Petrol pumps run dry in South Africa.  Due to insufficient promotions and acceptable wages, around 15 000  workers of the petrochemical and other sectors began to strike. This effected many of the petroleum businesses including BP and Total along with many others in Pretoria and Centurion. Due to insufficient workers along with insufficient safe transport of petrol, these businesses have run dry and were forced to close down the station. This causes lots of financial loss as the businesses are forced to decline many consumers, thus preventing the main aim of a business, profit.

 Burger King follows trend to team up with Sasol. Burger King collaborates with Sasol. This is hugely beneficial for both parties as it increases the sales, leaves a better mark on the country as well as allows the petrol stations to differentiate themselves and benefit from the collaborators brand. Saslo is not the first fuel station to collaborate with retailers, there more like: Engen and Woolworths as well as BP and Pick n Pay as well as Shell and Steers and lastly Caltex and Fruit and Veg City.  This increased the competition between the food retailers as well as the petroleum businesses.  This is beneficial as consumers go to one place for example to get petrol and at the same time see that their is a food retailer and as a result buy from there as well or vise versa. Therefore increasing both sales and profits.  Engen launches PETRONA Durance car-grooming products,  PETRONA Durance is a new car-grooming product that selected Engen service stations use.

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It  promises premium-range cleaning care for cars. It is inspired by a the famous Formula 1. This product is for cleaning, waxing and polishing the car. For their celebration of their launch, Engen offers consumers with a free car wash. This is excellent way for Engen to advertise and to get the community aware and give the knowledge about the product so they can come again for the service. They also give giveaways as well as product demos, workshops, entertainment to get their community aware and to increase their consumers and thus profit.

 Shell launches Dynaflex technology in South Africa.  Dynaflex technology is a new cleaning agent that is added to the V-Power 50 ppm, that not only enhances the performance of the car but protects against the deposits to continue the engine efficiency. There are different products for both petrol and Diesel cars.  This new innovative product promises increase the load pulling power as well as torque of the car and also promise to give consumers a longer lasting engine with less operating cost.

This product is a way of advertising for Shell to attract for consumers as they found the need of them, thus created the product to make their communities engine supposedly last longer. The attraction draws in more consumers and therefore increases the protists.  Expect big fuel price increase- economist- Due to increase of global crude oil price and the weak exchange rates, the prices of gasoline increase by 71.9 cents and diesel increase 61.1 cents per litre.

Central Energy Fund said this will impact the consumers majorly as the increase of prices can impact the amount of fuel that some people can recieve in their budgets and as a result that can affect the number and the distance of places they can go. This also goes hand in hand with the petroleum companies as this affects the number of clients as it may decrease with the increase of prices, as well as the amount of money given therefor can detriment the profits at the end of the month.  First look at Shell’s new electric car charging station being deployed at its gas stations. Shell is starting to add electric car charging areas in stations in Britain and Netherlands. This is a huge step as it promotes eco- friendly ways of living as the electric charging system is much eco-friendly than the petrol. They also show their versatility as they adapted to the new electric cars and met the needs of the consumers and thus have the stations.  These charging stations are fast charging and the prices are only 0.34 USD (R4.

08). They are hoping to expand these electric stations all over UK.