people abroad. Many people chose to enlist in the military because of what happened this day to be able to join the fight against terrorism. I saw the movie American Sniper recently and it is a perfect example of this. The courage and honor of the men and women that serve our country’ is incredible.

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We join together on this day to honor these people that are standing up and fighting for the rights of our country. Although most people don’t understand why we were attacked and think hat we did nothing to instigate it, we need to dig deeper to find out why we were attacked by this radical Muslim organization.. This was not some random attack that occurred for no apparent reason. Attacks have been happening around the world for years, just not on our soil. In fact, this attack had deep religious implications that go centuries back in time.

This began years ago as a holy war between Muslims of the Islamic faith and not only Christians but people Of all other faiths around the world. In the early 600’s, when the Islam faith was born, they began to try to conquer the world and orce the spread of their faith. The Quran (the Islamic bible) teaches that they must fight to protect their faith from people that oppose them and even those who are merely nonbelievers. In fact, the Quran teachings go much further into detail as to what they should do to protect and expand their faith.

They are encouraged to kill infidels to gain access to paradise (http:// www. danielpipes. org/comments/195861). Although the people that were responsible for the attacks were Islamic radicals many Muslims did not condemn the act. Recently, there is a good example of how Muslims support the actions of terrorists. There was an attack in Israel where a Muslim terrorist injured several people on a bus with a knife and a Hamas leader actually praised the attack in a tweet saying that it was “brave and heroic” (http://www. theguardian. om/world/201 5/jan/21 /tel aviv-bus-attack-sta bbing- israel). Muslims say the reasons they attacked us is that over the years we have supported countries and their fights against them. They also say that they do not agree with our culture and will do whatever it takes to keep our influence away from them. In a way, understand that they are just doing what they think is right. However, these are terrorist attacks directed at innocent people. This is why on patriot Day we stand together as a country in the fight against terrorism.

There are some people in America that may be indifferent to what happened that day and don’t care about Patriot Day at all because they were not directly affected. Believe it or not these people do exist. What they need to understand is that this country was built for them. So many people have given their lives to protect our freedom and the freedom of others around the world that its hard to understand how anyone could be indifferent. These eople need to see that these attacks could have affected them. They could have been on that plane or in that building.

There could have been more attacks in other parts of the country or maybe they could have lost a loved one too. These people need to see that this country was built on the principle to uphold the rights of the people and the freedoms that we all deserve. These are the principles that have made us become the greatest country in the world and are why Patriot Day is so very important. On September 11, 2001, a horrific event occurred that brought our country together. On this day e, as a country, came together to try to understand how and why this could happen.