Performance measurings are used to qualify and specify public presentation in a undertaking. They are used to track and pull off advancement toward accomplishing specific undertaking ends. Performance measurings help find how decision-making procedures of a undertaking led to its success or failure.

understanding these can assist organisations do future betterments. It is a undertaking manager’s duty to mensurate public presentation based on the ternary restraints of clip. budget. and quality of a undertaking.There are many public presentation measurings a undertaking director can utilize based on the type of undertaking at manus. this paper compares and contrasts the undermentioned measurings – * Earned Value * Customer Satisfaction * Requirements Performance Earned Value Earned Value measures work performed in footings of agenda and budget of a undertaking. It helps place agenda and budget bad lucks in all countries of a undertaking.

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“Earned Value is an attack where you monitor the undertaking program. existent work. and work-completed value to see if a undertaking is on path.

Earned Value shows how much of the budget and clip should hold been spent. with respect to the sum of work done so far” ( Haughey. 2013 ) . It measures current public presentation in a undertaking. which helps undertaking directors determine what the future public presentation will be. Using earned value.

undertaking directors can find how much work is completed vs. . how much was expected to be completed at a certain point in a undertaking. Based on the earned value. undertaking directors can do alterations to the manner the undertaking is come oning in footings of specific undertakings. agenda.

and budget to convey it back on path for successful completion. Earned Value provides the undertaking director with an nonsubjective manner of mensurating public presentation and foretelling future results.This can enable him or her to describe advancement with greater assurance and highlight any overproduction before.

This in bend. enables the direction squad to do cost and clip allotment determinations earlier than would otherwise be the case”” ( Haughey. 2013 ) .

Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is a public presentation step that determines if client outlooks are being met. At the terminal of a undertaking. client satisfaction is what determines if a undertaking was a success or a failure.

Project-driven organisations must see client satisfaction as a critical success factor. Organizations that deliver undertakings that disregard client demands create negative experiences and finally do immense jobs for the organization” ( Karim. 2012 ) .Undertaking directors must do certain client outlooks and demands are in line with the undertaking continually during the life of a undertaking. Following are some of the stairss he or she can take to guarantee client satisfaction – * Balance client demands with company’s client service demands. Make certain client demands are deliverable and clearly communicate those that aren’t. * Gather continual feedback from clients to mensurate their satisfaction and better current procedures.

* Customer satisfaction should be given as much importance as clip. budget. and quality in undertaking. * Include and inform clients when any alterations are made in a undertaking. * Effective communicating between the client and Project director. and between the undertaking director and undertaking squad is really of import. Requirements public presentationMeeting demands is a cardinal factor in mensurating undertaking public presentation. It is of import to do certain that the right demands have been gathered.

and they are detailed every bit clearly as possible. Requirements in a undertaking can be both functional and non-functional. If a undertaking is run intoing all of its demands. it can be a cardinal factor that indicates if it will be a successful 1.

“To step this factor you need to develop steps of tantrum. which means the solution wholly satisfies the demand.A demands public presentation index can mensurate the grade to which undertaking consequences run into requirements… Fit standards are normally derived some clip after the demand description is first written” ( Pennypacker. n. d. ) .

In decision. there are many ways to mensurate undertaking public presentation and each undertaking has its alone set of public presentation measurings. Performance measurings are of import to track the advancement of a undertaking and to do certain the undertaking is on mark.

Performance measurings are used to supervise and command a undertaking to guarantee its successful completion.