Last updated: March 25, 2019
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Personal Reflections on Twitter

One of the most popular free social networking sites today is Twitter. But unlike most networking services that are prominent today, Twitter mainly specializes in blogging. It is this feature that I like the most about the site as it enables its users to create and view the other users’ updates which are called tweets. Basically, tweets are posts that are text-based and have a limit of up to 140 characters. These posts can be displayed on the profile page of a person and be seen by followers, which are other users who have subscribed to a particular user.

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Generally, I believe that Twitter is a very useful tool in allowing me to freely express myself to other people. In a way, it can also hone my creative juices because I am compelled to create posts that would not only deliver a strong message but also arouse the interest of other users and thereby facilitate a healthy discussion or exchange of information. However, just like most networking sites, one thing that I find disadvantageous about Twitter is that it allows my personal information to be accessed by other users. Although I can limit the people who can view my posts, there is still a danger in posting too much information on the web, especially since there are a lot of hackers and criminals who can access them.

Nevertheless, I still find Twitter very useful and educational because there are certain individuals and groups that avail of the service to post important information and updates. For example, President Barack Obama extensively used Twitter during his 2008 presidential campaign to keep the public updated on his plans and agenda. In addition, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) also used the service to post updates about their projects while CNN also provided breaking news and updates using Twitter. Over-all, I think that Twitter, as a whole, is a very essential tool in sending and obtaining useful information and I will continue using it in the future.