This study evaluates the hardiness of Inventory-Driven Cost ( IDC ) as a public presentation index, and, discusses the advantages, disadvantages of IDC and how it could be improved.

Besides, depict how IDC worked with HP ‘s scheme and incorporate different parts of HP ‘s supply concatenation.

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Evaluates the hardiness of IDCThe Measurement Design TemplateThe Measurement Design Template could assist interior decorators to place what sort of information they are traveling to corroborate or roll up ( Neely et Al, 2002 ) . The Measurement Design Template of IDC is shown in Table 1 below.Sing expression, when ciphering the monetary value protection costs and excess/obsolescence costs, it should merely use to the staying volume.

After amount up all of the cost elements of IDC, it could turn IDC as a per centum of gross and annualize the rate.The 10 TrialTest 1: Truth trialThe rubric Inventory-driven cost ( IDC ) is clear plenty to cognize that it is a step to measure costs related to stock list. IDC was introduced when the Personal computer market changed to a large-volume but low border market ( Slagmulder and Van Wassenhove, 2004 ) . In order to better the merchandises ‘ net income and develop a sustainability supply concatenation, HP needed to give all its directors a direct sight of the costs ( Callioni et al, 2005 ) . IDC as an index could assist them to track advancement on bettering the company ‘s underside line ( Slagmulder and Van Wassenhove, 2004 ) and to better the visibleness of the true stock list cost.

Test 2: Focus trialIDC merely considers the costs driven by stock list. In add-on to the typical stock list keeping cost, which merely accounted for less than 10 % of IDC in HP ( Callioni et al, 2005 ) , the other three prosodies were revealed by HP ‘s Strategic Planning and Modeling ( SPaM ) ‘s probe, which are material devaluation costs, monetary value protection costs, and excess/obsolescence costs ( Slagmulder and Van Wassenhove, 2004 ) .Test 3: Relevance trialBefore IDC launched, HP held high stock list at its resellers ‘ locations to avoid the repositing cost accounted on its ain book, at the interim, to supply a comparative flexible service to its channels and clients. As a consequence, other costs came up and eroded HP ‘s net income. Therefore, uniting these prosodies can uncover a full image of how the existent cost of each merchandise structured.Furthermore, in order non to switch the sight of an overall tendency in IDC, HP chose to utilize a quarterly footing alternatively of monthly to avoid a individual event conveying immense consequence at a certain point in clip ( Slagmulder and Van Wassenhove, 2004 ) .

Test 4: Consistency trialFinancial squad was in charge of specifying regulations for IDC. For consistence, there was a standard signifier for people to set in and follow. Furthermore, the fiscal squad assigned a member to work with each concern group to do certain that the informations collected was relevant ( Slagmulder and Van Wassenhove, 2004 ) .Test 5: Access trialHP implemented IT links with its channel spouses which could describe the informations on a day-to-day footing.Test 6: Clarity trialAs it is mentioned before, the worksheet was standardized for people to construe the information in the same manner.

Test 7: So-what trialThe quarterly reappraisal and be aftering meeting was conducted by a squad built up by cardinal utilizations, the accountant and the chief supply concatenation director.Test 8: Seasonableness trialSing short merchandise rhythm, a quarterly footing step could lose the clip to take any action, although it provided a more comprehensive position on each cost point. It is suggested that at the beginning of the step launched, utilizing a monthly footing reappraisal to better the supply concatenation web until the figure starts being stable.

Test 9: Cost trialHarmonizing to the instance ( Slagmulder and Van Wassenhove, 2004 ) , there was non excessively many investings on physical construction caused by IDC, except information sharing web between HP and its channels. Alternatively, HP gained a $ 495 million decrease in its owned stock list in 2001.Test 10: Bet oning trialThe devaluation cost is rather consecutive frontward. There is no excessively much room for bet oning. As for monetary value protection and return cost, these factors depend on the contract between maker and distributers.

The original ground for HP to hold these two regulations was to keep the relationships with its distributers ( Callioni et al, 2005 ) . For new distributers, if the company lowers the rate in order to accomplish a better IDC public presentation, it may danger the relationship with distributers. But, one time the contracts have signed, the rates are about fixed. There is besides no such a large room for gambling.The last 1 is obsolescence cost. This is the lone cost component that is distinct ( Callioni et al, 2005 ) . It merely happens when the company decides to write-off peculiar merchandises ( Callioni et al, 2005 ) .

This may be the lone portion that have a somewhat alteration to game. For illustration, before stockholder meeting, the company may avoid to write-down merchandises during this period to show a better figure of IDC for its stockholder.Advantages and disadvantages of IDCKey strengthsIDC as a public presentation step could do it easier to directors make the determinations and redesign the supply concatenation web. By implementing IDC, HP could excite different scenarios and have a whole image of each cost construction ( Callioni et al, 2005 ) . It could assist HP ‘s directors to take the lower cost option. For illustration, without sing IDC, the staffs may merely pull attending on happening the providers with last monetary value.

