Last updated: April 17, 2019
Topic: ArtDance
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1 .People drinking at the bar



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The elements can be said to be hinting at many things as certain elements of the picture suggest. The common notion that bartenders tend to be men is not present in the image. This may hint at a decidedly more unconventional place, a place where progressive ideas are welcome and where conservatism is not the ruling ideology. There is also an apparent equal number of men and women in the bar hinting that there is no exclusivity in the place. Also noting the attire of the people in the picture indicate that they are not in the highest ranks of society after all they do’ seem to be wearing haute couture, rather they look like ordinary middle class people, further indicating that one, the bar is not an expensive place to visit, and two, that therefore most everybody can afford to visit the bar. thus, given that different people will have different interpretations, the possible deduction that they may have of the place will likely include the following: age range, fashion, atmosphere, and how many people frequent the place among others.

In all four pictures there is a recurrence of several elements. These elements include: men and women, bottles of liquor, and lighting, as well as other constitutional elements or things that one usually finds in a bar. Taken together and analyzed these elements represent the focus of the pictures which are about the night life in a downtown bar. If one is to generalize on the atmosphere inside a bar based on the images, then it can be said from these pictures that bars are often dimly lit with only a few sources of lighting placed in certain areas around the bar (it cannot be determined from the images the particular reason for the location of these lights), it can also be said that bars are always full and many people drink in these bars. That is if you do not have much of an idea what a bar is. If the viewer is knowledgeable about bars, however, the viewer might note that there is nothing remarkable about these pictures, albeit they are good enough but they are not magazine quality.

But in fairness to the bar, it seems full and considering this is not the dance floor, there can hardly be any dancing expected that may show more vibrance.

Compositional Interpretation

As mentioned earlier the elements in all four pictures are recurring. There are many women and men in the pictures and they all appear to be drinking something except the bartender. Compositionally, the pictures are too dark. Given, they are   meant to illustrate a bar scene, however, proper placing of lights can highlight and downplay certain aspects that will help present a more appealing vision if these pictures are meant for publicity. This brings us to the next flaw, that there is no discernable subject in some of the pictures that even delivers a clear message. True from the images one can deduce a lot of conclusions about the bar scene and even about the particular bar but one cannot find an upfront message in the pictures. Also a viewer will not be able to tell if all four pictures are of the same bar and more importantly which bar is it?



The pictures can cater for the general public.            Almost everybody can view the picture and say something about the bar. There is no visible lenience towards a specific type of viewer. It must be noted that this observation is indicative of another, that which says that since it is aimed for everyone, there is no focus.

Focus is necessary, because every bar has a target customer type. For example if your bar is located in or around the business district, then you can expect an AB crowd, with lots of money and decidedly more sophisticated preferences and thus your establishment must cater to these specifically.

Different audiences will have different interpretations wand will be drawn to different parts and aspects of the pictures.


Site of the Image Itself

These images should always be put together so that people can effectively interpret the proper information. They should be put in well lit areas and should be properly labeled. These images should always be put together so that people can effectively interpret the proper information. They should be put in well lit areas and should be properly labeled. The pictures illustrate the Trax bar scene. It is not a series but rather they are pictures that when put together give better understanding of the message. As said earlier this picture and its primary elements hint at the lifestyle at this bar, at the atmosphere, and even at their services. In the pictures the shadows are pronounced and give an aura of mystery and allure to the pictures, this and the contrast of the lights and the people attract attention to the pictures.



2 .People dancing at the dance floor



The images are of people dancing. The first image is of two scantily dressed women, dancing together while the rest of the people are in the background. Judging from their attire they are definitely out to party. It also appears that they are unescorted or that they don’t have many friends with them. This could hint at an independent culture where two girls can just hop off to the nearest club and dance the night away.

The other picture is of two couples kissing on the dance floor. Again, they are the focus of this picture while others are just in the background. This highlights for both pictures that this lace where you can meet with your friends who are either platonically or romantically linked with you.

Compositional Interpretation

Photographically speaking, the pictures can use a little improvement. The picture of the two women is dark and it needs a little improvement on the angles and basically the composition itself. The expressions of the women are not particularly clear. Also their bodies don’t convey movement at least not gracefully.

The couple’s picture also needs improvement on the type, of shot, lighting and over all composition. The photo could have been better if the other people were nearer but in shallow depth of focus.



This picture is obviously meant for audiences like young people or couples. The picture of the ladies had it been executed properly will probably serve to entice members of the male population. It must be remembered that it is important to package your message accordingly to the kind of audience. These pictures are evidently for the more adventurous and thrill seeking people.


Site of the Image Itself

The images show how the people in the bar interact. It can be said that these pictures are a sort of series but more like a pair. One picture illustrates as mentioned earlier that the bar is a safe place for girls even without escorts or the company could party. The other is a picture of a kissing and slow dancing couple. The people draw attention mostly. In the first picture the lady and her attractive outfit draws the eye and on the other, their titillating embrace is doing the trick. The aid of technology in these pictures is ubiquitous and again the colors are dark and subdued with soft lights providing contrast and emphasis.

3 .People dancing at the dance floor



In the first picture, we can see 5 people. Only one is fully shown while the others are only partially visible. To the right side a woman’s thighs and legs are exposed and beside her is a man legs. On the left side is a male person watching the main subject, a person doubled unto himself in the middle of the floor. This picture implies that people take time to watch their peers take center stage.

The next picture shows a lot of people on a colorfully back lighted platform. Thus they mostly silhouette.  The picture highlights the human form as it is surrounded by others on the dance floor. It can be deduced that the picture is meant to emphasize the sheer number of people or simply just to emphasize the human form.


Compositional Interpretation

The composition of both pictures should be improved. The first picture has its elements scattered and the balance is off. There is no story to the picture as well while the second one also needs work on the composition. It would have been better to have a close-up of dancing bodies or to include the lights from below, a top-view could have been used.



Similarly this picture is meant for party goers who might be interested particularly to how the clubs dance floor looked and so it important that these pictures show that the people are having fun in a great place which is the Trax club.


Site of the Image Itself

In this pair of pictures the subject again is dancing but this time in groups. In the first picture it is recommended that the elements are rearranged and better angles be taken to ensure emphasis. The next picture used interplay between shadows and silhouette and colorful lights on the dance floor. Again as in the other pictures the use of technology on the pictures is ubiquitous.



The pictures are basically taken with a lot of importance given to colors and the interplay of shadows and highlights to create a mysterious and thusly vibrant and enticing aura for the Trax Night Club. However, the pictures only emphasized the light and color aspect with lesser stress on the space aspect. In fairness to the first four pictures, the elements are united enough and cover enough visual space to make a decent effect. The rest however, will need improvement on this aspect. There should be better angles and composition and there should be more elements that are laden with meaning.

Light-Color-Space or basically the images’ composition as well as over all effect can have a great effect on the patronage of the nightclub. After all unless the club advertises on other media such as TV, Radio, and the Internet, these pictures will provide an indelible impression of the whole club. It must be noted that depending on the clubs target customer block, these images should give the “desired impression” about the Club.