People insociety display anger in various ways, for seemingly unrelated reasons. One majorsource of unnecessary anger in society include when individuals feel their feeltheir time is being wasted. Time is a precious commodity that we all havelittle of. When an individual feels it’s being wasted, there may be an outburstof anger.

If the individual feels very entitled they may feel their time hasmore worth than those around them.The role of your sense of entitlement on the perception ofthe time.  The idea is pretty straightforward. At any given time, everyone feels some kind of entitlement. Whether it from theidea of “the customer is always right” in retail, or in a busy restaurant thanyou feel a server should be giving you better service. You might feel particularlyentitled to better service. So a 5-minute wait for the server to bring you thecheck may seem like you have been there for much longer than you have in reality.On the flipside, if you were sitting in a waiting room of a high paying job, youmay consider yourself lucky to be there.

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Which case, that 5-minute wait may notfeel so long. In one study that looked at the correlation between peoples senseof entitlement and their perception of time. A number of students were given aquestionnaires including one that measured the sense of entitlement. Then theyhad students do either a boring task, copying a matrix of letters. And a lessboring task, using that same matrix of letters to find peoples names. Thestudents did this task for exactly 10 minutes, and then they were asked howlong the task took. To make it harder to judge the time, there were no clocksin the room, and students had been asked to remove their watches and turn offtheir phones before starting the study.

 When people did the relatively fun task, there was no relationship between the amountof time people felt they spent doing the task and their general sense ofentitlement. In contrast, when students did the boring task, the more people generally felt entitled, thelonger they felt they spent on the task. What does all this mean? Time is one of the most preciousresources we have. The greater your sense of entitlement, the more that youwant to avoid wasting that resource. As a result, the more entitled you feel,the more anger you may feel when your time is wasted. Even though nobody enjoysthat frustration, this mechanism may be a good one to have. If we did notexperience frustration when our time was being wasted, we might persist doingthings that do not deserve our effort.