But so, they may hold to pay more on stuff devaluation for the stock list in theodolite grapevines ( Slagmulder and Van Wassenhove, 2004 ) .In add-on, by interrupting down each metric of IDC of different merchandises, it is consecutive frontward to see which cost contributed to IDC most ( Callioni et al, 2005 ) . For illustration, in table 2, merchandise A has a serious job on monetary value dropping after merchandises transporting to resellers. For merchandise B and C, the major issue is material devaluation. The chief end for these two merchandises should be lower down the stock list of the constituents to avoid the value lost.ShortcomingOne of the disadvantages for IDC was that it did non include the chance cost of lost gross revenues. Although due to going a low-margin market for Personal computer industry, the scheme of HP was instead losing some gross revenues than keeping excessively much stock list on manus.Sometimes the entire cost with IDC for different scenarios may non hold a immense difference.

Even more, one of the scenarios may hold a better public presentation comparing to the other. It does non ever intend that the 1 with lower cost is a better solution. The company should non do the determination merely rely on the step of IDC. It may necessitate farther consideration.

How to betterIn the gambling trial, it is founded that the obsolescence costs may be controlled by people. It is better for HP to hold a regular period for reexamining merchandises and decided whether to write-down or non. It does non hold to be right before any major event, such as stockholder meeting.

By repairing a day of the month, it could avoid anyone to bet oning on it.Besides, HP expects itself to hold a more complete supply concatenation rhythm. It means that they focus non merely on the traditional supply concatenation advancement, but besides on the procedure and service degree of the drawn-out flow, such as after gross revenues and remarketing ( Slagmulder and Van Wassenhove, 2004 ) . It is suggested that HP could set some attempt on contrary logistics.

The definition of contrary logistic was defined by Reverse Logistics Association ( 2009 ) , “ All the activity associated with a product/service after the point of sale, the ultimate end to optimise or do more efficient aftermarket activity, therefore salvaging money and environmental resources ” . The costs related to change by reversal logistics are far different from the forward 1. Besides, the methodological analysiss of demand ( volume ) prognosis are different. The expression may necessitate to alter and the measuring design templet should besides be reviewed.

The integrating of supply concatenation and alining with strategic precedences ( based on instance stuff )IDC led to many schemes in HP: Build-to-order ( BTO ) in 1994, Channel Replenishment ( CR ) in 1998, Supplier-Managed Inventory ( SMI ) in 1998, and International Direct Ship ( IDS ) around 1998 to 1999 ( Slagmulder and Van Wassenhove, 2004 ) . These schemes all create betterments for HP ‘s supply concatenation web and do it more efficiency.For the upstream of the supply concatenation, HP switched from BTS production to BTO production, in order to better the public presentation of IDC. The maker operation, hence, changed from push procedure to draw procedure.

This alteration made HP put more attending on the stock list of natural stuffs and work-in-progress goods, which needed work closer to its providers. In order to obtain a more reactive informations to accomplish BTO production, HP determined to speed up the frequence of the rating of “ net demands ” from monthly to weekly.Material devaluation and excess/obsolescence were two of the cost elements under IDC. For commanding the impact of these two elements further, HP took two actions: foremost, following just-in-time and inquiring providers to travel closer to its mills ; 2nd, utilizing standard parts in its merchandise design. The consequence of first action was obvious. It decreased the stock list degree of stuff and subassembly parts.

Therefore, the impact of devaluation was besides lower. Due to the acceptance of just-in-time procedure, there would non be excessively many extra stock list needed to be write-off. As for the 2nd action, because the stock list parts were generic, the issue of obsolescence would no longer be. The parts in stock could be easy consumed by other merchandise lines.Sing the downstream of HP ‘s supply concatenation, it implemented an IT nexus system between itself and its channel spouses. This system allowed HP to track the stock degree at the resellers and channels locations. It besides provided the information of production program, gross revenues order and backlog, which could assist HP established CR undertaking. CR undertaking was implemented with HP ‘s all first-tier resellers and parts of its second-tier resellers.

The ground for implementing CR was besides to better the public presentation of IDC. Before IDC launched, the cost of stock list was hidden by transporting the goods to resellers ‘ locations. It ignored the monetary value protection costs and surplus costs which could do a serious net income eroding issue.Within the internal of the company, IDC would be valuable for merchandise interior decorators doing determinations. They now were more cognizant of the effects of their designs and costs. They would larn to measure merchandise cost non merely by stuff cost and transportation cost, but besides monetary value protection, material devaluation, and so on.

Under a high competitory market, HP ‘s Mobile Computing Division ( MCS ) decided to redesign its supply concatenation web. It used IDC method to supply them a more comprehensive apprehension of the costs of different web options. Finally, it decided to utilize one fabrication mill to function its worldwide clients without take downing its service degree. The merchandises would be shipped to its client straight.


IDC has worked rather good during these old ages, but market supports altering dramatically, particularly recent old ages.

The border for Personal computer industry keeps dropping. The visual aspect of smart phone and tablet has brought traditional Personal computer and notebook industry a new challenge. How IDC could do HP continually better would be the primary portion for observation.