Last updated: August 30, 2019
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Personal Statement

”There is a fine line between dreams and reality”. It’s up to you to draw it’. I believe that if one has the desire to succeed, all dreams can be achieved. I always wanted to become a pilot. Unfortunately, at a very early age, this precious dream of mine was scattered by a visit to the family optometrist. Since I was young, I have always had a keen interest to know how the things around me work. From marveling at the tiny chip to how planes can fly.

My passion for aircraft was born when I was 6 and first time flew on Boeing 747 Lufthansa. There I got a chance to visit the cockpit. I was astonished by looking at the sparkling light of instruments, ECAM and EFIS dials. I became dumbfound with what I saw. I was captivated by the implausibility of the aircraft; by the wondering how this complex and heavy machine lifts off and defy gravity with just a little effort. This sense of wonderment has never left me and my insatiable curiosity about aircraft. After this incident, it became my dream to become an aerospace engineer.

During my schooling and college, I have always been interested in Science, Mathematics, and technical subjects and was able to form a solid intellectual foundation. Meanwhile, I continued to take a great interest in aeronautics by reading scientific magazines watching documentaries of Airbus A380 construction and air crash investigation episodes.

When I began my undergraduate career, I had the opportunity to be exposed to the full range of engineering courses, all of which tended to solidify my intense interest in engineering. Courses like Fluid Dynamics, Mechanics and Thermodynamics enlightened me on principles and fundamental laws that drive the innovation in. In my final year of engineering studies, I completed an academic project on the design of small aircraft wing and its process of assembly by using CATIA and DELMIA. My CAD/CAM and CFD training led me to do well in this project.

I continued to do well in academic courses and was awarded semester scholarship four times. I also felt pleasure by voluntarily helping my classmates and junior fellows in studies. Apart from studies, I also took part in extracurricular activities by hosting New-year shows and culture fiesta. I also took part in snooker competition every year. During semester break I had a chance to do an internship in Civil Aviation Authority Pakistan which enlightened my interest in Aircraft performance data and airworthiness.

Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering will allow me to pursue my dream to work at continued progress in the field of aerospace engineering. Working on the optimization of any type of flight propulsion system and aerodynamics would be my ideal career choice. Considering the rise of commercial aircraft and the undeniable benefits of air transportation, knowledge of Advanced Flight Dynamics and propulsion will be essential in contributing to new and advanced Aircraft Designs. I see myself working with highly qualified professionals in international aeronautical/aerospace companies like Airbus, Thales, MTU Munich and Government agencies. I feel that higher education will sharpen and develop my skills further. The course will not only allow me to investigate new technologies but it will also give me the opportunity to develop and focus on one of my genuine interests.

I have opted for M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering in France at ISAE SUPAERO, because of the in-depth study of modules. Students have full access to advanced facilities and have extensive opportunities to develop a scientific skill approach through research projects in ISAE SUPAERO laboratories along with on-the-job skills during internships in the aerospace industry. Furthermore, by being a part of international community, I would be able to rejoice the cultural diversity once again.

Sweden is known as the country at the forefront of aeronautical developments, it makes perfect sense for me to pursue my master’s degree in the country that has universities best equipped to handle my masters training. Toulouse is the hub of European aerospace and the home of Airbus. I am committed to preparing for career success in this field. ISAE SUPAERO is my clear, first choice.

I am fully aware that your curriculum requires that I summon all my resources and I aver that I have the necessary commitment, intelligence, and stamina to look forward to doing it all. Considering my academic performance, interest, and enthusiasm in the field I am in a hope of getting financial aid and continue to peruse my dream. I am fully convinced that my study at your Institute would be a meaningful and rewarding experience. 

I would, therefore, feel obliged to secure admission to your esteem university. I am sure that I will match all the credentials and will be able to maintain high standards at your university. I especially thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself. I will be patiently waiting for a positive reply.



Zohaeb Rana