Personal thinking stylesAfter completing the Lifestyle Inventory (LSI) , I have realized that my primary style is affiliative. Having a total of 32 points, I ranked at the 60th percentile, meaning that 60% got a score below 32 while 40% got a score higher than 40. Falling under the constructive styles, being affiliative, I can easily establish rapports among other individuals, thus improving the communication, dynamics and cohesion within an organization or a group,   eventually making it more efficient.

 Figure 1 The author’s LSI CircumplexAlso, the LSI revealed that my backup style is the conventional style. Under the passive style, being conventional for me has its own pros and cons. Its pro is that there would be norms and standards to follow, thus, making it easier for an individual or a group to perform a specific task. Its con however, is that creative and critical thinking is alienated from my system since everything has already been laid before. Also, I am not able to adopt improvements and developments under my backup style.Finally, the LSI revealed that my limiting style is the power style.

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For me this is my limiting factor because I tend to use power as basis for judging people. Also, I tend to ignore my flaws and shortcomings for it would hinder me from reaching the top. In the result, the circumplex showed that my limiting style is at the middle, which for me is the optimum. This is because in an organization, one cannot work efficiently if he has no power within him. But even if my style is close to the middle, I often become aggressive and bossy to my peers, probably because of pressure. So, in the future, I would really want to  reduce my level of this style.IMPACT ON MANAGEMENT STYLEHaving different levels and styles would really affect me if I am to be a manager. In planning and organizing for example, my being affiliative can help “break the ice” among my group thus providing a comfortable exchange of ideas and concepts.

But this would be counter acted by my limiting style, the power style. I may tend to reject their suggestions and become close-minded since I have established a bias inside me.On leading and controlling on the other hand, my limiting style may be the primary style that I would need. This is because my subordinates will not follow a manager that doesn’t have the power to lead. Also, without enough power, control in the process may not be established, thus making the organization inefficient. This style is again opposed by my primary style. Having excess of my primary style might eliminate my “professional distance” among my subordinates and in the long run, may create bias in my decision-making.GENESIS OF PESONAL STYLESIt is not quite difficult to trace the origin of my styles.

Ever since I started schooling, I have always been with my friends at school. I do have a lot of friends since because it was quite easy for me to befriend a perfect stranger. In the long run however, these friends became rivals, competitors, and eventually foes. I have no other choice but to compete and this event gave birth to my aggressive style.Meanwhile, my conventional style was developed during my early teenage years because I simply go with the flow. Then being an adolescent, I was very much fascinated with my new experiences and I have no time to oppose the influx of those experiences so I simply just rode along with it.GENERALIZATIONAs a conclusion, I can say that the Lifestyle Inventory is an effective tool for knowing one’s self. It uncovers a person’s hidden traits, its pros and cons thus providing a path for improvement or enrichment.

Also, this inventory uncovers ones strengths and weaknesses. With this exercise, one can effectively wield his styles to function efficiently within a group or an organization.SOURCE:Human Synergistics International: Lifestyle Inventory. Cooke Robert, Ph.

D. et. al.January 2008 ;;